Before I leave, a note on compassion and putting your money where your mouth is

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One thing I will state since I'm on my way out the door and my membership here is nearly concluded:

It is extremely telling that I suffered (and still am suffering) a crisis yesterday, and the only ones who showed any concern for my well being were two right-leaning folks. The lefty majority on LPSG (and the world they've thrown into schism) are too busy policing the site looking for anything that offends them and waging their political jihad upon all. Deafening silence from those on here who (previously) counted themselves as my friend on here who are left-leaning.

What am I to infer from this?

Much lip service is given to platitudes and compassion on here, such as Scarletbegonia's thread in Safe Space, but, as I asserted, it is all but bankrupt in this world. Many speak of it, extremely few practice it. It might not be quite extinct yet from this world, but the radicals are working hard on stamping out the last embers of it.

Acta non verba. Deeds, not words.

Two total strangers, both centrist/right-leaning, extended their hand to me and PMed me to counsel and speak to me. They did this with no ulterior motive of converting me to some cause. Complete apathy and silence from the left-winged folks on here. Those are the ones who no doubt quietly hit the "Report" button on my postings, so that I either wouldn't spoil their sexy fun time, or draw attention from their causes. There are perhaps a few who did because I triggered them due to them losing a loved one to suicide. The last one is understandable, and to those I apologize for that; it was not my intention. LPSG is not the place for this sort of thing anyway. I am embarrassed for making a spectacle of myself on that thread, but when I see political infighting and extremism, it places me in fight-or-flight mode and reminds me of why I now hate this world.

I have never revealed my own place in the political spectrum because it would be derided and mocked. I am neither left nor right, but centrist, perhaps a hair to the left on the scale.

So it would seem that small seeds of kindness exist in some centrists and right leaning people, but left-wingers are cold, hateful, dispassionate, and unfeeling, without compassion, concerned only with enforcing their agenda upon everyone, at all costs. The party of love and tolerance, raging and full of hatred. They have much in common with a certain 1960s Spahn Ranch love and terror cult; both out of California (Berkeley, Hollywood), and both spreading chaos, fear, oppression and death.

They speak of coexisting, but want a certain subset of the population dead. They speak of tolerance, but are intolerant of anybody who isn't part of their movement. They speak of justice, but want vengeance. They want anybody who isn't in 100% lockstep with them dead. They plan to pave the way to a utopian paradise of love and equality with the bones of those who disagree with them. This is irony writ large.

Lefties will get their wish in time: some day not far off after leaving here, I will no longer be among the living. I choose death over what I see coming soon.
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