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Big little story of two scars lines on my scrotum

Published by Marsczon in the blog Marsczon's blog. Views: 284

Hard to see it, but when the skin is heavily wrinkled during erection and sharp light falls at the right angle, all is visible. It's two scars lines on my scrotum, which I have after two medical operations. This way the surgeon saved my left testicle and fix right one for better reproduction functions when I was a teenager.

It was a time of many trials and strange experiences for me. For a few months different people was often viewing or touching my testicles. To save my memories from that period, also about my surgeon and accompanying persons, I described all below with all the details. For myself, but also for others.


I need quick help
On Saturday morning, September 13, 2008, my stomach started to ache, expecially on down left side. With great difficulty I cleaned my flat and then I just rested in fetal postion because I couldn't do anything else. I didn't eat anything all day and to forget about the pain I reading a book.

Until the evening I had no idea what could be causing my bad condition, but everything cleared up when I took off clothes before stepping into the shower. To my great dismay, I found that my left testicle it has grown to an enormous size and almost completely absorbed my right ball. I hadn't seen it before, because I didn't expose this part in the toilet while I pissed, but I'm sure this heavy problem have been in my briefs before. My sack was blood red and swollen to the limit, as if it was pumped under pressure. I washed up quickly and put on fresh underwear, in the largest size I had.

Around 22.00 (10 P.M.), I was in emergency station where for the first time I had to say what was wrong with me. I was eighteen, but looked like a child, and I had to say that my testicle was very enlarged. It was difficult, but even more difficult was that I had to lower my briefs and show my hairy genital. Fortunately the doctor understood my situation and my problem when see my balls and touched them carefully. Then he referred me to a hospital with a surgical ward.

Some time later I was in the emergency room where I had to say all over again and show my problem again. The doctor was quite concerned and looked for a possible cause. At that point I was afraid he would be asking difficult questions like how often I masturbate or when have I had sex, but nothing like that happened. He asked if anyone had hit me there and whether anything similar has happened before. I had a hard time saying anything except that last week I played football on the schoolyard and got hit with the ball at close range by another player in the penalty area. The doctor accepted this option, but also said that in the worst case he will have to remove one of my testicles. I accept this possibility and I agreed to the treatment. Then the doctor sent me to ultrasound a few rooms away.

When I lay down on the treatment bed I was still surprised the doctor sent me here, because through movies and tv series I associated this procedure as reserved only for only for pregnant women. In any case in this room another doctor, lady doctor, told me to expose my nature again. At the beginning she rubbed my testicles with special oil and then put the head of the device on it. For a few minutes she moves the device around my enormous egg looking at the screen. She didn't say anything when she did it and because of that it was an even more awkward situation for me. At that time I was lying as frozen, wondering if this is a bad dream.

When I was told to sit on the wheelchair, the next steps moved quickly. I don't remember every next examinations, but I know I drove into the operating room shortly after. I saw the ceiling and lamps and then I shut down deeply.

I woke up that same night on a drip. I was glad I didn't feel any pain. I found my phone on the shelf, took a picture of the hospital ceiling, and send it to my mother with the news that I'm alive. It was the middle of the night (3 A.M.), but I got an answer right away. Then I get up the courage and put my hand under the covers and felt that everything was in place and in normal size. It was amazing discovery and it gave me great relief. Before I fell asleep again I looked around the room and found that it was only for me.


Next day in the morning surgeon check my balls and told me everything was fine and the damage of my left ball was not as serious as we thought yesterday. Moreover, he assured that I would be able to return home on the same day. At the end of this meeting I was given a list of medications and date for control visit. During our conversation I noticed that my doctor was good-looking man.

I left the hospital as soon as I could. The slight pain came back, but at home I could take a closer look at my testicles, that were thoroughly shaved. The left one it was normal again, but had one six stitches in the bottom part. The right one has returned to its seat and looked like always. Only cock shaft lay between them innocently. After the bath, I puted on tighter underwear to stabilize my balls, as it was recommended to me. I did not confess to anyone about the operation. Only my mother knew about everything and I only talked to her about it, becasue I was ashamed of what happened to me. I rested politely for a week.

On 19 September 2008 I meet my surgeon again in my first inspection visit. He examined my testicles very exactly and said that all heals very well, but my right ball needs attention too. When we sat down at the desk he expressed concern for my reproductive capacity. It confused me, but I did't show it. He said it would be good for my future if he also fix my second ball, because it doesn't work as it should at the moment. I did not plan to have offspring, but I agreed to this procedure for general health, when we met on another control visit on 1 October 2008. The operation was to take place a month later. Stitches on my left ball has completely dissolved by then.

All for better semen
Before the second visit to the hospital, I knew how to prepare. Most of all one day before the operation I shaved my balls and shaft in the shower because I didn't want anyone else to do it for me, just like the first time. My curly bush above the penis remained in place, even though I originally planned to remove it for more aesthetics. Moreover, I jerk off and released semen for the last time in this configuration, which means, with the right testicle intact.

I checked into the hospital on 30 November 2008. This time I got a bed next to a boy my age. I remember he was very handsome, had jet black hair, and attended school for the most talented students. I was impressed and a bit intimidated by its perfection, but he turned out to be a good buddy to talk to. Just like me, he was supposed to have surgery the next day. The surgeons were going to open his stomach, so it wasn't easy for him. Before going to bed we wished each other good luck.

