chrisrobin Apr 6, 2021
I picked up a guy in a pub on night, really nice looking and sexy with it plus he had conversation as well.
So we went back to my place, a quick coffee and we hit the sack, The sex was amazing, he had me in so many positions doing things to him and him to me by the time wed went to sleep - with him still inside my manhole I knew I'd had a great fucking time. In the morning I slipped of his now soft cock, made a cuppa and took it up to the bedroom. First thing I saw was his hand on the floor by the side of the bed. Hope you don't mind he said but it was a bit sore after all that flailing about last night. I slipped back between the sheets, pressed my asshole against his cock and felt it rise and penetrate. And so we spent the day in bed before he had to catch a flight out, cum loads slowly getting less as we faded in to dry orgasms, and one handed didn't dampen things at all.