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A very happy ending

Published by magnum_t69 in the blog magnum_t69's blog. Views: 628

After being greeted by a very cute, petite asian girl, either wearing a very short dress or a long shirt, couldn't tell but she looked good in it, and could see her erect nipples pushing out. She led me to a room and told me to get undressed and lay on the table. I took all my clothes off and lied face down on the table with a small towel over my ass. I pushed my almost fully erect cock downward along my leg so she would be able to see it if she moved the towel even the slightest bit. When she came in she started by standing with her pussy pressed up against my head and begin rubbing with both hands down my back to my ass and then pushed the towel away so I was fully exposed as she massaged my ass cheeks, almost pushing on my asshole. I could feel her perky tits pressing on my back as well. I then knew I was getting lucky!!

She kept working my ass cheeks and touching my asshole and applying pressure to my taint periodically and sent pleasure sensations straight to the head of my cock. I was in heaven!

Then when she got to my legs she kept brushing my hard cock as she massaged my thighs. I was so hard!!!
Eventually she had me turn over and my erection was just out there for the touching I guess. She worked my thighs a little more before saying that I had a nice body and asking if I exercise a lot. Sliding her hand up and over my cock as she spoke, I gasped a bit and she smiled.

She then took hold of my cock and said how big it looked in her hand! I almost shot right then, she asked if I wanted her to take of "it" for me and winked, then put her finger over her mouth to tell me to stay silent because there were people outside the room. I nodded yes, of course!

She reached to the table and squirted more lotion on her hands and expertly massaged my cock with one hand and worked my balls with the other putting pressure on my taint at times. I knew I wasn't going to last long. The head of my cock was so swollen and it looked huge in her delicate asian hand. Wish I could have taken a photo! Right after she said she really liked how good I looked all shaven, I exploded!! She kept working it and milking every last drop out of my pulsing dick!! It was fantastic, she then left and got some hot towels and cleaned my whole body off. Then had me roll over and placed hot stones on my back and said she would be back in ten minutes. When she came back she helped get me dressed, gave me a bottle of water and walked me out. And while touching my shoulder on the way out she said “You got nice dick, You come back soon” I wanted to say that she probably says that to all the guys but I was in smiling silent bliss

The view the girl had when the towel moved. [​IMG]
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