The Edger's Diary - Chapter 4

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Short chapter, to philosophize about time - precisely.
Likewise, who am I, for my counterpart? Is there the objectification of my person / role? Are we used, and discarded? Do I have the right to be unavailable? Or be a human?

Do you know where I live, what is my time zone? Do you know if I study, or if I work?

I don't like people who complain. But neither of those who live in the ether ... asetically, as if there were no context of our interaction. I demand nothing beyond good manners, and for me, that includes asking about the availability of each part. Not everyone gets it. Many people call as if this were 911. Or if because of my "role" I should be available to others.

I receive between ten and twenty messages a day, requesting a "time" for a session. Naturally I do not allow everyone, it is not physically possible. But the externalities are equally misunderstood. Many boys get angry or sad because I can't attend them, or I put them off.

I do not judge them, I understand that when one is excited, little thinks about trifles like the humanity of who is in front of me milking me. After all, am I not the one who puts "the body"? Am I not the one doing everything they tell you to? The one who sweats? The one that is exposed? Also do I have to consider the wanker who controls me? :D Well, you should. Because otherwise there will be no sequel. :D :D

I don't want friends, where they shouldn't come naturally. I hate false pretenses, or appearances. But I just hope for an understanding of my short times. I work, study, I have a social life, I get tired !, I get bored !, of you, or of everything in general. Sometimes I'm more or less willing. Sometimes I am sad, or very excited.

The one who is one way, will not change. This text is simply to "slow down" the rush of some folks.

Some write at dawn, when there are 4 hours before I wake up. Others at the end of the day, when I fall asleep while sitting. Others while I work, from homeoffice, asking me to "disconnect for a while", as if my work had no importance...

Self-criticism: one of my rules is "do not contact anyone back".

Even if I had the best session in months. I do not write back. Not a "hello", nothing.

Coldness? Egocentrism? Egotism? No, it's Justice!

Writing back to someone, whoever, means that I have to reply back to everyone. As this is it not possible for me, I don't even do it with those I should. I'm leveling "down", I know. But if my goal from day one is not to make this something selective - it is not the raising of any kind of slave, student, submissive, friend, stud, etc - it is an experience shared with everyone equally. So another motive to be missunderstood :D Lucky me!
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