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  1. Kaleen, Bruce and Don came back to reality as they gathered themselves after the spontaneous, and Kaleen's first, threesome they just so enjoyed. As they slowly dressed they exchanged a few kisses, looks, hugs and feels. Kaleen had really enjoyed having two men for the first time. Their four strong hands, 100% attention and, most of all, their two hard cocks were everything she had ever imagined. As the two men continued getting dressed, she had to get one more feel of each of them. Before they were able to stuff their still semi-hard dicks into their jeans, Kaleen approached them, reached out and took each of them into her hands - Bruce with her left and Don with her right - and stroked them for just a minute, enjoying the feeling of two men just for one more minute. But that was all for today she thought to herself. As much as she wanted to lie back, spread her legs and take these two studs one more time she knew she had to get home. She had to get home to John. And what was she going to do? Would she tell John or would this be her little secret and make it up to him some way? He always talks about wanting to watch her with another man, but he was not here today. What was she going to do?

    Kaleen, Bruce and Don enjoyed one last kiss, exited the house and went their separate ways, Kaleen in her car, Bruce and Don back in Bruce's vehicle.

    As she made the ten-mile drive back home Kaleen thought long and hard about the days events and how much she had loved having two long hard cocks. John was right after all. Kaleen had always told him she was too shy to go through with it, even though she really wanted to do it. He had always encouraged her on the topic, telling her that she would love having two men at once. As she drove and reminisced about Bruce and his big cock taking her from behind and how Don massaged her breasts as she sucked his length, she was concurrently trying to decide whether to tell John or not and how she would make it up to him. But most of all, she was thinking about how much she wanted to have two cocks again and to have John's be one of them.

    As she pulled into their circle driveway, Kaleen decided it would be best to not tell John and to figure out a way to plan a threesome with him involved. After all, he would jump at the opportunity...and she would get to enjoy another threesome, and, most importantly...she would have two cocks again.

    With her mind full of lustful memories and her heart beating rapidly, Kaleen entered their home as naturally as possible, letting out her customary, high-pitched, "I'm hooomme!!" and finding John on the couch enjoying a beer and the ballgame. She went over, gave him a quick little kiss and said she was going to go upstairs and get changed. As he always does, John watched breasts, as they jiggled perfectly as she made her way out of the room.

    Once upstairs, Kaleen felt relieved that she had made it home and undetected.

    She began to get undressed, first removing her blouse, then her shoes and slacks. But when she got to her panties she noticed how wet they were and she paused and remembered why...when, earlier in the day, Don had had his strong hand down that perfect slant from her belly to her pubes so perfectly massaging her wetness and how she had taken both of those strangers' big dicks inside of her.

    After all she had enjoyed earlier, Kaleen wasn't at all surprised to feel her pussy getting moist again.

    As she slid her panties down and unclasped her bra and stood completely nude she, again, flashed back to earlier in the day when she was standing bare-naked between Don and Bruce staring at their two hard cocks - nervous but very anxious to enjoy them both. "What a day," she thought.

    In the shower Kaleen relived every moment of her day and began planning how she would arrange her next threesome and whom she would bring into the bedroom with John.

    Before Bruce, Kaleen had never had a client that she would have considered fucking. No one had really turned her on, male or female.

    For the next several days, Kaleen could not get the thought of another threesome out of her mind and how she would approach John about it and, most importantly, whom she wanted to get involved. She thought about all the men they new that lived close by. Scott, no. Mark, no. Carl, no. Then she thought about looking for a male escort or checking for someone on the Craigslist Personals page. For days she wracked her mind trying to figure out who and how.

    Then it hit her. How could she have not thought of him sooner? Jamie, the Home Inspector she always worked with to inspect her clients' new homes prior to closing. She had found him attractive and sexy since the first time they met and she had been having carnal thoughts about him ever since. She had actually tried to set him up with her friend Ashley, but they did not hit it off.

    But how would she approach him? How would she broach the topic with John? John was aware of Jamie but they had never met.

    John had actually wondered about Jamie and Kaleen a few times. Because she set him up with her friend Ashley, he knew Kaleen at least found him attractive because she would not set her friend up with someone she did not, herself, find attractive. John wondered if Kaleen had thought about what it would be like to take him during one of the many inspections they had done together. Or had Jamie already "inspected" his wife? He had fantasized about Jamie "inspecting" his wife. Oh yes he had.

    So there he was, Jamie, the perfect candidate for the job. Kaleen's pussy got wet at the mere thought of it all. And, as Fate would have it, Kaleen had a home getting ready to close and she would have to call Jamie to set up an inspection in the next few days.

    Kaleen decided to approach John first to see if he would actually go for it.

    A couple of days later, and the day before Kaleen would have to call Jamie to set up the inspection for her clients, she went into John's home office and told John she needed to talk to him. John was curious because it wasn't like Kaleen to approach him this way. She was very nervous but determined to do this. She looked at John and said; "You know how your always talking to me and writing stories about having another man join us in the bedroom?"

    To which John responded, "Yes, why?"

    Kaleen hesitated as she thought about exactly how to word it and said, "Because I think I want to make your fantasy come true," although she knew darn well that she more than wanted to make it come true. She couldn't wait to make it come true. Her experience with Don and Bruce and triggered a switch in her and she was on pins and needles thinking about it ever since.

    She continued, "So is it really something you want to do? Cause if it is, I think I know who I would want to do it with."

    John was beyond surprised; he couldn't believe what he was hearing. His mind was reeling as he responded, "Are you serious? Yes, of course I am interested. I'm very surprised but yes I am totally into it. Who do you have in mind?"

    Kaleen thought quickly but thoroughly and made the move and said, "Well, you know that guy Jamie, the home inspector I use. I think he would be the right person if You are ok with it."

    John was happily surprised and responded. "I've never met him but that works for me. If that is whom You are comfortable with, let's make it happen. When do you want to do it?"

    Overanxious, Kaleen was so relieved and excited she nearly interrupted John by saying, "Soon!, I mean as soon as we can, I guess."

    John, surprised, but happy with her sudden interest in making his fantasy cum true, smiled at her and asked her to sit on his lap.

    As they sat and talked about it for a little while, John asked her, "Why the sudden change of heart? I've been trying to get You to do this for a long time and now all of a sudden You are into it."

    Kaleen hesitated for a minute, knowing the real truth, and said, "Well, I've always wanted to try it but I've just always been too shy. But every time I read one of your stories I get more and more interested in actually making it happen and since we've been playing with the toy more and more it made me want to see what it would be like to actually have another real one at the same time instead of the fake one."

    As they sat together discussing their plans for the weekend, John was feeling her soft breasts as they talked and his cock had gotten extremely hard. They topic had actually gotten them both going. John was very excited and could not wait to have his fantasy of seeing Kaleen get fucked by another guy come true and Kaleen, knowing full-well what she was in for and noticing the hardness underneath her, got up turned around, kneeled in front of John and unzipped his shorts.

    She looked up at him and said, "I'm nervous, but it is going to be fun," as she took his hard cock between her lips and started sucking him up and down, all the while imagining Jamie fucking her from behind.

    John reached down and massaged her breasts through her blouse, then, undoing her buttons, on top of her bra, then underneath her bra to her hard nipples as she took him all the way down her throat. In and out she sucked him.

    It wouldn't be long. She sucked him; moaning loudly and John came in Kaleen's mouth with two firm grasps of her breasts. God they felt good. Both of them felt good.

    Three days later, on Thursday, Kaleen was scheduled to meet Jamie for the home inspection. On her way there, she imagined if it would all come together the way she and John had planned it. She wondered if he was even going to be available. But most of all she wondered what it was going to be like having a threesome with John and Jamie.

    The plan was to simply invite Jamie over for a BBQ that coming Saturday, have a few drinks and have Kaleen be a little flirtatious with him and then have John break the ice verbally with Jamie and go from there.

    As Kaleen arrived for the inspection, she was happy to see that Jamie had already arrived - and he was looking as attractive as ever. Even more so today because Kaleen knew what she had in store for him and could feel her nipples getting hard and her panties a little moist at the thought of it all.

    She gathered herself and got out of the car and said hello to him. As she followed him around the house she couldn't help but think about how she hoped to take that nice bulge he was packing into her mouth and then between her legs. It was almost too much for her. Her pussy was throbbing in anticipation for the full three hours as they continued the inspection.

    When they were finished, Kaleen, doing her best to keep her eyes off his crotch, simply asked him if he would like to come over and meet her husband John and have a BBQ on Saturday. The weather was supposed to be perfect and it would be an ideal afternoon.

    Jamie was happily surprised at the invitation and said that he was free and, "would love to come over and have some fun." "Can I bring anything?" he asked.

    Kaleen, said, "No, just bring yourself, that's all you'll need."

    Not knowing that Kaleen was now totally aroused and planning to fuck him in the presence of her husband, Jamie said, "Great, I'll be over around 3:00, sound good?"

    "Perfect," said Kaleen. "Just perfect."

    They said their goodbyes and got into their respective cars. Jamie drove away with no idea of what was coming his way. Kaleen, on the other hand, just sat in her car. The inspection was too much for her. Her pussy was throbbing and soaking wet. She had been envisioning Saturday and everything that would unfold for the past three hours. As she sat in her red Lexus hybrid she couldn't resist. She sat back a little and rubbed her clit through her jeans as she imagined John licking her pussy as she sucked on Jamie's cock. She couldn't help herself. She was imagining all she would do with Jamie and John, she was so horny and so much looking forward to having two cocks again that she slowly brought herself to orgasm right there in her car in front of the house she had just had inspected.

