B-day countdown

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To say I'm getting excited as all hell would be an understatement. Caterers have been in and out of my place most of the day doing lots of stocking and setting up for my B-day party tomorrow night. I was able to take off work about Noon today and don't have to be back until Monday morning. I may need the recuperation time. Even though my model/body builder friend from down the hall is in charge of (most of) the guest list we decided to have the festivities at my place. Partly due to my pool table, cooler furniture, much better sound system and infinitely better permanently stocked bar.

My almost now permanently swollen cock has been pulsing like crazy for the last several days. I agreed to participate in a relatively serious male "stripper" contest against my neighbor, mostly as entertainment for some of the devastatingly hot female models I know he has invited. It will be a little embarrassing having to do so in front of many of my buddies and female associates from work, but hey -hopefully there will be payoff in the end. It's pretty much understood (its certainly been hinted at enough) that both me and my competitor are going to be naked in bed with a least one female (possibly two) before the entire night is over.

I think he (and a lot of my friends) are in for a real shock when we get to the "wet jockies" part of the strip though. Don't worry. Other than maybe a sliver of Birthday cake I don't plan on eating anything other than Premium Grade A pussy the whole night.
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