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Bucket List Experience

Published by LAguy90046 in the blog LAguy90046's blog. Views: 345

I lived in a small rural town growing up. It was a quiet place with tons of trees and things for young boys to do. Fields to play football, trees to build houses for occasional circle jerks and a lot of baseball games.

I knew I was "different" at a very early age and I had my share of bullying growing up. "Sissy and faggot" were terms that were thrown at me left and right. Somehow, I lived through the experience and owned up to being gay when I went to college. I didn't come out of the closet, I flew out once I had left my hometown.

I had the same guidance counselor, Mr. Clawson, all thru Jr. and Sr. high school. They were in different locations but when I graduated Jr. High, Mr. Clawson moved to the high school. Mr. Clawson had a huge cock. It wasn't just big. It was huge. He wore boxers and you could see the outline of his cock through his pants every day at school. The sharp edge of his cock head was thick and clearly defined and I couldn't help but stare at it every time I had the chance. Mr. Clawson caught me hundreds of times sneaking a glimpse of his crotch and I always turned beet red when I knew he had caught me. I fantasized about Mr. Clawson all the time, especially when I masturbated. I would dream about kneeling in front of him, unzipping his pants and having that hot dick slap me on the forehead when it fell out. In college, when I had the chance to be with a guy who was hung, I always fantasized that it was Mr. Clawson while he was fucking me or deep down my throat. The thought of him always drove me a bit wild. I was crazy in lust with him and to this day the thought of him makes me cock hungry.

I graduated high school and went on to college in a big city in another state. It was a very different environment so going home during the summer was always a big culture shock for me. One early evening, with nothing to do, I decided to drive to the local hotel bar. It was a Sheraton and the only hotel in our area. Our high school prom was there as well as any function that needed a ball room. I drove to the Sheraton, parked my car and headed to the bar. I had also packed a DOP kit knowing that later I would drive 10 miles to a local truck stop and "take a shower." I had never had a problem finding cock in the shower area and truck stops are always filled with guys who wanted a blow job or fuck some ass. I was a little horny and thought I may drive over. It was easy enough to strip down, leave the shower curtain open and see what guy would give me some attention. But that's another story.

I was enjoying a beer, watching the TV behind the bar and making small talk with the bartender. It was a slow night and not many people were there. About 30 minutes later, the stool next to me was pulled out and a man sat down. It was Mr. Clawson!! I almost shit myself. I immediately became intimidated. Here is the man who I fantasize about and who had caught me a million times looking at his crotch and he's now sitting next to me while I'm legally having a drink at a bar. I immediately wanted to leave.

He called me by my last name and asked how I was doing. I laughed and said that I was fine, home from college and bored out of my mind. I asked him what he was doing at the bar and he explained that he and his wife had separated and that he was staying at the hotel.

We made small talk for a bit. He asked me about college and how I enjoy life at school. I told him that I had made a lot of changes and was very happy with who I was and that I really enjoyed school, especially the extra curricular activities. I was about 3 beers in and my intimidation and nerves were slipping away. He asked me what I meant and I told him that I wasn't bullied anymore, that I had started running and was a lot more fit than I was in high school and that college sex was fun. He laughed and said he remembered those days. I turned to him and said, "I'm sure you were very popular considering what you're packing." He smiled, looked at me and said "I caught you looking at my dick more than my ex-wife." We both chuckled and I apologized to him. I explained that I was young and figuring out why I felt "different" than most of my male classmates. He asked me if I were gay and I explained to him that I was and had come out my Freshman year, that my family accepted me and that I was comfortable with who I was. He said that he had never had a student that would look at him with such hunger in his eyes. I looked right at him and said, "I'm still hungry."

With that, he stood up and paid his bill. He told me his room number and told me to be up there in 10 minutes. I finished my beer, paid my bill, ran to my car and collected my DOP kit (I had poppers and lube in it) and took the elevator to his room. I was nervous as hell. I was about to have one of my dreams come true. I was finally going to have Mr. Clawson's cock in my mouth.

I got to the room and found that the door was not closed all the way, so I opened the door, announced my self and walked in. He was lying on the bed, freshly showered and he was naked, his cock lying about 5 inches soft over his balls. I nearly fainted. He was so fucking hot. He told me to strip to my underwear. He said he wasn't gay and that he wouldn't reciprocate but he hadn't had sex in a long time and really needed some relief. With that he grabbed his cock. I instantly told him to take his hand off his dick, that I wanted to get him hard with my mouth and that I had fantasized about this moment for years. He smiled, leaned back and spread his legs.

I crawled between his gorgeous legs and laid down and press my raging hard cock against the mattress. My nose right was right at his cock and balls. I inhaled him. I looked up at him and I stuck my tongue out, lifted his cock with it and popped just the head in my mouth. I watched his eyes, that were shut, squeeze tighter. I noticed his hairy chest and his nipples were hard. The taste of him was everything. That big, thick cock head with the sharp edge that I had fantasized about was finally in my mouth and I was going to take my time with it.