    As she came down from her seemingly private adventure she started the car and noticed an attractive Asian woman on the porch of the house next door. Had she seen what Kaleen just enjoyed or did she just come out? Kaleen didn't know for sure but the thought of being watched did excite her a little. The woman watched her as she drove by and down the street. Had she enjoyed Kaleen's little escapade?

    When she got home, she gave John a hug and whispered in his ear that Jamie would be over at 3:00 on Saturday. It had been John's fantasy for the longest time, but he was nervous. Would he really like to see his bride enjoy another man's cock? He had written many, many stories on the topic and masturbates to the thought several times during the writing of each story. So he has enjoyed the thought dozens of times, just not the real thing yet.

    With all his nervousness aside, this was what he had been asking for and suggesting they do for a few years now and here was his chance. He was not going to let the opportunity pass and responded, "That's awesome, I can't wait. I think you're going to love it, Hunny."

    Little did John know how much Kaleen DID know how much she was going to enjoy it - and she couldn't wait!

    Now they needed to figure out how to get it all started when he got to their home.

    They decided that, since it was supposed to be nice and warm, Kaleen would put on some short shorts that she's been wearing lately and a nice tight black tank top that shows a lot of skin, accentuates her all natural 34D's and offers a very nice view of her cleavage when she leans forward. After a couple of drinks, John would talk to Jamie a little and suggest to him that he just "go with the flow" and that it was all ok with him no matter what. Then, they would gather on the couch in their family room and have Kaleen sit next to Jamie and have John sit across the couch a little. After all, it was his fantasy to watch Kaleen with another man.

    The next two days were very interesting for both John and Kaleen. John was nervously anxious, but very much looking forward to it. And Kaleen just couldn't wait. Ever since her first two cock experience three weeks earlier, she couldn't wait to do it again. The experience had awakened something inside her. Something carnal. Something hot. Something she was really enjoying. And this time she was going to enjoy it with John, the man she loves. Kaleen was ready.

    When Saturday came around, Kaleen and John tried to go about their morning and early-day routines as normally as possible.

    Although there was no guarantee that Jamie would go for it or even be interested, Kaleen was wet just thinking about it. She was nervous, too, but after her experience with Bruce and Don, she was ready to take two cocks again. To hold them in her hands; to take one in her mouth as one slid in and out of her little body; and to have each of them cumming on and inside her. Yes, Kaleen was ready for two cocks. And today, she would have them.

    John on the other hand, was nervous, too. But as the day approached and was finally there, he was more excited than anything. Every morning he watches Kaleen take a shower, under the guise that she had called him up to the bathroom for something. As he watches her through the large glass window or through the open door as they chat, he is always enjoying her perfect breasts and sometimes imagining another man, or a woman, sucking on her large reddish-brown nipples. And today, that thought may come true. And he was ready. Boy, was he ready.

    John and Kaleen were relaxed and comfortable with each other and what they were going to try and do with Jamie. They had talked about it and set boundaries. They loved and trusted each other and today, they were going to have their first threesome, and they were excited.

    When Jamie finally arrived at around 3:15, Kaleen greeted him with a little more enthusiasm than usual and gave him an "extra-friendly" hug, pressing her large soft breasts against him as he leaned down to hug her. Kaleen then introduced John, "her husband," and he and Jamie shook hands. John offered him a beer, which Jamie accepted and they all went out to the backyard to enjoy a drink and some sunshine.

    As they sat, Kaleen did her best to show a little more cleavage to Jamie by leaning over the outside bar from across him as they spoke and it did not go unnoticed. Both John and Kaleen caught Jamie staring down Kaleen's top, obviously enjoying what he was being offered.

    As John watched Jamie gaze down her top, he had that vision again; the vision of another man, him, Jamie, sucking his wife Kaleen's beautiful tits.

    After about 45 minutes of small talk and two or three drinks each, Kaleen excused herself and pranced her way inside. Once inside, she gathered herself and took a deep breath because she knew this was the time that John would make his move and try to break the ice with Jamie about what might be in store.

    With Kaleen inside, John's stomach was turning a little in anticipation, but he had asked for it and Kaleen had finally agreed so he went right to the point and said to Jamie, "So it looks like you like Kaleen a lot."

    To which Jamie responded, "What do you mean?"

    John looked right at Jamie and said, "Well, I know you guys do a lot of work together and have known each other for a couple of years at least and, honestly, I could see you enjoying the view down her shirt."

    Jamie wasn't sure how to respond so John continued, "But that's ok. I like it when other men admire her. So don't be shy. I think she is enjoying it, too. And who knows what can happen..."

    Not knowing exactly what that meant, Jamie smiled and said, "Well, she is very attractive and I appreciate your openness. But I'm not sure I know what you mean by 'what can happen."

    John looked at Jamie and said, "Don't worry about it, I think that will all work itself out."

    Just then, Kaleen came back out with some snacks and joined the conversation, positioning herself closer and closer to Jamie and "bumping" into him or rubbing against him at every chance.

    After an hour and another couple of drinks each it was starting to get cooler outside so Kaleen suggested that they move inside where it was warmer and more comfortable. John and Jamie agreed and they all went inside and sat down with John on one end of their beige L-shape sofa and Jamie in the middle of the other section. Kaleen disappeared to another room.

    After a couple of minutes of small talk John excused himself and went into the other room to find Kaleen. He found her in the powder room asked her if she was ok and ready to see if they could make it happen. She said she was so John left and returned to Jamie in the family room.

    After a few minutes, Kaleen came back, boobs bouncing perfectly in her tight top, and planted herself next to Jamie; not touching him, but closer than one would normally sit next to a guest, actually very close.

    They talked, joked and laughed a bit with Kaleen casually putting her hand on Jamie's shoulder and lap from time to time, leaning into him with her laughs and trying to get him to put his hand on her. After one particular move and placement of her right hand on his left thigh she didn't remove her hand, she kept it there. Jamie looked into her warm brown eyes but didn't say anything and she did not move her hand away. She looked at John who smiled and nodded at her, giving her the OK, letting her know he was still fine with it all if she was. With that she looked back at Jamie, who looked at her in the eyes for a few seconds, then down to her cleavage and then down to her hand on his leg, back to her cleavage and then to John.

    And John said, "This is the point where I meant to just go with the flow...It's OK."

    With that, no additional words were spoken.

    Jamie looked back into Kaleen's wanting eyes, her pussy was throbbing in anticipation and John was watching closely for the first move to be made. He could feel his cock growing at the site of his fantasy about to unfold in front of him. And then it happened. The ice was broken. Jamie leaned forward as Kaleen opened her mouth and their tongues met, then their lips. John couldn't believe it. He was watching his wife happily make out with another man, and he was really enjoying it.

    Kaleen and Jamie kissed like lovers who hadn't seen each other in years, perfectly kissing and tonguing each other's mouths.

    Sitting to their left, Kaleen and Jamie's faces locked together, John's cock was solid as he watched Jamie reach up with his left hand and begin massaging Kaleen's right breast from outside her top. Nicely squeezing her perfect breast; the breasts John loves so much. They continued kissing as Jamie worked his left hand under Kaleen's top and began feeling her on top of her bra. Now kissing her neck, Kaleen was beginning to moan. He continued on her neck and down to her shoulders as he put a hand up on the top of both her shoulder straps and began wiggling her tank top down over her shoulders, first freeing her arms, and then once the top was down below her heaving breasts and around her waist, she reached behind herself and looking at John directly in the eyes undid the clasp to her bra.

    This was the moment John had fantasized about so many times; seeing Kaleen's bare breasts being sucked by someone else, particularly another man. It was about to happen and he was ready. She was ready.

    With her gaze firmly fixed on John she pulled her bra down, freeing her nice large tits into Jamie's waiting hands. Jamie leaned back so he could see them better and when he did, John could see his lips mouth the words, "Oh My God, so nice..." as he began massaging both of them together.

    Slowly and methodically, perfectly squeezing her, gently feeling her nipples as they got harder and harder. With her eyes closed, Kaleen let out a nice, "Oh god that feels so good, ohhhhh, that feels good."

    John was now seriously rubbing himself through his shorts as he watched the magic unfold in front of him.

    Leaning her back into the couch and squeezing Kaleen's tits in unison, Jamie leaned in and took her right nipple in his mouth and began swirling his tongue around and around. Around and around that nice big nipple; just as John had envisioned. It was a dream come true and John absolutely loved it. Jamie continued on Kaleen's right breast with his mouth and firmly squeezed her left with his right hand.

    Kaleen needed a cock. She could wait no longer. As Jamie continued to perfectly tend to her sensitive tits, she reached down and grabbed for his cock and was very pleasantly surprised to find that the bulge she had fantasized about so many times to be all that she had imagined, and more. It felt so good to have his cock in her hands. She rubbed him through his shorts for a few minutes as he continued to suck and squeeze her tits.

    Again, looking at John, he gave her a nod suggesting that she take his cock out and enjoy it. Kaleen did not need any encouragement, she was ready, boy was she ready. She undid the top button, then his zipper and out sprang his magnificent cock.

    Since he was leaning over her, Jamie's cock hung nicely towards Kaleen so it was easy for her to see and stroke, which she did with increasing enthusiasm.

