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Published by Sherwood D. Likelym in the blog Sherwood D. Likelym's blog. Views: 69

I think that I've accomplished my real challenge in this exercise of withholding my orgasmic release:cool:. I awoke at 2:30 a.m. to massage my boner, and haven't been able to return to sleep.
My camping excursion departure time is in about 30 hours, and I think I've completed my mental preparation. I'll continue my physical conditioning throughout the day as I pack up my camping gear. I'm playing with my cock as I type these words while realizing my real goal for this week end.

This may be the final part to this blog series. In order to accomplish my "challenges", I've become more honest with myself, so I can be more honest with everyone else. I realized that my incomplete truthfulness is probably only fooling myself. After masturbating daily for over 50 years, I already know that I have fantastic edging endurance. I actually just crave an audience for my performances. Last year's COVID restrictions eliminated my locker room audience, and more mature thinking has helped me realize that I seek a better audience. That better audience is dependent upon a better performance.

Due to the secretive nature of my masturbation with guys, I haven't developed real friendships. They all remain "acquaintances" whose names oftentimes I can't recall. Some of these guys live within 20 miles of my home. I've never shared contact information with them, because I never wanted my wife to understand the "friendship relationship".

My wife just arose to take a pee, so I wonder if she is going to be inquisitive about my boner and early morning visit on LPSG. Can I begin my journey into truthfulness right now?
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