The next morning I was sent to the operating room. I remember that the examinations went well and I found myself on the operating table very quickly. When the doctor anesthetized me, my genitals were still covered so I didn't feel uncomfortable. Before I fell asleep, I just wondered if a surgeon would appreciate my shaving efforts.


I woke up a few hours later on a drip and immediately met my mother who was sitting by the bed. She said we had seen earlier but my memory was empty. I also don't remember that after the operation I was flirting with nurses and entertaining people in the ward, but apparently, it was so. After our conversation, I noticed that my handsome friend next bed to me was still sleeping. His operation must have been more complicated than mine. He didn't look good after that all.

When I was alone with my sleeping friend, I didn't check my genitals. This time, and without touching, I knew they were there. The right side hurt a bit but in a good way. For the next few days, I was supposed to walk in tight panties again and not jerk cock.

Late in the evening of the same day I really wanted to pee. There was no toilet in my room and a few hours earlier the nurse ordered to do this in a urine bottle. As I remember I couldn't agree to it. To piss lying down in bed under the covers? Never! When I started to move to get up on my feet, my perfect neighbor asked what I was doing. I grabbed my canister for urine and lied that I had to empty it because I have nowhere to put my penis for pissing. He replied that he had the same problem and asked me to take his container too. He couldn't get out of bed and he really wanted to pee, but he had nowhere. I agreed with a smile, grabbed his canister and found it heavy. With two big urine bottles, one empty and the other full, I headed into the corridor.

Behind the door, I regretted this escapade. It turned out that I didn't have much strength and my legs were twitching. Fortunately, all space was empty, and in the distance, behind a large desk, the duty nurse was reading a book. I found the toilet quickly and hid in it. First I took off my shorts and looked at my balls. The right testicle looked like an empty sack with wires. I was surprised that this time the surgeon applied the usual stitches. It meant that he would take them off himself when I visited in his cabinet. I accepted it and urinated. Then I poured my buddy's aureate urine out of the container and I found that he must have put his penis there really often. Wasting no more time I cleaned his bottle and returned to my room the same way.

Inside our room, he was waiting impatiently for me. I handed him his empty container and lay down on a bed with big relief. Shortly afterward I heard how he open his bottle and how he release urine inside. At the end, he gasped with satisfaction, maybe the same as when he was peaking. He thanked me for help and soon we both fell asleep.

The next morning my surgeon visited me with his students. I knew what it meant. When they stood next to my bed doctor told me to reveal my genitals. It was very awkward but I did it for him. In my example, he showed them what a sewn-up scrotum looks like. It didn't take long for them, but it was hard for me, especially when I noticed that my buddy is also looking at my wasted shaved balls and flaccid penis with brown curly bush. After all, I didn't feel like talking to anyone for a while.

Sometime later the nurse told me that I could leave the hospital. I was able to walk normally so then I went to the shower at the end of the ward to clean my body before leaving. It was a large room with only one shower that couldn't be closed. Regardless of it, I took off my clothes and went into the shower. I was sure no one would disturb me for those five minutes, but I was wrong. Just as I was soap my eggs carefully, some woman peeked in and see me in this position. She got embarrassed and left right away, but right after her, another woman from the maintenance staff did the same. I thought out that it was too much for one day and when I left this room I only wanted to say goodbye to everyone as soon as possible, walk out the main door and regain my privacy. Unhappily my friend was not so lucky as I am. He must have stayed there for a few more days. I wished him good health and next success at school.

One week after surgery, on 9 December 2008, I saw my surgeon again in his cabinet. He examined me thoroughly again, which means my both balls and confirmed that everything was fine, but he didn't remove my seven stitches. This action took place only the next time on December 22nd. Before this visit, I tried not to masturbate but it didn't work out. The day before in the evening I let everything out in the shower and I was hoping it wouldn't notice it when he grabs my testicles. On the one hand, I did not want to do it, and on the other hand, I wanted to do it because of him. Anyway, if he feels my fresh emptiness, he didn't tell me about it.

All works better than ever
The last inspection took place on 30 January 2009 and I was a bit sad. To tell the truth, by all these weeks I got used to taking my pants off in the doctor's cabinet and exposing my cock in front of my handsome surgeon. Like no one guy before, he always touched my nuts very carefully and watched changes with true interest. It was the last time we saw each other and he wished me all the best for the future. I still have a flyer about his office with his portrait and all the best references, but I don't know what he looks like today and if he still works in my city.

Since January 2009 my cock started shoot more dense cum, just like the doctor wanted it, but to this day I haven't made any use of it. Of course sometimes I deplore my life is not like life of my ancestors, but on the other hand, I have known about it for as long as I can remember. And there is nothing I can do about it. Sometimes, very rare, when I masturbate too long, I can feel again that specific pain in my left testicle. I take it as a warning and a reminder to be very cautious and respect the doctors' work.

From September 2008 to January 2009 my federal state spent the amount 1,500 euro for my testicles within universal healthcare system. Because of that I'm afraid that I have the most expensive balls in my area. In online medical records my first procedure is listed today as "partial removal testicle change", and the second as "hydrocele testis removal". I don't recommend looking for this on Google.

My dear reader, if you have read everything I have written here please accept my big thanks. It's nice that you gave me your time. If you would like to somehow relate to it or share your experience on a similar matter, please leave your comment here.
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