    As she stroked his cock, Jamie moved his right hand from her left breast and started rubbing her pussy through her shorts. She responded by looking up and kissing him passionately on the mouth, their tongues again dancing enthusiastically.

    Kaleen pushed her pussy towards his strong hand, moaning a little. As Kaleen gyrated her hips, Jamie reached up and slid his hand down that perfect slant from her belly button down inside her shorts and panties, where Kaleen's very wet pussy greeted him. He grabbed her snatch, pressing the ball of his hand up against her clit while sliding his middle finger insider her wetness. Kaleen thought she would cum right then and there.

    Thoroughly enjoying the show, John now had his shorts unbuttoned and his long hard cock in his hand.

    Jamie then pulled away from Kaleen and stood up, dropping his shorts to his ankles and freeing his full seven inches into view. John saw Kaleen's eyes open wide as she licked her lips in anticipation. She laid back just staring at him for a minute until she leaned forward, taking his length in her right hand stroking him gently as she brought her full lips towards his bulbous head.

    Before opening to take him inside her mouth, Kaleen again looked at John, now stroking himself, and opened wide. Knowing it was John's fantasy, she wanted him to enjoy the show. In full eye contact with John, Kaleen took Jamie's cock head between her lips and swirled it with her tongue. First taking just the head as Jamie put both hands on the back of her head, guiding her to take more. The head was in and Kaleen slid another inch, then another, then out all the way still stroking him with her right before going back in and taking all of him down her throat.

    She continued for several minutes, sucking every inch of his length deep in her mouth and throat.

    Feeling himself about to cum, Jamie pulled back and kneeled down. He looked at Kaleen, now leaning back into the couch, and unsnapped her shorts, undid her zipper and eased her shorts off and leaving her panties on.

    With her breasts softly hanging to either side of her rib cage and her eyes full of lust, Kaleen looked so sexy that Jamie couldn't wait, he immediately brought his mouth to her pussy and kissed her through her purple thong, gently pressing his lips into her.

    Moving to her inner thighs with several nice kisses on each side as he massaged her breasts, Jamie slid his fingers under the waistband on either side and slid her panties down around her ankles and off, fully exposing her entire body as she anxiously awaited his next move.

    Jamie did not hesitate. He spread Kaleen's legs and licked her pussy all the way from the bottom up to her clit, where he stopped and nicely circled her large swollen clit. Around and around a few times and down to her slit, then back up and around her clit some more. But Kaleen needed more. Kaleen needed two cocks. Not only did she need two cocks, she wanted two cocks.

    As Jamie continued on her cunt, Kaleen motioned to John to come to her.

    As he stood, John's shorts fell to the floor and his cock bounced in attention. He made his way over to the side of the couch next to Kaleen and stroked his cock right in front of her face.

    With her left hand on the back of Jamie's head as he ate her sweet pussy, Kaleen guided John closer with her right hand and took the swollen cock she knows so well between her lips.

    And there she was. Once again enjoying two men at the same time. It had only been three weeks since her interlude with Bruce and Don, but to Kaleen it seemed like an eternity.

    With Jamie lapping perfectly at her slit and John's cock between her lips, Kaleen was in heaven. She could already feel an orgasm building inside her and she knew it would not be long - and it would not be her last of the evening.

    Sensing her enthusiasm, Jamie picked up the pace. Licking her pussy faster and faster Kaleen began to moan, pulling Jamie's face tighter to her crotch as he perfectly pleased her wetness.

    Looking down at his beautiful wife with his cock in her mouth and Jamie's head between her spread legs, John was in ecstasy. Kaleen was moaning louder and louder until she withdrew his cock let out her telltale, "Oh God, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." This threw John over the edge, he had to cum. He stroked his cock as it began pulsating above Kaleen's face, showering her with his cum as she exploded in Jamie's mouth.

    Kaleen licked John's cum from her lips and smiled at him happily.

    John mouthed, "love you" to her and winked.

    Not wasting any time, Jamie stood up for a moment and stroked his cock as Kaleen gazed up at him with lustful eyes still shuddering from her orgasm.

    John could tell she wanted him inside of her. He could see it in her eyes. She wanted to feel his strange cock. She wanted to feel that nice cock before her, the one she had fantasized about every time she did a home inspection with him.

    And from the nice erection and the look in his eyes, it was obvious that Jamie wanted her too. God did he want her.

    As Kaleen laid there gazing up at Jamie, then at John and back again to Jamie, Jamie kneeled down, put his hands on Kaleen's thighs and massaged up and down her legs, up her belly to her sensitive breasts, where he lingered for just a minute gently tweaking her nipples as he kissed her belly.

    As John stood watching intently, Jamie pulled Kaleen to the end of the couch so her feet were on the floor with her knees bent and legs spread. He positioned himself between her legs spreading them wider, his cock at full mast, and pressed the head of his penis against her moist and wanting pussy lips, pressing his girth ever so slowly into her. Just the head and first and then another inch, which made Kaleen bite her lower lip and exhale in pleasure.

    Kaleen reached up and took hold of John's cock and began stroking him as Jamie buried the rest of his nice cock her pussy.

    Jamie needed to cum and it wouldn't be long. He was so hot after tasting Kaleen's pussy and making her cum, he was already on the verge.

    With all his seven inches inside her, Jamie grinded his pelvis against Kaleen's clit in circular motions applying more and more pressure with each push. Kaleen was so wet, John could hear the Jamie's cock sliding in and out her. Jamie pressed hard then withdrew his cock almost all the way out and then back in again and then very, very quickly in and out, in and out he went. Kaleen's breasts were jiggling wildly to John's extreme pleasure.

    As Jamie fucked his wife, John got down on his knees and kissed his wife. She met him with an open mouth. They feverishly tongued each other as Jamie continued to slide his cock in and out of Kaleen. She was moaning loudly as she continued to French kiss John.

    John looked up at Jamie who was enjoying his wife's pussy almost as much as John was enjoying watching him enjoy his wife's pussy, and it was obvious to John that Jamie was about to cum.

    Wanting to send Kaleen over the edge again, John began firmly massaging Kaleen's perfect 34D's. He massaged them as they swayed. He loved it so much. This was his fantasy - to play with and suck his wife's tits as another man fucked her. John was in Heaven as he again kissed his wife deeply.

    Kaleen responded between heavy breaths saying, "So good, Hunny, so good...," as she took every inch of Jamie's cock deep in her pussy.

    With her left breast in his right hand, John began sucking her right nipple. Kaleen was moaning louder and louder, on the brink of screaming, and breathing very heavily as Jamie continued to give her every inch of his cock, in and out, in and out. Long hard strokes until Kaleen AGAIN let out, "Oh my God, I'm cumming again, so good, god, Im cumming. Cum inside me, Cumming!!" And then it happened. Her head flailing from side to side, Kaleen came harder than ever as Jamie buried his cock deep inside Kaleen and unloaded his cum inside her.

    All of this had John extremely hard again. After letting her rest for just a minute, John stood, stroked his hard, hard cock a few times and motioned for Jamie to stand.

    And there she was, right where she wanted to be, lying completely naked in front of two men again. And not just two men, but two men, one of which was her husband, with very nice and hard cocks right in front of her.

    She laid there gazing at them, extremely satisfied for a couple of minutes as both John and Jamie stood stroking their cocks at the site of the beautiful Kaleen, her full lips, her nice large breasts, brown pubic hair and lustful desire in her eyes.

    Then she sat up, breasts swaying perfectly as they hung. She motioned them closer. As they stood side by side right in front of her, Kaleen reached out and grabbed each man's cock and massaged him. Stroking them in unison for a minute until she looked up at John and opened wide taking all of him in one long suck. Then she slid him all the way out and did the same to Jamie. She went back and forth several times. She had two cocks and she was going to enjoy them to the fullest.

    As she sucked one she stroked the other, both men tended to her soft boobs. Back and forth with two nice cocks at her disposal and her tits being perfectly massaged, Kaleen was in heaven and she needed a cock in her pussy - and this time she wanted it to be John's.

    Knowing it is his favorite position; she stood up and whispered to John, "You want me on top?"

    To which John responded, "Absolutely."

    John positioned himself on the floor and without letting go of Jamie's cock, Kaleen squatted down on John's lap with his hardness laying on his belly in front of her.

    She raised herself a little, grabbing John's cock with her left hand, still holding Jamie with her right, and guided herself slowly down John's length.

    John felt so good. Now he had the view he loves the most, only this time it was better because not only was he looking up at his bride and her beautiful swaying breasts as he fucked her, but he was looking up at his beautiful bride and her beautiful swaying breasts as he fucked her as she was also stroking another man's cock. Yes, life was good.

    As she rode John's cock with nice slow up and down motions Jamie moved behind her, kneeled down behind Kaleen with John's legs between his and reached around Kaleen under her arms to her breasts where he firmly grabbed them and began kneading them with his strong hands. As he massaged her, he pressed his hard cock against her lower back and kissed her neck as she arched back to blow in his ear like she loves to do to John.

    Kaleen rode John up and down as Jamie massaged her tits from behind. She could already feel another orgasm building inside her. Grinding down in ecstasy, Kaleen was getting closer.

    Knowing she was going to cum, she wanted Jamie in her mouth.

    Taking both his hands on her breasts she pulled him in front of her grabbed his cock with her right hand and stroked him as John began pumping his cock faster and faster.

