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I was in the bathroom the other day, was wishing I could suck my own cock. because i never have before.
So I googled what it would be like to have my mouth on a dick. and this site came up. I thought i was straight.
I have received bj by 3 differnt people. the first was my friends friend. he invited me over. and that was my first.
then i wanted another one. So i messaged him again he gave me maybe 3..
Then I made posting on craigslist personals when they still had it, bj wanted in the girl section. this guy responded. this was probly 5 years ago. I was nervous to go to his place but i did and he sucked me so good, I exploded in his mouth. and then I went there 2 more times. I let him suck it again and he deepthroated it and I exploded in his mouth again. Its like they enjoyed it more than the girl i met that gave me a quikie.. so thats my little story.. let me know your thoughts.?
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