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As a result from many boring pandemic afternoons, I decided to start going for walks in nature and do some cardio. In these walks, I started seeing this big, beefy guy that I used to see around at my Gym. We never spoke at the gym. But for some reason, he started saying "hey" when spotting me in person. I found it odd, since we'd never spoken at the gym, but always smiled back and continued my walk. This afternoon in particular, at around 14 p.m, I went for my usual boring walk. Except there was nothing boring about this day. So there I am, walking, and I see The big, beefy guy. I was wearing my shortest shorts, as I usually am. He said Hi, I smiled. Both walked away. At the end of my walk, I went to this unpopular garden to do some exercises. After being there for about 15 minutes, he walked in the garden. He had a smirk on his face, and for some reason I started to get an adrenaline rush on my body. There was another guy there, and I had the feeling that if that person left and we were left alone, something would happen. The big guy starts doing exercise as well, and you could cut the tension with a knife. Then, the third guy leaves. We are left alone. The tension starts increasing, and so do my dirty thoughts. While doing his workout, I notice he keeps touching his bulge while looking at me. I convince myself to stop fantasizing, and that is when I can notice his bulge getting bigger, and bigger. I start getting hot flashes, and the big bulge inside those sweatpants starts screaming for my mouth. I get shy, I try not to look. He keeps trying to focus on his workout as well. Then, he stops. He walks into a tree nearby, drops his sweatpants and takes a piss. While looking at me. It was a long piss, and he always looked at me. My legs start shaking, I can barely control my urge to go suck him off right there and then. I try to think we're in a pandemic and need to control myself. He stops pissing, shakes his dick off and puts it back inside his pants. He gets closer, and so does the sexual tension between us. And just as he gets closer to me to say something, people walk into the garden. He's visibly upset by it, and leaves. Frustrated.
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