    As her breasts swayed to John's delight she opened wide and took Jamie's length one more time. Stroking him with her right hand and sucking the head of his cock she was on the brink, as John was really fucking her good now, very fast, in and out in and out.

    She took Jamie out of her mouth still grinding down on John's cock and, again, let out her telltale signal, "I'm cumming, I'm Cumming. God, I'm Cumming AGAIN!!," as she stroked Jamie until he released his cum onto her tits as John buried his cum inside her pussy.

    As she descended from her incredible orgasm, Kaleen leaned forward and kissed John on the lips and said, "thank you, hunny, that was soooo good."

    John just smiled, kissed her back and massaged her breasts as they came down together.

    After they dressed and Jamie got ready to take off, Jamie said, "Well, it wasn't exactly what I expected but this was a really good time."

    John looked at Kaleen, then at Jamie and said, "We weren't sure how things were going to go, but we're glad it all worked out well. Maybe we can get together again some time??"

    Kaleen eagerly added, "Yes!, that would be fun."

    Jamie concurred with a smile.

    With that, they walked Jamie to the door and said their goodbyes, Kaleen giving Jamie a little-more-than-friendly kiss goodbye.

    Back in the house, Kaleen asked John how he felt about it all after fantasizing about it for so long and then actually having it happen.

    "It was all I imagined and more, Hunny. It was really fun. You seemed really comfortable once we got going. Did You enjoy it?"

    Knowing full well that it was not her first threesome, Kaleen said, "I was nervous, but it was nice and I think I'd like to do that again sometime..."
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  2. Kaleen is a successful real estate agent in Idaho. Standing at 5-2 and about 110 lbs, she's a very attractive married woman of 42. Her all natural 34D curves significantly add to her beauty.

    Kaleen frequently shows property to clients from all walks of life and nationalities. A man named Bruce whom was looking to see a couple of homes over the coming weekend had recently contacted her. Kaleen said she would do her due-diligence on the properties and get back to him. Kaleen researched the three homes Bruce was interested in and found that she could show two of them that coming Saturday.

    She wrote back to Bruce letting him know the good news and to let her know if he was available to meet with her at 1 p.m. to see the first of the two. She also let him know that one of the homes was still occupied and, therefore furnished, while the other was empty. Bruce responded by thanking her and saying that he would meet her at that time and that he was very much excited at the prospects because he loved both homes.

    Kaleen always dresses up nicely to show homes to her clients and this Saturday was no different. She put on her nice grey slacks that hug her ass and show the nice slant from her belly down to her pussy just right. And to match, she chose to wear a semi-shear white blouse with the top two buttons undone. To complete her look, she picked out some black high heels with straps. She looked hot and she felt very pretty. In fact, as she was looking at herself in the full-length mirror she thought to herself that she looked a little sexy.

    When she finished getting ready she came downstairs. When she turned the corner to the kitchen area she was greeted by her husband John, who told her she looked stunning. John loves Kaleen's body and always let's her know it. Today was no different. John wrapped his arms around her from behind and gave her breasts a light squeezed as he said goodbye and wished her luck. She thanked him and said, "Maybe we can be together later..." John loved that idea and just smiled at her and watched her breasts bounce as she clacked in her heels towards the garage. "God she's hot," he thought to himself.

    As she got into her car and began driving to the first home, Kaleen was wondering about her new client, what he looked like, would he like the homes and most importantly, would he buy from her?

    She set the address in her GPS and made her way to the first house. She arrived before Bruce did and sat and waited for about 15 minutes, idly thinking about this and that. The thought of sex came to mind in anticipation of what she had suggested to John before she left the house. He is pretty creative and keeps her satisfied in the bedroom. She thought about the possibility of him going down on her when they went to bed that night and that got her going a little bit. Just as she was getting into a deep thought about John pleasing her a car pulled up behind her and she wondered if it was Bruce because there were two men in the car and she thought Bruce was coming by himself.

    The driver got out and waved at her through the back window. Her initial thought was, "Wow." The man who got out of the car was very attractive and seemed to have a nice body. It had to be Bruce so she got out of the car and said somewhat shyly, "Bruce?"

    "Yes, hi Kaleen, how are You?" "I hope you don't mind, I brought my friend Don. He knows a lot more about construction and homes than I do."

    "No, that's fine. The more the merrier," she replied smiling at him.

    Bruce was about 6 feet tall and obviously spent time in the gym. He was wearing blue jeans and a faded red t-shirt.

    Bruce motioned to Don to get out of the car and join them. When he got out, Kaleen was, again, pleasantly surprised at his appearance and demeanor. He was very friendly and about the same size as Bruce but had blond curly hair and also donned blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt that nicely accented his muscular physique.

    Kaleen let them know that this was the unfurnished home and that she would get the key from the lock box so they could get in. She proceeded up the walkway towards the front door followed by both Bruce and Don. As they reached the steps up to the front door, Bruce looked at Don while pointing at Kaleen, who had her back to them, and mouthed, "she's gorgeous" to which Don just smiled and nodded.

    Kaleen got the door open and let them in. She suggested that they walk the property alone and to let her know if they had any questions.

    As they walked the house, Bruce and Don seemed more interested in Kaleen then they did the home. They kept mentioning how hot she was and how awesome her tits looked in "that blouse."

    Bruce even went so far as to say that he would love to fuck her, to which Don responded by saying "that would be awesome, she is extremely hot – but good luck."

    Meanwhile, Kaleen waited in the kitchen. For some reason her mind kept going back to sex. Was it the way John hugged and felt her earlier in the day? Was it the two hot guys walking around the house? Or was it the two nice bulges she had noticed in the pants of the two men upstairs? Whatever it was, she was definitely a little horny.

    Kaleen had never cheated on John, even though he repeatedly shares his fantasy of having a three or foursome with her, or just plain watching her fuck another man. She knows full well that it is his fantasy to see her fuck another man. She has always fantasized about having two cocks at once and loves the idea but is not sure she could go through with it. Maybe some day she'll do it. What she was getting increasingly sure of was that she was definitely turned-on this Saturday afternoon.

    Just then Bruce and Don walked into the kitchen. Slightly startled she couldn't help herself. When she looked up at them she immediately glanced at their crotches before making eye contact. This did not go unnoticed by the two young men.

    She quickly gathered herself and said, "What do you think?"

    Bruce responded by smiling and stating, "we like it a lot, a real lot," as he looked her up and down.

    Don concurred that he thought, "the property is amazing," also giving Kaleen a nice smile.

    Kaleen quickly suggested that they go see the other home so they could compare the two. Bruce and Don agreed and they made their way to their respective cars.

    Once in the car, Kaleen had to take a deep breath. Did they notice that she was checking them out? She was trying to be coy but she thought she might have been too obvious. Regardless, her state of excitement was increasing. With John's constant reinforcement of the idea of a threesome, Kaleen couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to take, or be taken by, these two hot strangers. It was her deep, dark fantasy and she could feel her pussy getting a little moist.

    In the other car, both men were clamoring about Kaleen and how hot she was. Bruce told Don that he could just imagine her breasts popping out of her blouse, while Don agreed and added that he had been imagining Kaleen's full lips wrapped around his cock. They both knew it wouldn't happen but the thought was fun. Little did they know.

    Once they all arrived at the second house, Kaleen tried to rid her mind of her sexual thoughts and exited her vehicle and started walking towards Bruce and Don who were still sitting in Bruce's car.

    As Kaleen approached their car, Don said to Bruce, "Oh my god, dude. Look at her. She is so hot. Unbelievable lady. And that body; Wow!"

    Kaleen knew they were checking her out. A woman knows these things and the thought made her smile inside. Little did they know; she was having similar thoughts.

    As they got out of the car, Kaleen said, "Hey guys, you ready to check out this property?"

    "You bet," they said simultaneously as they got out of the car.

    With Kaleen again leading the way they headed to the front door. As they approached, Kaleen told the guys that the family still lived in the home but that they were away on vacation so no one was home.

    Bruce responded by saying, "Great! Then we can take our time."

    Kaleen held the door open and both Bruce and Don tried to get through the opening at the same time which forced Don's back to brush up against Kaleen's soft breasts, instantly hardening her nipples. Don pretended not to notice that he had "inadvertently" brushed up against her and made his way inside.

    Once inside Bruce suggested to Kaleen that she show them around this house since she had seen it before. The guys led the way from room to room. And as they did Kaleen kept catching herself checking them out and doing her best not to get caught. The guys were not as sneaky. Kaleen had caught, and enjoyed, both of them staring at her tits and ass more than once.

    Up ahead of her and down the hallway, Bruce had gone into the downstairs powder room when Kaleen heard him call out to her. She yelled back saying she was coming and when she turned to go into the powder room Bruce was on his way out and they bumped into each other. Kaleen put her arm up to stop herself and her hand found his sold chest muscles and pressed into him for a split second before backing up.

    Bruce's hand found her shoulder and he said, "whoa, sorry bout that. Didn't know you were right there." There was an awkward moment where they both didn't want to remove their hands from each other but they quickly did and exited the powder room.

    Kaleen asked Bruce what he needed and as much as he wanted to say, "You" he instead said, "I was just wondering how hard she thought it would be to change the fixtures and if it would be expensive."

    Kaleen thought to herself, God do I want to know how hard it is, but quickly replied that it would be easy and not too expensive at all to make these simple changes.

    After they had seen the whole downstairs, Kaleen led the way and suggested that they head upstairs to check out the rest of the house. When they reached the stairs, Don said that he was going to checkout the backyard "real quick" and that he would be right up to join them.

