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I recently had to go through hernia repair surgery. When I woke up out of the anesthetic I discovered that they had shaved off all my pubic hair. And I kind of liked the look.

So for the time being, I'm keeping the shaved crotch look and in addition took off the hair on my chest and stomach. And I'm liking it.

I really have no preference for men who shave/trim their body hair and men who don't. I think body hair, especially chest hair, is sexy as hell. On some guys. On me, not so much. I have more like tit hair than chest hair. It only grows on my pecs and not above. And I hate it. So this was an impetus for me to take it all off.

Now if we can only get the sex parties up and running again, we'll see if anyone else likes it, or if it's just me.
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