My Annual Physical Exam

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i just had my annual check up last week. I started on a new insurance plan In January and had to find a new Primary Care Physician. I do take my health seriously so I ask friends for referrals and check out online reviews to learn as much as I can before selecting a doctor. If I have options, I do tend to seek out the younger, good looking male from the group.

I arrived for my appointment and was greeted by a very friendly receptionist. I could see through the reception area to a hallway where two other women were going back and forth. I was surprised a few minutes later when a nice looking young male nurse opened a door, called my name and lead me back to an exam room.

Because it was my initial visit to this doctor I had been asked to fill out new patient paperwork. He reviewed it thoroughly and asked additional questions. One of the things that was asked is whether I am sexually active. Instead of just answering yes I wrote in very active. The form also asked how many partners I have and whether they are male or female. I answered one of each. He asked if there was anything else I wanted to add. I told him I am an open book so anything he wanted to know I would answer. He did not dig deeper. I told him I wasn't sure if it is important but I have to masturbate every day whether I have sex or not.

After taking my blood pressure and temperature he asked my height and then said to sit still so he could take my weight. He started raising the exam chair. It turned out it was a scale. After he got my weight he said he would deduct three pounds for my shoes and clothes. I asked if he minded doing it again without my clothes on to get a true reading and proceeded to strip down before he could answer. I couldn't help but notice where his eyes lingered the longest. My revised weight was indeed three pounds less. I told him he was good.

The nurse stood up and told me the doctor would be right in. I asked if I needed to get dressed and he said not unless I wanted to. A moment later there was a knock on the door and both the doctor and nurse came in. I am quite sure the nurse had warned the doctor about my state of undress as he was not the least bit surprised.
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