My Introduction To Gloryholes

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My love for gloryholes started my senior year in high school. My senior year, I got a part-time job near the local university campus. Both of my parents worked at the university, so many after school when I had to work later, I would walk to my mom's office and wait for them to get off work. When I got there, I would usually check in with her and then I would sit at one of the cubicles/tables/desks near her office.

One day, I had to use the bathroom really bad. I had checked in at her office and put my stuff on the table right outside the door. I went to the main bathroom and since the urinals were busy I went to the stalls. I could see a pair of feet under the first stall, so I went to the 3rd stall and it was locked, that just left the middle stall. I locked the door behind me and I dropped my pants and sat on the toilet. I was busy doing my business when I noticed a hole in the metal stall wall. It was not a small hole, it was probably about 3 inches across. Somebody had obviously spent a lot of time making this hole, the edges had pieces of metal sticking out that had been pushed down. The hole had obviously been made by hand. It looked dangerous. But as I was looking at the hole, I noticed there was another hole on the other stall wall. Very similarly made and just a fraction smaller in size. At one point, I bent over to look through the hole and realized I was being watched. There was an eye watching me though the hole. He moved his head away from the hole and I could see it belonged to an older man. Next thing I know, his finger was coming through the hole and beckoning me. This freaked me out, I quickly pulled up my pants and ran out of the bathroom. I had to stop to pull the door open, as I did that, I looked back at the stalls and I saw the older man looking at me over the stall wall. I ran back to my mom's office, and I am sure I looked out of sorts. My mom came out and asked me what I had been doing. I told her I went to the bathroom and her response told me everything I needed to know. She stammered for a minute and then told me to never go to the bathroom at the library again. I knew I had found a very magical place! Needless to say, I was back the next day and this time I was ready to find out what those holes in the walls were really for.

The next day, even though I was supposed to have taken the bus home, I walked to my mom's office. This time, instead of checking in with her first, I went directly to the bathroom. The bathroom wasn't busy this time, in fact, there was nobody in there. So I decided to check out the bathroom. The sink and urinal area were pretty standard. So I went to the first stall. The usual graffiti was on the walls. I looked at the gloryhole, it had the same jagged edge of metal splinters pushed down to the all around it just like the other side. At that point, I was really examining the hole when I heard the door open. I jumped back into sitting on the toilet and I listened as the guy pissed at the urinal. As soon as he left, I knew I didn't want to stay too long in that stall. It was easy to see the feet of whoever was in the first stall when you walked in the door. So as soon as I made sure the coast was clear, I decided to check out the 3rd stall. This stall was up against the far wall, it was a little bit darker because the lights didn't go all the way over. This gloryhole was a tad bit smaller than the other one, but I did like how when you sat in the 3rd stall, you could look through both gloryholes and see into the first stall. I was about to move to the middle stall when I heard the bathroom door open up. So I sat down and acted like I was using the bathroom.

I listened as I heard the guy walk over to the stall area. I heard a stall door open, close and then get locked. I knew it wasn't the middle stall because I didn't see any shadows or movement there. So he must have been in the first stall. I nervously bent over so I could look through the hole and I caught him doing the same thing through the other glory hole. I couldn't see much, but I could see that it looked like he was a college student and had pretty eyes.

Next thing I know, I heard him zip up his pants and leave his stall. That really sucked, but I decided maybe I needed to be in the middle stall. I was about to pull my pants up and move over a stall when I realized that he left the first stall and moved over to the middle stall. Now I was very nervous! I did try to watch him through the hole without being obvious. I looked over and saw that his pants were pulled up and his shirt was pulled down over his crotch. I couldn't see anything but I could tell he was playing with his dick. Then I saw his head move and he was watching me through the hole. Feeling brave, I leaned back and pulled my shirt up a little bit. I was exposing some of my dick to him. When I bent back down to look through the hole, I saw him do the same thing, he pulled his shirt back and his dick was sticking out in the open. It looked like he had about 7". Remembering the older guy the day before, I put my finger through the hole. I watched in amazement as he stood up and put his dick through the gloryhole! At first, I couldn't believe he had done that. But I grabbed it and played with it and it felt so great to feel another guy's dick. Instinctively, I bent over and started sucking on his dick. It felt so good in my mouth. I realized that I didn't even know what this guy looked like, but at this point, all I was worried about was sucking his dick.

I sucked him for a few minutes before I felt him pull his dick back and out of the hole. Damn, I was really enjoying his dick. And then I saw his finger coming through the hole. Okay, I can do this. I stood up, and aimed my hard dick at the hole. At first, all I could focus on was the metal splinters around the hole. But as the head of my dick came up to the hole, I felt his fingers grab it and guide it through. Next thing was I felt his lips wrap around the head of my dick as he started to suck it. All of the sudden, those metal splinters didn't matter anymore. I was in heaven as his mouth sucked my dick. At this point in my life, I was 18 and still jacking off about 5 to 10 times a day. It didn't take much for me to get off. So as I was getting close, I started moaning to let him know I was about to shoot. I felt his lips really tighten down on my dick which sent me over the edge. I stopped moving as I was shooting my load in to his mouth. His mouth let go of my dick, so I pulled it back and sat down on the toilet. One thing I never had a problem with when I was that age was going soft. Even after I came, my dick would stay rock hard for at least 30 minutes. So even though I had come, I continued to jack off while I watched his dick. He noticed that I was still jacking off, so he stood up and pushed his dick through the hole. This time I was determined to get the load. So really went to town with sucking his dick. I was going down as far as I could, sucking as hard as I could, running my tongue all over his dick. I knew I was getting close because I could hear his breathing changing, he was starting to moan, his pace was getting erratic. And then he just stopped moving. So I went as far down as I could on his dick and I felt his load shoot into my mouth. As soon as he stopped shooting, I continued sucking his dick. But unlike me, when he was done cumming, he was super sensitive and could not take it. He jumped backwards and stood there for a second. He then bent over, pulled up his underwear and pants and he quickly bolted out of the bathroom.

