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Nip Training

Published by TheTempleOfEros in the blog TheTempleOfEros's blog. Views: 281

There are many reasons to do nipple training (or nip training for short) — some reasons are obvious, while others aren’t. After we look at why to do nip training, we’ll talk about how to do it.

Reasons to do nip training
One reason why many people are drawn to nip training is to get bigger, eraser-sized nips. On a well-developed body, such as a bodybuilder or an athlete, big nips can help bring everything into balance, and provide focal points that enhance the overall musculature. No matter what shape we’re in, though, big nips are a potent advertising tool, making clear how sexually overdeveloped we are, and implying that we have put a similar degree of effort into other parts of our anatomy. Whether a trainee wants big hog nips or a more subtle amount of growth, nip training can help.

Another reason why people do nip training is to increase sensitivity. Many people don’t have much of any sensitivity in their nips, and/or don’t generally experience their nips as erogenous zones. Meanwhile, others have some sensitivity but may be curious about exploring their nips in more detail, and seeing what all is possible.

Once we start regularly working with our nips, it’s common to feel that they start to become ‘wired’, i.e. connected with our brain and other erogenous zones in a way they weren’t before. If we pay deep attention to the sensations in our nips, it can open a new world of sensation, in some ways similar to paying deep attention to the sensations in our cock, balls, or ass, but different in their own way. Besides, if we are relatively new to working with our nips, it can be avoid the drawbacks of experiencing the same sensations in our cock or ass over and over and over.

The final major reason to do nip training is to help spread erotic energy beyond the parts of our body that we usually focus on, such as the cock, balls, and ass. As incredibly amazing as those areas of the body can be, they are all located in the same general part of the body, obviously. That’s all well and good, but if we start to concentrate and intensify our sexual energy (such as by doing a lot of edging, cock or ass training, intercourse, cum training, and other practices), that energy can get really intense in the pelvis. Eventually, that energy will need to spread through the rest of our body, or we can become imbalanced, and nip training is a handy way to help our energy rise up through our body.

Overview of nip training methods
There are several different ways to do nip training, depending on our goals, equipment we already have, and/or how much new equipment we want to invest in.

  1. To get the most gains, it’s ideal to get a good pump that has a pressure gauge, and nipple pumping cylinders. For example, Mr. S Leather sells a good pump.
    • To choose the right size of nip pumping cylinders, trainees should keep in mind how big they want their nips to get, how proportional they want to be compared with the rest of their body, and how hypersexualized/sex-crazed/whorish they want to look. If you’d like suggestions, let me know (along with answers to these questions, including their height, weight, and build), or ask someone at your local quality sex goods store.
    • A general rule of thumb is to not pump longer than 10 minutes at 10 psi, then rest 10 minutes, and repeat once more. As with any kind of pumping, use a lubricant, shave around the area to get a tight seal, and stop or decrease pressure if it starts to hurt. Don’t overdo it or you can get a blister; most guys pump 3 or 4 days per week.
  2. A more easily affordable pumping option is an all-in-one pump and cylinder, like the Screwz Ultimate Tit Suckers. Similar comments apply about pumping as mentioned above.
  3. Another option is the Supple Nipples Tit Suckers. They didn’t do anything for me, but some people say they get decent results.
  4. Can always do manual stimulation, either done by ourselves or by someone else. For example, can pinch the nips, gently rub them, use saliva or lube, see how they respond to different amounts of stimulation. Manual stimulation is great for increasing sensitivity, especially if we direct all our attention to our nips, rather than being stuck in our thoughts or fantasies, or focusing on our cock or other areas.
  5. Some guys like to use nipple clamps or clothespins, while they may be too intense for other guys. It’s a very individual thing, but feel free to experiment and use whatever works best!
  6. Advanced tit trainers could consider wrapping a piece of leather cord or string around their nips after pumping, though we have to be careful to not overdo it.

Once we have some familiarity with nip training, it is ideal to at the same time as cock training, ass training, edging, or other practices, to help our energy expand throughout the entire body.

Let me know how it goes, or if you have any questions!
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