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Published by Sherwood D. Likelym in the blog Sherwood D. Likelym's blog. Views: 69

EUREEKA !!! I just put together a brilliant approach to accomplish my challenge. Previous experiences while camping nude reminds me of the distractions that occur almost immediately as I'm setting-up my campsite.
I'm usually wearing a cock ring to keep my cock plump. I want the attention, but I'm not prepared to begin playing around. A visible cock ring is an invitational conversation starter, so I subtly remove it as passersby approach my campsite. This subterfuge on my part leads to superficial conversation, and inadvertent dishonesty to myself. If I am dishonest with myself, I can't really be open to sharing complete friendship with you. This only needs to be confusing to me, so don't be discouraged if it is confusing to you. Please continue reading:).

While planning this edging challenge, I discovered that I really want to find some friends that live in my neighborhood. I want to participate in a circle jerk. I wish there was a jack-off club nearby. The stranger that I meet in the YMCA steam room wouldn't have to be a stranger. We wouldn't have to hide our jerk activities. If I become totally honest, I can develop a friendship, and share that "relationship" with my wife. I don't expect her to become friends with him, but I wouldn't have to create "stories" if I become honest with her. This nude camping trip plan is getting me closer to explaining my cock fascination to her:innocent:.

My masturbation marathon will be in full force in 24 hours. I have a bright blue cock ring that will be proudly displayed whenever my tumescent cock needs a break (I can't remain rigid all the time:blush:). I need to keep that ring displayed while interacting with the campground owner, also (which will require more courageous honesty). As I take my hourly "exercise" hikes throughout the campground, I will be actively jerking-off, or displaying my semi tumescent cock. Anyone that I greet, I will proudly proclaim that I am searching for a circle jerk party. My proclamations may shock some naturist friends, but I'm sure they would appreciate my honesty.

Sure would be nice to discover an LPSG member at the campground this weekend:cool:
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