By now I realized I don't know what time it is, I don't know how long I had been in there. The entire time I had been in there, he was the only guy that had come in. So obviously it was an off time for that bathroom. I decided it was time to head back to my mom's office. I washed my hands, washed my face, made sure there was no evidence anywhere (my mom was really good at finding things). I went to her office and she immediately asked why I was there (I was supposed to have ridden the bus home) and why I was late. I told her that I had to stay after school for a few minutes, so that is why I missed the bus and why I was late. I didn't like lying to my mom, but I did enjoy my new found sexual playground in the college bathrooms.

I started going to my mom's office usually 2 or 3 times a week. Of course, each visit to my mom's office meant I had to stop by the bathroom first. That year, I graduated from high school and I started going to school at that university. Having sex in the college bathrooms became a daily event for me. I found other bathrooms which were playful. I discovered the bathroom in the old gymnasium which was rarely used, but often had a guy or two hanging around the locker room. And most importantly, I found my first fuckbuddy in the bathrooms.

His name was Jim. Jim was another student and he was in ROTC (a college military organization). He was so sexy with his buzzed blond hair and the brightest blue eyes. I loved watching him walk around the campus in his military uniform. He also has the thickest dick I have ever seen (even to this day). At the time, I could barely get it into my mouth, but I loved sucking on it. He had a big head on it, it was huge. But the most impressive part was the middle, his dick swelled up really thick and then would taper down a bit to the base. His dick was about 7.5 to 8 inches in length and that thickness was perfect. It was a beautiful dick. I met him at one of the library gloryholes and that is were we would often play with each other. After meeting so many times in the bathroom, we started planning our next visits and we would often move around the campus to other bathrooms. Sometimes we would meet in the handicap stalls in rarely used bathrooms, but for the most part, we usually met and sucked each other off through the gloryholes in the library bathrooms. I was always so afraid of his dick hitting those metal splinters surrounding the gloryholes. Even though his dick rubbed against them, he never had a problem with them. I always did my best to make sure he didn't get injured.

We were playing with each other pretty much everyday when one day I went to my mom's office and found him in her office. It turns out he was working at the library, for my mom. This really through me for a loop. I was still so far in the closet, I was scared of him telling my mom anything. Of course, I didn't really think about how far in the closet he was at the time. But after finding out he worked for my mom, I didn't go to the bathrooms for a few weeks. I stopped seeing him.

Then one day, I was horny as usual, I stopped in one of the bathrooms and ran into Jim. I could tell by the look on his face that he was happy to see me. I think he had really missed me. He stopped, turned around and started walking the other direction and nodded his head for me to follow him. We ended up in the nearest bathroom which was rarely used. We both went into the handicapped stall. He told me that he had missed me and I apologized, told him how freaked out I had been when I learned he worked for my mom. He told me that he was very much into the closet and would never say anything. We started making out and after a few minutes, we made out as we were tried to take off each other's clothes. As soon as I got his dick free, I dropped to my knees and started sucking on it. It felt so good to have my mouth stretched open again. I could tell he was getting close when he pulled it out of my mouth and he pulled me up. After I was standing up, he dropped to his knees and started sucking my dick. He was so talented, he knew how to suck and I was loving it. We did this a few times before he finally let his load shoot into my mouth. After he got my load, he pulled me up and went down on my dick again. This time I gave him the same prize of shooting into his mouth. After we had both shot our loads, we were sweaty (it was a bit hot in that bathroom) and exhausted. He asked me why I hadn't been around. I told him that I was nervous about when I found out he worked for my mom. He said it freaked him out too, he didn't know that she was my mom. He assured me that he wanted to remain in the closet and would never say anything. I was so relieved. I kissed him and we made plans to meet again the next day.

Jim and I played around for all of my college years. He ended up staying at the university for 5 or 6 years. He had graduated and then went back and worked on his master's degree. He later ended transferring away to another university and I lost track of him. I found him many years later on FaceBook. He still has that sexy geeky look about him. He now teaches at a university a few hours away. We chatted for a while, at one point he talked about coming to visit me for a weekend. I told him that would be great, but he never did come. A couple of years later, we were still friends on FB, but really werent talking to each other very much. I sent him a message on his birthday. I told him I had been thinking about him. He said he was curious about why I was thinking of him. I told him I had been to the old campus, visiting the memorial for my mom near the library. I told him about how they had recently gutted and completely remodeled the entire library. The rooms were laid out differently, the hallways were moved, the bathrooms were moved, everything was different. He said he had heard that about the library. He asked how it was now. I told him it was nice, everything was new, but it was also not the same. I told him that it had made me think of all the fun times we had had in the bathrooms at the old library. And he never did reply after that. I don't know if he was embarrassed by the past. I don't know if it had brought up a bad memory. Or maybe he still had feelings after all the years. I don't know, but I didn't talk to him again until a few years later. Our conversations now are very brief and we never talk about the sexual fun we had in the past. But he was an important part of my discovering gloryholes and my own sexuality. To this day, I still love the anonymity, the heightened thrill of sucking a dick through a gloryhole. I had many experiences in the college bathrooms. I met a lot of really hot guys. I sucked plenty of beautiful dicks and got to taste many loads. But Jim is still by far the thing I remember the most about those days.
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