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Show Us Your Dick, Dude!

Published by JaimeB in the blog JaimeB's blog. Views: 218

four man wank team .gif
They were in a dorm room just down the hall from mine. One of them was in an afternoon class with me. Sometimes he walked back to the dorm with me, chatting a bit on the way. When he saw me in the hall or on the stairs, he always waved or said “Hi!.”

One day, when we got back to the dorm, he invited me to come in for a drink (strictly forbidden, of course), but I felt ready to relax after a busy day, so I agreed. His roommate was already there, sitting at his desk. He was looking at his computer and wearing n just a pair of gym shorts.

“Hey,“ I said, “doing some research?”

“Nah, just surfing.” He turned off the computer, stood up, and shook my hand. “Florian, from Austria. Nice to meet you.” Funny, but I didn’t remember having seen him before. I just smiled, and said “Likewise.”

Rob, the roommate, asked if we wanted a drink. I’d already agreed, and Florian just nodded. Rob unlocked the file drawer of another desk, reached into the back, pulled out a bottle of rye and some shot glasses, and poured three shots. We knocked them back, and sat down, the two of them at their desks, motioning for me to sit on one of the beds, since they had only two chairs.

We chatted for a bit, mostly about how Rob and I knew each other. Another round of shots, and some joking around. Florian was sitting facing me. I noticed a definite bulge in his gym shorts. I think Rob noticed it too, because he turned to me and said, “Show us your dick, dude. Your roomie told us you were packing a big one, so we got curious.”

I was feeling the booze a bit, and I’d dropped trou before with other guys who’d noticed and asked to see, so I said, “You guys show me yours, and I’ll take it out for you.”

Rob got up, kicked off his shoes, and apparently didn’t bother with underwear, and Florian dropped his gym shorts and kicked them away. I pulled off my t-shirt, and quickly got rid of the rest. So we were all three buck naked and the cocks were rising.

At that point, Florian turned his computer back on, and there was more cock on view. The fucker had been cruising the net for big dong! It quickly became obvious we were going to show off some jerkoff techniques and
and surely end in a shooting contest.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door. I was a bit perturbed, but Rob walked over to the door with his boner swinging, and said my roommate’s name. I heard “Yeah,” and felt some relief. He must have told them more than just that I had a big cock. And so he horny foursomes began... Ah, College days, how much cum got spilled!
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