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Double - Triple - Quadruple and more repeat postings.

Published by dick12262 in the blog dick12262's blog. Views: 123

For some reason, postings in the Groups area take an excessive amount of time to load. Members get itchy fingers when their post doesn't load immediately. They hit "Upload a File" again. Sometimes several times. NOT NECESSARY.

The first time you hit "Upload", 3 or 4 scrolling dots should appear in the upper right corner of your screen. IF you see these, there is no need to hit "Upload" again. After 5 seconds hit the "Reload Page" Icon in the upper left corner. The Icon is a 3/4 circle with an arrowhead. Your first posting will then load promptly. This is with FireFox, I'm sure that other browsers are similar. Photos & Video uploads may take more than 5 seconds to appear.

Hope this helps.
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