    With that Kaleen started up the stairs with Bruce right behind her.

    As she started up the stairs, she knew that Bruce was right behind her and she knew, actually she could feel, that he was looking right at her ass. And she was right; Bruce's face was right at ass level as she slowly ascended each step, her heels making light clacking sounds and giving him a little extra wiggle with each stride up.

    Thinking to himself, Bruce thought how hot it would be to make love to Kaleen. He was really attracted to her and having trouble holding back. This was evident in the swelling he felt in his crotch as he watched the beautiful Cajun woman climb the stairs.

    Simultaneously, and unbeknownst to Bruce, Kaleen silently wondered what he was thinking. Was he having the same thoughts she was? Was he thinking about her nice ass? Was he imagining what her perfect natural titties looked like? What they would look like as she rode his big cock? Did he want to fuck her in this house? Take her right up at the top of the stairs because he couldn't take it any longer? Did he want her right now? Even better; did she want him?

    She knew she was having these thoughts but she had never done anything like this before. She had once shared with her husband John that she had fantasized and masturbated about having sex with him in an empty home she had shown before. She had also, on previous occasions, actually fantasized about doing it with a client or home inspector, but not actually going through with it with a complete stranger. But she had had the fantasy more than once and she enjoyed playing with the thought in her mind – and occasionally she got herself off to the fantasy.

    Today was no different, she was definitely having the thoughts on this day and she could feel her pussy getting wetter as she reached the top of the stairs. As she took the last step she put her left hand on the banister and turned to face Bruce, as he took the last couple of steps up.

    With no intention of actually pursuing her carnal thoughts, Kaleen turned and began to lead Bruce towards the master bedroom, which was directly across from the top of the stairs. As soon as she turned around, their eyes met, and they both knew what the other was thinking. Bruce paused at the top of the steps as they stared into each other's eyes not exactly knowing what to do, looking each other up and down; Bruce pausing for a long gaze at her chest, which was now heaving in anticipation, raising her awesome breasts up and down, while Kaleen was focused on the now apparent, and very large bulge, in Bruce's jeans.

    Her mind was racing. What was she doing? What was she going to do? John always wanted to watch her fuck another man and deep down she wanted to satisfy his fantasy, but he wasn't there. Would he mind? Did it matter? She would make it up to him.

    She slowly turned, gazing back at Bruce through the corner of her beautiful brown right eye and walked towards the fully furnished master bedroom. As she entered the room she felt Bruce's right hand on her right shoulder. She stopped but didn't turn. He pulled himself very close to her and whispered, "You are so hot, Kaleen. And I've seen you checking me out and I can't resist anymore," and he kissed her left cheek and pressed his hard cock into her backside.

    She leaned her head back and his left hand found her left breast. He squeezed it so perfectly that Kaleen couldn't help but let out a little moan. She had been unusually attracted to both these strangers and this was her time. She would not let the opportunity pass.

    He pressed his cock against her and brought his right hand down that perfect slant from her belly down to her pussy, where he began gently rubbing her through her grey slacks. Kaleen felt good. Kaleen was hot. God was Kaleen hot – and she loved it. Bruce was perfectly rubbing her left tit, squeezing so nicely, massaging her pussy and grinding her from behind. Kaleen pressed back against him, her mind racing.

    Kaleen turned her head and their tongues met and they kissed deeply as Bruce moved his left hand down and pulled her shirt up, un-tucking it so he could access her soft belly and breasts. In one easy move his left hand went up and grabbed her left breast under her shirt but on top of her bra. Just for a few second though. He wanted her nakedness in his hands. He quickly moved his left hand up and to the top of her right breast and under her bra from the top where he met her erect nipple.

    Still from behind, Bruce was now massaging her right breast and lightly pinching her nipple with his left hand and still nicely, but more aggressively, rubbing her pussy with his right as she pressed and grinded back on his hardness.

    Kaleen then reached back with her right hand and grabbed another man's cock for the first time.

    As they continued to kiss and grope for several minutes, they were surprised when Don walked in and said, "Well, what have we here?"

    Kaleen looked up into his eyes and then down to his cock and Bruce said, "Would you mind if my friend joins us?"

    Kaleen was in heaven. Although she always wanted to have a threesome, she had never done it.

    Her and John had started using a nice dildo during some of their sex encounters and she loved stroking the dildo and John at the same time, pretending that it was two guys, or holding and stroking the fake cock as John touched and fucked her, or sometimes she would fuck herself with the toy as John licked and massaged her – all-the-while Kaleen would imagine the toy was another real cock.

    But this was her opportunity; a real life opportunity. She had two hot guys. Two hot guys that wanted her. One of which was currently massaging her tits and pussy and the other whom was standing in front of her grabbing himself in anticipation as she stared at his growing crotch.

    The bottom line was that she always, deep down, wanted to have two cocks at once. In fact, she always wanted to take one in her pussy as she sucked on another. That is the truth and she knows it. Yes, she wanted two cocks. And yes, this day she was going to have two cocks.

    There was no question. There was no way she would stop. There was no way she could stop. Her pussy was so wet; she was beyond the point of no return. She had to have them both and after a very short moment of futile deliberation with herself she said, "Yes, of course. Please."

    With that Don approached her, as Bruce continued on her pussy and tits, and kissed her deeply. Their tongues went wild at one-another. Kaleen's hands quickly found the buttons on Don's jeans and unleashed his thick seven-inch cock. She squeezed it and began stroking it as they continued to kiss. As Don took both of her breasts in his hands Kaleen thought to herself that his cock felt the same size as the dildo her and John enjoy so much. She could not wait to have him inside her.

    With Bruce behind her now sliding his hand down inside her slacks and panties, Kaleen's extremely swollen clit and dripping pussy greeted him. He rubbed her pussy much like John had done just a few mornings earlier. As Don undid her blouse he unsnapped her bra from the front. It felt so good to finally have her breasts free.

    Being all natural and a 34D, her breasts hung perfectly a little to the outsides of her ribs. Her big reddish nipples are significantly larger than silver dollars and were now being perfectly sucked and squeezed by Don as Bruce's fingers penetrated her wetness.

    It was all Kaleen had imagined in her deepest, hottest fantasies. Four hands on her body, two hot men paying all their attention on her. Yes, life was good.

    As Kaleen held Don's cock she started initiating him backwards until he met the bed and sat down. Kaleen immediately pulled his jeans down and all the way off, came back up and kissed him on the mouth before bending down and taking the swollen head of his cock between her lips. At first she just fully enjoyed the head; swirling her tongue around its mass. Then taking another inch as Don's hands gently played with her dark locks.

    As she took more and more of Don in her mouth and down her throat, Bruce had come behind her, bending over and kissing her neck and massaging her swaying breasts, now tweaking both her nipples at the same time – something Kaleen really enjoys once she is nice and warmed up.

    Reaching across her chest while squeezing her left breast in his right hand, Bruce ran his left hand down her belly and over her pubes and straight to her pussy with his middle and forefinger and began really rubbing her pussy, again focusing on her very swollen clit.

    With Bruce now vigorously massaging her, her tits were swaying faster and Kaleen was moaning louder and louder, slightly muffled because she had her mouth full of Don's cock as she stroked him. Deeper and deeper she took Don's length in her mouth as Bruce more rapidly rubbed her wanting pussy.

    She couldn't take it anymore; she needed a cock in her pussy. She slid Don's cock out of her mouth, turned to Bruce and said, "I need you. I want you, I want you to, I want you to fuck me. Just fuck me."

    With that, Bruce took off all his clothes and stood behind her stroking his already fully erect and thick eight inches, preparing to satisfy her request.

    Kaleen was bent over again sucking Don's cock, Bruce reached around her waist and loosened her belt all the way and slid down her zipper. Kaleen released Don's cock from her lips and stood and removed her blouse and bra. With all the movement, Kaleen's slacks had fallen down around her ankles and she wiggled them over her heels and off onto the hardwood floor at her feet.

    Now standing in her heels, otherwise completely naked between these two men with nice hard cocks, she went to Bruce and kissed him deeply. Meanwhile, Don had moved up close to Kaleen and pressing his cock up against the small of her back and embracing both her breasts, he pressed tightly against her.

    Kaleen enjoyed the feeling of two warm men so close and one hard cock pressed against her back and another one against her belly.

    Kaleen was still kissing Bruce and she now had each of their cocks in her hands, fully embracing the fact that she finally had two cocks at once and rubbing them to the fullest and enjoying the moment.

    Kaleen loved having two cocks. God did she love having two cocks.

    She knelt down and when she saw Bruce's cock up close it looked much larger. She grabbed its mass with her right hand and started stroking him. She stroked him for a good couple of minutes as Don watched and stroked himself as Kaleen watched him.

    Kaleen thought to herself how great it was to be the center of attention. To have two men so excited to be with her. She motioned for Don to come closer so she could stroke him, too.

    There she was kneeled down on a soft carpet on top of the hardwood floor at the foot of the bed with a hot and erect man in each of her hands. She stroked each one of them in unison. Her breasts bounced and bounced as she stroked their cocks.

    Kaleen couldn't wait to have them inside of her at the same time.

    She turned to Bruce and opened wide, taking the head of his cock and about two inches all at once and then slowly sliding it across her full lips and completely out of her mouth before going back in and taking another suck, this time keeping it in her mouth and beginning to slide it in and out, in and out and in and out. Kaleen was really enjoying having this really big cock in her mouth.

