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Published by Sherwood D. Likelym in the blog Sherwood D. Likelym's blog. Views: 70

This entry may not occur. I had some data entry editing problems that created a loss of my personal record of this blog entry. My apologies to anyone attempting to make sense of my insanity:confused::worried:

Published by Sherwood D. Likelym in the blog Sherwood D. Likelym's blog. Views: 25

Fortunately my wife has educated me that my edging challenge is much more than an endurance test. Originally, she wasn't able to go camping with me. That's when we were discussing our departure day, and she assumed a one night stay. That's when I "created" my challenge to "motivate" me to camp alone.

All of a sudden, my wife began giving me weather updates for the upcoming week end. It's going to be wickedly humid and hot. She's not a nudist like me, but is aware of my heat stroke "scares" during my last few excursions while alone. We also discussed the "work effort" of setting up camp and tearing down had overwhelmed the "fun" of camping. We can have much more fun staying in a motel/hotel/resort setting. She successfully convinced me that she didn't want to go camping on Saturday.

While explaining to her that I had already planned to depart without her on Friday morning, and staying two nights, I explained a different "personal challenge" than my edging challenge.
I had to discontinue drinking alcohol over 17 years ago. I successfully stopped smoking 5 years ago by constantly sucking on nicotine lozenges. I confessed to her that after my last camping trip this past June, I had never intended to go tent camping again. I don't have the physical stamina to endure the set-up and tear down "work" in order to enjoy camping. This final camping trip alone would serve as my final proof. She's unaware of all my extra curricular activity when she's not along. She knows that I masturbate daily, and doesn't mind that I choose to be nude constantly. She would not tolerate me masturbating publicly without her present. That is, she knows that I stimulate my cock to maintain plumpness while sunbathing together at clothing optional beaches. She also tells me to "knock it off".

In short, I'm realizing this camping trip may be my last one. The edging challenge may be more than withholding my ejaculate for a big spurting finale. I've decided to develop a "bucket list" scenario to explain my behavior to fellow campers that I encounter this weekend. I'll explain further in … … "- part 4".

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    Sherwood D. Likelym A moment agoSomehow, this entry
    FredSlone Today at 6:25 PMNice pictures! I have to try out your camping techniques! :yum:yum:yum
    got dropped from an "edited" file copy of a duplicated record of
    NUDE CAMPING EDGE - part 3
    :rolleyes:Very confusing to me

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