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Published by Sherwood D. Likelym in the blog Sherwood D. Likelym's blog. Views: 95

I didn't really think I would last this long. My last orgasmic ejaculate release occurred around 1 a.m. this past Sunday morning.
There was a chance that I needed to shoot a load off last night. I awoke at 3 a.m. with a throbbing semi rigid cock. I needed to take a piss. Relieved and adequately drained (or so I thought), I returned to bed with plans to sleep another three and a half hours. Typically, I began stroking my cock to induce my return to slumberland. I continued to stroke as I planned for my camping excursion this coming Friday. My boner became less rigid and began to ache, so I decided to take another piss, Noticing the time as I returned to bed, it was 5:15.

Lot's of my planning for this camping trip evolves around my previous camping experiences while alone. To the casual observer, I am a nude sunbather engrossed in reading. I am actually attempting to keep my cock on display for anyone's best viewing vantage. I am watching for any reaction from anyone. Ultimately, I want them to come closer and praise my nakedness. Which leads me to a bothersome statement I made in part 3 of this blog: "She's unaware of all my extra curricular activity when she's not along. She knows that I masturbate daily, and doesn't mind that I choose to be nude constantly."

I'm uncomfortable with any level of dishonesty. My wife knows this campground caters to the gay community. Over the years, she's observed and overheard lots of sexual
innuendo amongst the campers. She will comment on the boners with cock ring enhancements, and we acknowledge "the lifestyle has become more acceptable to our society". I've told her about my encounters with "naturist couples" that we met while visiting the nearby clothing optional beach, but have "minimized" the level of my encounters with our gay acquaintances.

My wife doesn't know that I suck on cocks and like to admire the eroticism of erection development. She might understand my cock obsession better than I can imagine. I can't know for sure due to my incomplete truthfulness. I will report to her about my encounters with "creepers", but not the complete details that I might be instigating the creeping. Creepers are sneaky voyeurs.

Those thoughts have led me to consider myself a creepy exhibitionist. It's always uncomfortable for me to meet someone new that wants to compliment my appearance. Over the years I've devised "stories" about my naked proclivities. I adjust those stories continuously as I encounter new people, but fear not remembering the stories I told to repeat playmates. Our lives change over time, so some incongruence in our "stories" is understandable. I need to honestly address my dishonesty. That will become an element of my nude camping edge challenge.
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