    Don moved into position, kneeling down beside Kaleen, where he could suck her left breast and access her pussy.

    There Kaleen was, sucking Bruce like there was no tomorrow while being nicely held, sucked and massaged by Don.

    When Don's hands had found their way passed Kaleen's belly he said, "God you have a nice pussy." As he inserted his middle finger he whispered in Kaleen's ear, "I want to fuck you, Kaleen" and she responded by pressing her ass back into his cock.

    Taking her cue, Bruce got down on his knees in front of Kaleen and Kaleen got on her hands and knees in front of him and resumed the awesome blowjob she was giving Bruce – only now holding onto his thighs for better support, while Don positioned himself behind her.

    Don put his hands on Kaleen's ass and massaged each cheek a few times before leaning over her and and grabbing each of her perfect breasts, pressing his hardness against her throbbing vagina.

    The anticipation was killing her. She was so hot, so horny, so ready. As she took longer and longer lengths of Bruce in her mouth Don pressed the head of his cock against her slit. Kaleen was so wet he slid right in, burying his entire length on the first stroke, spreading Kaleen's pussy wide and throwing her into even deeper ecstasy.

    As his length made it all the way in she let out a loud, loud moan and let out, "Oh my God, Oh MY GOD, Ohhhhh YEESS!!!"

    She thought she would cum right then and there.

    Don Stayed buried in her for a minute, letting her enjoy the stretching feeling. That filling feeling a nice cock provides. She had Bruce's cock in her right hand, slowly stroking him as she thoroughly savored the deep and wide penetration of her little body. God did she love it. Oh God did she love it.

    After letting Kaleen acclimate to his cock being inside her, Don started long, slow strokes that almost had his cock exiting her, but just as the tip was almost out he would press back inside her, slowly but surely stretching her pussy oh so nicely with each additional stroke until he was deep in side her again.

    Don started fucking Kaleen faster. Then he started fucking Kaleen even faster. Kaleen had as much of Bruce's length in her mouth as possible. Her breasts were swinging furiously as Don was really fucking her good now. In and out Don fucked Kaleen good for a nice 8 or 10 minutes. She loved it. Two cocks at once; Oh did she love it.

    It wouldn't be long and she knew it. With her lips around Bruce's length and ooooone, twooooo, threeeee, fooourrr and fiiiiiive long and determined pushes into her pussy, Kaleen stopped sucking and started stroking Bruce as she raised up more onto her knees and cried out with her telltale, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh, God I'm cumming," and she came like she had never cum before just as Don unleashed his load inside of her and Bruce came on her breasts, squirting his juice onto her perfect tits as they laid so nicely to each side of her torso, gently heaving to her heavy breaths.

    Bruce massaged his cum into Kaleen's chest, circling her erect and very sensitive nipples as Don remained inside her, still pulsing from his orgasm and sending waves of sensitive pleasure throughout Kaleen's body.

    As they unwound and Don withdrew his cock from Kaleen's satisfied pussy, they all sat for a minute on the floor exchanging kisses here and there.

    Kaleen said, "I have always wanted to do a threesome and that was all I imagined and more," as she smiled at them both.

    Bruce waited a moment and then replied looking directly into Kaleen's soft brown eyes, "You don't think we're done yet, do You?"

    Kaleen looked at Bruce and then at Don who shook his head as if saying, "Nope, not yet," which sent a nervous but happily anxious rush through her body as she responded by saying, "Why? What did you have in mind now?"

    With that, Bruce asked Kaleen to get up on the bed and lay down. Both Bruce and Don followed her and got on either side of her.

    Bruce then said, "Since you worked so hard, Don and I are going to give you a little massage."

    All she could say was, "OK" and both men began giving her the massage of her life.

    Four strong hands all over her, moving from her breasts, to her legs to her back to her pussy and back up to her perfect, perfect breasts.

    Kaleen thought to herself, "This is just like John and the dildo, only better."

    It wasn't long before her pussy was flowing with her juices again and both men's cocks were at full attention.

    As each of them had both their hands on each of her breasts, Don on her right and Bruce on her left, Kaleen reached out to both large erect cocks and began stroking them. Don already had a little pre-cum beginning to glisten from the tip of his cock that Kaleen noticed and swirled around his massive head.

    Bruce had been alternating between her breast, belly and pussy and now moved between her legs and leaned down and began teasing her clit with his tongue. As he perfectly swirled her clit she pulled Don close and sucked his cock into her mouth and massaged his balls.

    She was in heaven again. High, high heaven.

    Bruce ate her tasty, well-trimmed pussy for a long time as she worked on Don's length with long determined sucks and licks around his length until Kaleen told Bruce, "It's your turn, please put your cock inside me. I want you inside me."

    What she was really thinking was, "I NEED YOU inside me!!!"

    Bruce did not hesitate. He moved back into position and spread Kaleen's legs exposing her beautiful little body. She was so hot, her pussy was so anxious and ready; her perfect pink and purple lips were open and waiting to be penetrated by Bruce's massive cock.

    Bruce was bigger than Don and Kaleen was a little nervous but her excitement and longing for him to stretch her overwrote everything.

    Kaleen wanted him, and she wanted him now.

    Bruce placed the head of his big dick against her slit and Kaleen gasped in anticipation. He pushed the head in, spreading her lips so wide she exhaled in pleasure. Then he thrust inside her wetness with ease. She was so hot and wet that his eight plus inches disappeared inside her, sending her to the brink of immediate orgasm.

    The size and feeling of Bruce's cock was amazing to Kaleen. She felt so good as he slid his massive member in and out of her. In and out, in and out, slowly in, slowly out then faster. Her boobs were swaying as she took it all inside. Over and over, in and out of Kaleen's pussy. She was completely enjoying the fucking she was receiving in her favorite position, the missionary.

    As she tried to focus on sucking Don, Bruce continued to inject his massive cock in and out of Kaleen. Don was squeezing her tits and Bruce was buried inside her, grinding her clit with his pelvic bone. She was on the verge of cumming again and once again several looooonnngg and lasting strokes sent her into an even bigger orgasm then the first.

    As Bruce pressed all the way inside her, spreading her pussy so wide, so good, so perfect until he filled her with his cum. Her pussy was grabbing his big cock with each convulsion as Don's cock pulsated simultaneously and unloaded in her mouth, as Kaleen savored every squirt.

    Kaleen was moaning loudly as one massive cock pulsed in her very satisfied pussy and the other convulsed in her mouth.

    For the next few minutes they just lay on the bed, breathing heavily

    Kaleen was content. She had really, really enjoyed the past hour, or so. Two cocks. Yes, two cocks. Kaleen was content.

    Bruce, Don and Kaleen relaxed for a good few minutes before they decided that they should clean up before someone else came in to see the house.

    Needless to say, Bruce loved the home...and his agent.

    Kaleen couldn't believe what an awesome experience she had had. She loved it and she wanted to do it again. And she knew next time would be with John.
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  3. My wife and I are your typical average couple when it comes to life and lifestyle. We have two kids and enjoy family time and being together. With a young family it is tough to get as much "alone time" as we might like -- let alone time like we recently experienced when we were invited to some neighbors for a party.

    The time I just referenced is not something that was planned or that has ever been planned -- let alone executed...until now. We have discussed bringing other partners into our bedroom but nothing has ever materialized, although I often masturbate to the thought of my wife being taken by other men or groups of men -- and she has shared with me that she enjoys the thought of being taken by more than one man and that she has fantasized about other women pleasing me when we are together.

    I have written stories on the topic in the past and I have shared them with her to wonderful response -- but I had no idea what was to happen this cool January evening.

    The scenario unfolded innocently enough. Driving through my neighborhood on a recent afternoon, I was flagged down by one of our friends, who I'll call Chuck. We often stop on the street and small talk. This occasion was no different as we sat and chit-chatted about this and that until Chuck mentioned that he and his wife, Emma, were going to be having a party that upcoming Saturday and asked me if my wife and I would like to attend, to which I responded, "we would love to."

    I must tell you now that Emma is an absolute knockout -- a Mexican woman, who stands about five-two, weighing no more than 115 lbs., fit, trim and the owner of two of the nicest breasts ever. At the point of getting this invitation I had only seen them in a bathing suit at another neighborhood party last summer. To be honest, I was scoping her out big time at that party -- imagining what it would feel like to have her join my wife and I and massage her perfect breast and maybe stick my solid cock between them.

    So after a few more minutes of small talk I got really lucky and Emma came out of their house to say hello -- something I ALWAYS enjoy and hope for when I am near their home because it gives me the opportunity to enjoy her beauty and hopefully cop a glance at her cleavage. As she approached she smiled and said with her sultry Latin accent "Hi there, how have you been? Did Chuck invite you to the party?" "We're going to have a lot of grown-up fun." I didn't grasp this comment for what it was worth until much later, after the party. I just figured that she meant that no kids were allowed and that we would be partying and having a fun, kid-free, night...and boy did we.

