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SEXUALITY - chapter 1

Published by Sherwood D. Likelym in the blog Sherwood D. Likelym's blog. Views: 70

I've been blogging about my sexuality for a few years. My sexual exploration began with the pleasant exhilaration of masturbation that evolved into a daily habit that I maintain to this current day. I'm masturbating as I type these words:innocent:.
[​IMG] This five year old photo could replicate my current condition sitting naked in bed composing these words as I slide my foreskin gently across my glans' corona:yum. [​IMG]
I'm anticipating that I will continue to keep masturbating throughout the day until an orgasmic release prior to falling asleep tonight:relieved::zzz:.

After learning about female sexuality, I discovered they were interested my sexual capabilities. My immaturity guided me into the lifestyle of exhibitionism. My exhibitionism went through multiple iterations leading me into my current sexuality. As I attempt to understand my current desires to explore my sexuality, I encourage all my readers to comment with their thoughts about this journey. I've been confused for many years, so I'm always excited to learn more about my penis love. :rolleyes:Could my cock become the answer to the perpetual question? Why do I exist? What is the meaning of life? What is my goal? What am I supposed to accomplish?
[​IMG][​IMG] Thanks for commenting:cool:
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