I swirled my tongue around the head and rubbed his thighs. He groaned a bit and I could feel his cock getting harder and thicker. I opened my mouth and took more of him sliding my tongue along the base and making sure that I lubed him with my spit. I cupped his balls, got up on my knees and took his semi-hard cock into my throat, burying my nose in his bush. He put his hand on the back of my head and said, "fuck" and thrust his hips, making his cock go deeper, then pulling out a bit, then pushing his cock back into my throat. He became fully hard. I had never seen a cock that big. I pulled off, grabbed the base with my hand and slapped the side of my face and told him I had never seen a cock as massive as his. He smiled and said, "enjoy it."

I grabbed my DOP kit, pulled out my poppers and got back to his cock. He asked what I had grabbed and I told him, all the while stroking his veiny cock. I explained that it relaxed my throat and was a good, short high. I told him if he wanted to try some he could, but start out taking small whiffs to see if he liked it. I then told him if he did like it, to take a big whiff several seconds before he came and he would shoot the biggest load of his life.

I inhaled deeply and sucked his balls and licked up the length of his massive cock until my tongue was once again at the head. I was getting the start of a nice buzz from the poppers and I went down on his cock, taking all of it to the base. He nearly passed out. I slowly came up to the head again and made love to it. I couldn't get enough of his cock head. I had fantasized so long about licking it that I took my time with it, swirling my tongue around it, twisting my fist just underneath it, milking it with my lips. His cock head possessed me. I was there to totally serve and worship him.

I cupped his balls and stroke his long shaft, licking and sucking just the head. Tasting him was euphoric and I lapped up his pre-cum. I took my time and made sure that he didn't cum quickly. I didn't know if this was a one off and I wanted this experience to last. He put his hand on the back of my head every time he wanted me to deep throat him. I sucked on that cock for about 30 minutes, rubbing his chest, rubbing his thighs, cupping and licking his balls. I got hotter hearing him moan and ordering me to "suck it." I lost count the times he said "Oh, my god.'

I could tell that he was getting close. I pulled off him, sucked his balls into my mouth and then slowly licked back up the shaft licking up my spit and "throat lube" (as I call it). I grabbed my DOP kit, pulled out some lube and greased up my fingers. I asked him if he was ready to cum and he was. I told him that I was going to edge him a bit, and then when he knew he was about to blow to take a hit of the poppers. I took a huge hit while I slapped his cock against my face and then slide 3 fingers into my ass and swallowed him to the base. I powered sucked his cock. Slamming my nose against his bush and sucking back to the head, punch fucking my throat. I swallowed his pre-cum and got lost in him and that magnificent cock. TOTALLY LOST. I shoved my fingers in my ass as far as they could go, dreaming about him fucking me. His breathing became erratic and he took a hit of poppers and yelled, "OH FUCK! TAKE MY LOAD" and began to shoot his huge load into my mouth. I stroked him and flicked my tongue under his cock head and lapped up every ounce of his jizz, I think he shot 5 or 6 huge streams of cum moaning the entire time. With every shot of cum he would yell out. It was copious. He shot one of the biggest loads I had every had the pleasure of releasing from someone and it began to slide out the side of my mouth and down his cock. I swallowed and deep throated him, making sure that I got every drop of cum. I pressed my dick against the mattress and shot my load on the sheet while my fingers twisted in my hole.

Once we had both calmed down and I had cleaned him up with my tongue he got a little uncomfortable. I washed up, put my clothes back on and told him that I could check this experience off my bucket list. He raised his eyebrows and I told him that I've wanted to suck him off since I was a kid and that I hope he enjoyed the head I gave him as much as I did. I told him that he had one of the most beautiful cocks I had ever seen. He told me that he had never had anyone deep throat his entire cock and asked if he could keep the poppers and to keep the experience just between us. I told him he didn't have to worry about me telling anyone and that I was very discreat. I gave him the bottle and wrote my phone number on the pad by the phone and told him if he needed to get off again to call me and I would be more than happy to help him out. I left the room with a huge smile on my face and drove as fast as I could to the truck stop because I seriously needed to get fucked after having some of the best oral sex I had ever had in my life. I didn't have to wait long before my ass was being pounded by a trucker in the back of his cab who had no idea that I was fuck crazy because of my old guidance counselor. I demanded that he fuck me within an inch of his life and we both ended up satisfied and very sweaty.

Mr. Clawson called me a few more times that summer to "help him out."

During our third session he asked me about my fingers and my ass. I told him that I liked getting fucked and that sucking him off turned me on so much that I needed to put something in my hole. I asked him if I could sit on his dick, but he said no. I respected his limits and didn't want to ruin the chance of servicing him with my mouth and throat. I wore butt plugs every time I saw him after that which fascinated him. He eventually would pull it out, then push it back in to see my hole expand. Boy did I want him to fuck me, but it never happened.

To this day, I have never met a guy who was as big as Mr. Clawson and I have rarely had a sexual experience match the intensity of that night.
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