    Not immediately knowing the full meaning of Emma's comment I put no extra thought into the party and didn't even really think about it until Saturday came. We had arranged a sitter and the day came and went as usual, including the regular fondling and teasing my wife and I enjoy on a daily basis. I always love going upstairs when my wife is showering to get a nice eyeful of her tight body and help her wash her breasts and little body, as I call her pussy. This day was no different. When she announced she was going upstairs to shower, about five minutes later I made my way upstairs and stared at her for a couple of minutes through the steamy glass and my cock began to swell. Fully erect I went to the side she was using (we have a large shower with dual heads and room for a lot of fun) and opened the door to get an unobstructed view and to cop a feel. As I took in her 34D's I reached in and began massaging them together with a little soap. Her nipples became erect to my touch and she laid her head back into the water and I rubbed down her belly, circled a few times and continued south to where I was greeted by the swollen clit I love so much. It felt so good to circle her little button with my soapy left fingers and massage her left breast with my right hand. After a couple of minutes she spread her legs further apart by placing her right leg on the tile bench in front of her, which gave me access to penetrate her. As I slid one finger in she gasped, then two and she moaned. My left thumb was now on her clit gently pressing with two fingers inside her and my right hand firmly feeling her soapy breasts. Still gasping, still moaning my cock throbbed in my pants and I knew she would come any second. Then she moaned loudly and let out her telltale signal "I'm cumming, oh yes, I'm cumming" and she exhaled deeply in orgasm, her pussy pinching my fingers and her left hand coming up to on top of my right hand on her left breast pressing it tightly to her, as to fully absorb her orgasm. With that she reached her beautiful wet face towards me and kissed me with every ounce of love and told me it was my turn.

    Without hesitating, she dropped to her knees, water cascading down her back and pulled me close to her and, in one fluid motion, pulled down my shorts freeing my solid, solid cock and engulfed the swollen head between her full lips. I knew it would not be long as she slid my length in and out of her mouth, deep-treating me from time to time and alternating with nice right-handed strokes of my shaft. As I looked down at my cock being sucked by the woman I loved I zeroed in on her jiggling tits. Side to side they went as I went in and out between her soft lips, stroking, sucking, swallowing, I felt my balls ready to explode as she took me deep. In and out three long strokes and I came in her mouth with the first shot and the second unleashing onto her chin and breasts. Oh it felt so good, my cock was twitching as she rubbed every last drop our of me -- licking me from the base of my cock to the head until he started going soft again.

    She rinsed and got out and I enjoyed toweling her dry before we enjoyed the rest of our day.

    Around 7 p.m., after many sly grin exchanges throughout the day, the sitter arrived and we were ready to walk over to Chuck and Emma's. My wife had on a nice dress, no bra and low heels.

    When we arrived, we could hear people inside and rang the bell. After a moment, Emma came to the door wearing a skirt and a sheer loose fitting white top that subtly revealed her white lace bra. As always, I tried to get a peak at her nipples but could not see anything. She leaned towards my wife and embraced her close, mashing their breasts firmly together and they did that nice little kiss on the cheek thing girls do. My mind automatically went to a visual of them French kissing one-another and copping a little feel of each-others' breasts. God, I would love that!

    Emma then came to me, gave me the same treatment, which I enjoyed tremendously, and we entered the party.

    There were about 10 or 12 people there total, including us. Friends were around just talking, drinking and having a good time. There were some familiar faces but no one we really knew. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and we got a drink. After about an hour, I was on one side of the room speaking with a woman named Renee and Kaleen, my wife, was across the room speaking with a good looking guy I had never seen before. He had his hand on her shoulder, which made me think - but not too much. Renee asked me if I had ever been to one of Chuck and Emma's parties and I told her "no" and that we were happy to be there. She said "they get better and better as the night progresses..." To which I responded, "nice, I'm looking forward to the evening." Not knowing at all what was to unfold.

    Renee and I continued talking and she slowly got closer and was a bit flirtatious but I was not responding with Kaleen being right across the room -- even though she was apparently not minding the attention she was getting. It wasn't that the thought did not cross my mind because Renee was attractive Asian-mix of some sort -- a short, slender brunette with nice-size breasts and a great smile. Meanwhile, I was watching, and enjoying, the gentleman across the room getting a little friendlier with Kaleen. I kept imagining her dropping to her knees, unzipping him and taking his length into her mouth while Renee pleased me across the room, as the whole party watched. In the middle of this fantasy, Renee jarred me back to reality by saying "hey there, that was a deep thought," as my attention had drifted from her. I told her I was sorry and that she now had my undivided attention.

    She then asked if I wanted to go outside to the bar and get another drink and I agreed that it was a good idea so we headed outside. After a couple of minutes Kaleen came out and joined us while Renee was speaking with another guy we had started up a conversation with and I asked her who her friend was and told her it looked like he was pretty interested in the conversation. She replied by saying his name was Jim and that she thought he was really nice but did feel that he was getting a little too friendly and that she was a little uncomfortable. I told her that I was sure he was harmless and just a flirtatious type.

    A minute later Renee came back into our discussion and asked whom the pretty lady was and I introduced them to one-another and they exchanged pleasantries. Renee then said "So I hear it's your first time at one of Chuck and Emma's parties" to which Kaleen responded "yes, it's been fun so far" and Renee came back with what she told me, "they just get better as the night goes on" and scampered back into the house.

    Kaleen said, "that was weird, I wonder what she meant by that?" I told her she said the same thing to me.

    We stayed outside for a while small talking with another couple and a single guy named Tim. We were really enjoying ourselves meeting these new people and taking in a new environment when Kaleen said she was getting a little chilly, so I suggested we go back inside and get her warmed up.

    When we walked back inside we were surprised to see Emma passionately kissing someone other than Chuck. It was another man named Eric, who we had met very quickly when we first arrived.

    Kaleen looked at me with a puzzled look as to ask, "I wonder what that's all about?" I shrugged my shoulders, put my arm around her and went back to my gin and tonic. I had my back turned to where Emma and Eric were making out and we talked for the next couple of minutes. But I kept noticing Kaleen looking past me. Obviously intrigued by something behind me. So I turned to look and Eric had his left hand inside of Emma's sheer blouse and was firmly massaging her right breast as their tongues were now openly exploring each other's mouths. I looked at Kaleen and raised my eyebrows but she just kept on watching the show, so I tuned back in.

    We watched as Eric methodically massaged Emma as she began to feel the obvious bulge in his slacks. Her right hand was full of cock and his left hand was full of the tits I had fantasized about so many times before.

    We were so enthralled by the fun that was happening between Eric and Emma that we did not notice the action taking place on the couch to our left. Renee had sat down to watch the fun between Eric and Emma and was quietly rubbing her pussy from the outside of her skirt.

    Kaleen then turned to me and asked if I knew that the party was going to be "this" kind of party. It was a legitimate question because I have expressed my interest in adding partners to our sex lives with Kaleen many times. But I responded with the truth that it was all a surprise to me. I asked how she felt and she said nervous but that it was strangely exciting.

    I was very nervous even though I fantasize about it all the time and have masturbated to the thought of Kaleen being fucked by other men many, many times. But this was the real deal. It seemed to be unfolding right in front of our very eyes.

    Kaleen then asked me what I thought and I did not respond. I just looked at her and began kissing her very passionately and purposefully. She responded by plunging her tongue into my mouth. My arms quickly embraced her and I pulled her tight, feeling her soft bosom pressing against my body. Over her shoulder I could see Eric still kneading Emma's tits, longing for a feel myself. Kaleen was now fixated on something unbeknownst to me going on behind me -- it was Jim was having his cock sucked by the beautiful Renee and curling his finger at Kaleen as if requesting her to come to him.

    She was looking at him and I could see in her eyes that she was so wanting to do it. To go to this virtual stranger and see what he had in store...or in Renee's mouth. She looked at me and then back at him and back to me and then over at Emma, who now had her luscious breasts, which naturally hung and swayed to the outsides of her ribcage so perfectly, exposed and being sucked on by the lucky Eric and her husband Chuck. Then, after about a minute of obvious deliberation on her part and some important decision making on mine, I said to her "if you want to go for this Kaleen, I am supportive and will enjoy myself, too -- are you ok with it?" Her eyes said it all and her response was automatic, "it's a little scary and I am nervous but we have talked about it and it feels right. Plus I know it's one of your fantasies -- so let's go for it."

    With that, I kissed her deeply and squeezed her tight, pressing my hard cock against her and whispered in her ear that I loved her, told her to make the most of it and turned her towards Jim and Renee and patted her on the butt and watched her shyly walk towards them.

    My mind was racing as she walked agonizingly slow across the way to where Jim was leaned up against a wall with Renee down on one knee sucking on his cock with her eyes fixated on the approaching Kaleen. When she got to within about three feet, she stopped and just stood there. I wondered what she was thinking. Was she going to change her mind? But before she could do anything, Renee stood up and walked to her, gently placing her perfect hands around Kaleen's neck and rubbing her shoulders and down her arms and back up again before leaning forward and planting a nice sensual kiss on my wife's lips. A couple of gentle kisses at first and then Kaleen began responding, pushing her head and lips into Renee's. Opening her mouth I could see her tongue enter Renee's mouth and Renee's tongue circling hers. They kissed passionately for about a minute, maybe two, until Renee pulled back and took Kaleen by the hands and kneeled them both down together in front of Jim and his nice cock -- Kaleen on his left side and Renee on his right. I was standing on Kaleen's left about eight feet away watching all of this unfold. As Kaleen knelt down I saw her gazing at Jim's Cock and licking her lips. She looked up at me as if to half tease me but at the same time ask my permission -- at least that is how I saw it. But when her eyes met mine I simply nodded my approval and appreciation and she turned back to the task at hand.

