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Our WhatsApp Group 2

Published by cutNpierced in the blog cutNpierced's blog. Views: 74

There's a tabou that no ones talked about the son-in-laws- cleanliness. I've always assumed that the ones that are not in our WhatsApp group are not clean and their fathers in law just avoid talking about it because of shame. I'm still pretty sure it's the case for most of them. Sometimes you hear something like "he's clean, I checked, but he doesn't want any pictures taken" or "he's not into our lifestyle"...
One thing is for sure : whenever there's one that's willing to have a picture taken, you best believe the father in law will plaster it all over the group. This one got done at the age of 35 and asked one my distant relative's daughter's hand to her dad while being fully naked in front of hi for the first time. He allowed him to post a headless picture. I wish he was as "sexually fluid" as most of us but it's not the case. No opportunity to expand my fuck-pool ...
The second message is from him, he jokingly says "It was not that big of a deal (the proposal I mean!)".
I once witnessed a heated argument during a family dinner in which an in-law said that our lifestyle is weird and circoncision as well as piercing a "barbaric tradition". Needless to say we haven't heard of him ever since. I understand people can be shocked because all of it is quite frankly unheard of, however, that's ignoring the beautiful part of it. Later on, in this conversation, people asked the new group member what made him take this decision and he said he found that bound between all men in the family beautiful (especially since his relationship with his own father is cold at best, if not distant). He said that the fact that everyone, no matter their age or background or sexual orientation goes through the same process is bringing people together. When asked about his hypothetical future sons, he said he would not impose that to them at birth but will definitely have a talk about it once they hit 15 and repeat exactly the same thing about the bond and the fact that he got it done at age 35 so he knows about the pain and discomfort but that's going to be something him and his future sons will have in common and will bring them together.

It really seems like the more stuck up the household they grew up in, the quicker the in-laws adhere to our way of living. This one, for instance, has never been seen wearing clothes at home ever since. Quite normally, he happened to have gotten hard at times (like any other man would) and I've heard he's got a monster. His wife has several younger brothers and, being horny teenagers, they lured him into a circle jerk which he gladly joined but politely refused to go any further than that. ssap7.png
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