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Published by cutNpierced in the blog cutNpierced's blog. Views: 73

This message was posted by a friend of the family (no blood relations) who's first generation cut and pierced.
"Ro is celebrating his 18th birthday today (behold his new watch!). He decided to get everything done like his old man, 2nd generation clean and as you can see, well on the way to conceive the third one. He's acting shy right now but he's been walking around the house naked since this morning."

Ro's dad (F) is divorced and single, he met one of my uncles on a dating app. He discovered later in life that he was also attracted to men and his wife couldn't get along with it, his kids were 12,11 and 8 at the time. According to my uncle, they had been hooking up (only for blowjobs, my uncle being on the receiving end only) for about a year when F decided he also wanted to get cut and pierced. He was not the first one out of the family to take this step, far from it. He adopted a nudist lifestyle which automatically arrose the curiosity of his children, the elder one being Ro. At the time, he would not tolerate that any of his kids became a nudist as well since none of them were clean and all of them underaged (age of consent is 16 where they live). Fast forward a few years, the two eldest ones turned 16 and 17, they asked F if they could get cut and pierced which made him proud to say the least. One year later Ro turned 18 and was ready and set for the traditional picture.

I talked to Ro and asked him why he decided to get the operations and he told me that after years of seing everyone naked around the house, he wanted to be able to be naked, too. He says he hasn't been wearing clothes inside the house ever since. Actually, the first time I met him (it was after his 18th birthday) wasn't even at his house and he was very much naked.

He says he definitely feels like he took a big step, kind of like a rite of passage. He was still completely virgin at the age of 18 and says he felt more confident to approach girls after getting cut and pierced. He also likes the stares in the lockerroom and got quite a reputation at school making all the girls curious to see his junk.

We jerked off together, he didn't knew a single thing about the whole etiquette that goes with it. F was there too but splashed his load pretty quickly and escaped the room asking me if I could "show Ro de ropes". I later on learned it was the first time ever they jerked off in the same room and also the last one. They were definitely first and second generation clean !

That's how I ended up mentoring Ro and believe me... it's not easy. ssap8.png

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