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Remembering back to the days when I had access to a clothing optional beach, I recall my "attention grabber" techniques that I utilized. I always desired to display a plump, semi-rigid cock.
I usually had my cock hanging down between my spread legs while sitting in a beach chair, so I could observe the beach strollers gazing as they passed by:innocent:. If some began wandering past more frequently, I would discreetly attempt to display a "firmer" cock. I usually "camouflaged" my activities from my wife, since obvious erotic behavior at the beach was frowned upon. My "innocent" behavior furnished me with a boost to my ego as certain voyeurs would pay closer attention to my narcissism with each subsequent visit to the beach:blush:.

I became a voyeur myself as I became more familiar with many guys at the beach. Larger sized cocks were easier to observe, but I enjoyed watching the "smaller" ones, also:). The smaller ones usually "displayed" their arousal-state more obviously. It was nice to give those guys a "display" of my own. It was fun observing those guys "hiding" their erections:yum. Some may have been conscientiously "embarrassed" by their hard cocks, but also pleased to have someone "notice" their condition.

This "background" information about me may explain the the following video links that amaze me. I know that I couldn't "perform" like the main subject, because I would lack the courage, but I sure wish I could experience the scenarios.

Priceless Reaction of Women to a Guy Cumming with No... (xhamster.com) :laughing::joy::grinning:
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