CRAIGSLIST: Looking for a group of men to circle jerk on me. The more the merrier, invite your friends✌

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I consider myself a very dominant straight male with a hyperactive sex drive. I was getting erections in 2nd grade, don’t ask how. I get that way now. I often get caught in an over-the-edge need to cum so badly that men became part of that dominance role. I often overwhelmed act impulsively.

The porn industry is dominated by cum shots in magazines,

I was oversexed one night and was not dating anyone. I knew many men found me attractive and actively hit on me. I never welcomed it but often agreed to enjoy purchased drinks. Woman have been doing it to guys for years without recourse.

I popped on Craigslist. I read all sorts of weird shit. I decided to reply to some to get overwhelmed by responses and dick pics. They were disgusting and overwhelmed ugly men. Yuk, I was getting no outlet there.

It wasn’t until a few really good looking bodies came in, or really big cock photos that I began to reply back. Some were freaks. Eventually you find one that you connect with.

My first guy was really shy. He wanted to meet at a remote motel. I got there and he was too afraid to get room under his name. I told the owner I lost my ID and paid cash. It was a dank motel with the old keys.

I think it was his first time. I think he was unsure of himself we mostly talked. He insisted on attempting to kiss me which I stopped dead. He began fondling my pants and tracing his hands over my pants. He wanted to touch it. When he pulled it out he said literally the porn line, ““wow your so big.” That was until he pulled out his little guy. I never compared myself in real life.

He tried to get me off. I was hard dreaming of an ex, Vicky Rose the expert of blowjobs. She could suck the chrome off a hitch. He could not get me off. Somewhere at that blue-balls state, my oversexed, over-stimulated, mindset was lost. I took him in my hand and jerked him off. The feeling of control I had over this guy. Was this his first time? Was he bisexual, gay, or curious? Maybe plain confused, Either way I made him cum even though it was just a little drizzle. Immediately after he left. I had so much pressure inside me I needed relief. I posted my own Craigslist Ad saying I have a hotel and am looking for someone to help me cum. The guy found it and answered. I took it down immediately. I did respond to more of the original responses and at this time had many bit and sexy pics to choose from. I started jerking myself slowly and took out my camera.

I took multiple pictures and video clips. The sheer size and close ups were making me precum. I eventually couldn’t hold out bo longer. After a solid hour I took out my phone and hit the slow motion feature. I unloaded more cum at that moment then I have ever seen. I felt multiple orgasms one after the other each resulting in their own separate cum shot. It hit my face, it went up my nose and most landed overhead on the dank motels mirror behind the bed. You could definitely tell it was the largest and freshest but not the only jizz stain.

Afterwards, I watched the video in slow motion. You could distinctly count 7 large cum shots followed by 4–5 more smaller ones finishing with several smaller drizzles. It was clear I had been saving up and storing way too much cum. That’s why I go on these binges. Later that night I sent him the video. I wish I kept that video. I’d have evidence of my disorder and seek help.

After a few years of bisexual dominance I was high on a Sativa one night. My head was spinning, my cock was about to start precumming. I lost it. I was watching straight porn of a woman bukakke. Several movies that I instant posted a Craigslist ad in a delusion state of mind.

I posted an ad asking for a man to invite his friends to circle jerk on me, I posted that I wanted to taste and eat alarmed group of guys, the more the merrier. You could image the amount of response I got with photos and dic pics. I couldn’t keep up or stay focused. I’d right one guy back to be bombarded by other replies. Eventually I was writing conversation to different people and mixing all the messages up. I had a few guys calling their friends and coordinating times and addresses.

Abour 10 minutes later while still replying I got a knock at my front door. I have a larger home in the burbs and 3 guys were at the door. I freaked out not knowing who or what I had done. They were calling my name and describing their cocks. Listening to them and watching a few hours of bukakkes I overwhelmingly opened the door. i did know what to do, they weren’t going away. If I called the police I’d invited them and I’d make a scene. So I invited them in to explain and work a way out of this. I was enraging with sex and I my body was responding in way it never did before. The raging list of a mans body in front with only sexual intent is relentless. I was now twice as sexed out and over pumped.

The first guy pulled his cock out and it was big, like one from the photos, I don’t remember which one, Bynthe time they arrived I had seen several dozens. It did not matter. They all looked the same and each of the three had there’s out.

I wasn’t sure exactly when or whom, but I grabbed the largest of them all and started there. At this time the first guy was guiding my hands jerking him off while the other was fucking my other hand with his large cock. It was a mindf@ck. They were really into it and I was into them. That’s when the next door knock again.

We were all near cumming at this point. We could not stop.m I am sure they hear the knocks, All three immersed in my hand job festival. The original guy now had came and came hard. He panted like a dog and from his angle he blew his wad onto my arm, shoulder and chin. The door knocked again and the second guy blew his load. He was fucking it so his load firstly landed on my neck and upper chest then the last half leaked out down my arm. It was wild. Freaky but all’s tonight it’s all open.

Before the last guy could cum, another guy had now walked through the entrance of my house and was quickly approaching us. I stopped in fright but with even more hard core desire to have and jerk off more men. Two more men entered the room calling my name. They were describing their cocks, who knows how high I was that night.

There was no real instructions or formalities. They read the ad, if you have a friend the more the merrier. They quickly introduced themselves and followed suit by unzipping their pants to expose well hung cocks. The first one started jerking himself off first slowly the same time his buddy pulled his out. They both began to join in with the last guy from the first group. All three now either hand dick-hand or my hand-on-dick.

They all were now making dirty comments about the cum on me, They obviously did not care it was touching them and in fact making an excellent lubricant to pop them. The first two guys blew there loads on my face and over my head. The first guy from the first group, the guy I first exchanged any phone numbers or address began to erupt. He unloaded multiple ropes on my chin, forehead, neck and hair.

Then there was a third knock. It followed up by a knock on the window and from the back door. Apparently this invite a friend to invite a friend got out of hand. No one was there to stop them. Now I had another 8 from 3 different groups. They started rooting loudly ‘‘CIRCLE JERK” over and over.

Eventually, I lost count on how many people arrived that night. My neighbors tell me cars where parked down the street with many of them rapidly changing. Once a guy cums on you he really does not want to stick around. I don’t blame them. I must have swallowed at least 30 guys, minimally at best. I remember at one point I stopped entirely to free up both hands to wipe my eyes off. I had not seen anything for a long while. I was not sure who, what or if my house was intact. When I did the first guy who I recognized online and entered first was still there. He helped me clean up and spent the night.

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