    Kaleen looked at Renee, who took the opportunity to plant another long kiss on my wife's full lips before pulling away and motioning Kaleen to take Jim's cock between her lips. Kaleen looked at me and opened her mouth and without losing eye contact wrapped her luscious lips around Jim's bulbous head. Sucking slowly at first, enjoying an inch, then two. In and out, just the head and a little more. Then she froze on the head and I knew she was circling that bad boy with her wet tongue. Jim's eyes were closed and I knew he was loving the job Kaleen was doing.

    Meanwhile Renee was massaging Jim's balls with her left hand and thoroughly enjoying Kaleen's left breast with her right hand, pushing it up so it was protruding out of the top of her dress.

    Kaleen's pace was getting faster on Jim's cock and my cock was getting harder than it had ever been at the site of all Kaleen was doing and the incredible vision of Emma being had by two men.

    During one extended gaze at Emma, she caught me staring and tilted her head back as if to motion me to come to her. Without hesitation I walked across the room, passing Kaleen and her full mouth along the way and having my ass grabbed by the beautiful Renee, until I was about four feet from Emma when she said "come closer." I got closer and she said with 110% of her Latin accent, "all the way to me." So I made my way right up to her in between Eric and Chuck, who were still fully engaged on her boobs but now also rubbing her all over, and she kissed me. She kissed me deeply, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me tight, forcing her tongue into my mouth. She exclaimed that she had wanted me since the first time she laid eyes on me and that she couldn't wait any longer. She said, "let's go over to the table," pointing to the kitchen table, which had been draped with a very soft, velour-type tablecloth. She led me to the table, instructing Chuck and Eric to follow. I loved watching her walk with her bare breasts motioning so nicely to her prance.

    When we got to the table she hoped up on top and laid lengthwise on her back and asked me to get between her legs and grabbed Eric and Chuck to resume their attention to her breasts. I gladly obliged but when I got there she asked me to come up to her for a second. I walked up to her and she grabbed me by the waistline and began undoing my belt and zipper before pulling down my pants, springing my cock into view and bringing that big, beautiful Spanish smile to her face. I looked at Kaleen as she was now topless with Renee sucking her tits as she sucked Jim's cock. She winked at me, closed her eyes and continued her pursuit of Jim's cum.

    With that, Emma took my all of my inches at once. Amazing! On big gulp and a long slow release and then back down again. Being in such close proximity, I took full liberty and began massaging the breasts I had desired on so many occasions. They felt like heaven - soft, natural and perfect. As she took my inches in and out of her mouth, I began thrusting towards her, fucking her wanting mouth, squeezing her breasts as Eric had moved between her legs and started eating her sweet pussy. Emma was moaning with her mouth full of my cock. I was moaning in ecstasy and Jim was about to unload in Kaleen's mouth.

    As I enjoyed my cock being sucked so perfectly by Emma I gazed and my wife swallowing Jim's seven or eight inches. His stomach was tight, he was grimacing and moaning, thrusting his cock into Kaleen's mouth and he came with a huge sigh, shooting his first shot into her mouth and the second and third onto her breasts, which Renee happily lapped up. Kaleen's eyes caught mine -- and she was obviously interested in Emma enthusiastically going down on her man. She sat and watched as Emma took me in and out in and out and in and out. It was awesome to have my wife watch me get a killer blowjob from a beautiful woman.

    I wanted to taste Emma so I withdrew my cock, leaned down and sucked her tits for a good while. Going from left to right and back again, paying ample time to each nipple, running my fingers through her hair and down around her swollen clit between Eric's licks.

    When I looked up, I saw that Renee had removed Kaleen's dress and had my wife nude and sprawled spread eagle on the carpet fully enjoying the taste of Kaleen's pussy. This was awesome. I moved down between Emma's sexy legs and buried my face in her shaved pussy and began licking her from the base of her pussy up to her clit, where I would stay and circle, bringing Emma to the brink of orgasm and slowing down again.

    Meanwhile, Kaleen was moaning loudly "yes, oh yes, eat me, oh yes, my god, Renee, so good," and grinding her wetness into Renee's soft mouth as Jim massaged and sucked her tits.

    It didn't take me long to get Emma to cum in my mouth. She writhed in ecstasy, squeezing her own tits and pinching her nipples to my licking.

    Not two minutes later Emma got up on all fours on the table instructing me to fuck her from behind. This was perfect because from this angle I would be able to see the action Kaleen was engaged in so I climbed up on the table and swiped my cock up and down the length of Emma's slit. Looking up, I saw that Jim had gotten Kaleen onto all fours as well and was really giving it to Kaleen from behind while Kaleen had her face buried deep in Renee's pussy. Her tits were really rocking which made me increase my pace on Emma who was thoroughly enjoying my length as I slid in and out of her wonderful pussy.

    I reached down and cupped both of Emma's breasts as I buried myself deep inside her. Squeezing, massaging and gently tweaking her nipples as I grinded deeper and deeper into her; Emma was clearly in ecstasy because she was moaning something intelligible in Spanish. I can only imagine it was awesome because her guttural tone and white knuckles from the tight grip she had on the tablecloth.

    Meanwhile Kaleen had brought Renee to a screaming orgasm and was on the brink of her own monstrous climax from the pounding her pussy was enjoying from Jim, who now also had her luscious tits in each of his hands as she moaned "someone put a cock in my mouth," to which Eric and Chuck happily obliged by quickly moving into position in front of her so she could enjoy each of them as Jim continued to ravish her little body.

    So there I was fucking Emma doggy style and loving the feel of the tits I had lusted over so many times. I was about to cum like never before as I watched my wife take it doggy style from a stud named Jim as she alternated sucking off our neighbor Chuck and his friend Eric. When she didn't have either Chuck or Eric in her mouth she would stroke the other with her right hand.

    I could feel my cum about to blow into Emma as I watched Kaleen slide Chuck's big cock in and out of her mouth until he withdrew and blew his cum right in her open mouth as she eagerly switched from stroking Eric to sucking him deeply until he withdrew and shot one squirt on her lips which she eagerly licked up before engulfing the head of his cock to finish him off.

    All the while Jim was just fucking her like crazy from behind enjoying two handfuls of breasts squeezing and massaging, humping her in and out of her pussy until Kaleen moved forward, slid Jim's long cock out of her throbbing pussy, gave it a few long sensual sucks and laid flat on her back in front of him and told Jim to fuck her tits. Jim quickly obliged and began long strokes between her tits as she enveloped his cock with her soft, natural breasts and captured his large swollen cock head between her lips on each pass up towards her face. Jim titty fucked my wife for about three minutes until she moaned for Eric, who had been massaging himself back to hardness watching the action, to mount her and slide his large hard cock into her.

    As I continued to fuck my Latina dream girl Emma, I was enjoying the site of a lifetime. My wife, Kaleen was being doubled teamed right before my eyes. Eric was burying his eight inches in her pussy and Jim was feverishly titty-fucking her. Kaleen was moaning loudly and I could tell by the expression on Jim's face, as well as Eric's, that they were both about to cum and cum significantly.

    With a few fast and furious strokes Jim pulled up and began jacking off over Kaleen's face, her mouth was wide open and her tongue was lapping. Jim moaned loudly and Kaleen let out "yes jim, cum on my face, cum for me," and he let it go. He came a long white stream across her open mouth and face. She licked his juice from her lips, moaning in delight as Eric unloaded his cum deep inside her pussy.

    She wiped up Jim's cum from her face with her left hand and licked it clean as she finished massaging the rest of his juice onto her breasts, which she sensually massaged into her chest.

    Meanwhile, the site and feeling was too much. I reached around and grabbed Emma tight, buried my length deep inside her and grinded as deep as I could; massaging her perfect tits -- staring deep into Kaleen's eyes as I did. She smiled in return as she leaned into Jim to give him a thankful kiss and tug of softening cock.

    Once she has enjoyed a few kisses and rubs with Jim and Eric Kaleen got up and walked up to Emma, as my penetration was in full swing, and plants a deep, deep tongue kiss on her, which sent me over the edge. With several long and purposeful strokes I buried my load deep inside Emma as I squeezed her luscious tits and watched my wife make out with her.

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    The night concluded with random kisses, massages and other assorted pleasantries until I suggested that Renee join Kaleen and I for a hot tub back at our place -- she happily agreed and we said our goodbyes, which were more along the lines of "see You soon's" and set off for our place.

    The rest of this evening will have to be told another time...
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    But I got the door open and we went in the room – all very worked up, and to be honest, a little nervous. But I had fantasized about watching my wife with another man for a long, long, long time and this was my opportunity. I was into it and so was she, so there was no turning back.

    Once inside, my wife turned to me and said between heavy breaths, "This is your fantasy, Dear, what would you like?" I responded by telling them that I wanted them, most of all, to have fun and not to worry about me and hold nothing back; that I was totally supportive of the whole situation and very much looking forward to it. I then said, "Since you both know that I have masturbated to this fantasy more than once, why don't you just get started and I'll watch and then jump in soon.

    With that, they came together right in front of me; literally 12 inches away and started kissing. Dan's hands immediately found her breasts from outside her soft grey sweater. He was kneading them six inches from my eyes. She responded by reaching around his back and going up inside his shirt and pulling him tight to her bosom. He then kneeled down and squeezed her left breast and kissed it through her sweater as she pulled his head tighter and looked at me in the eyes. I just smiled in response and mouthed "enjoy it..." She winked and threw her head back placing her hands on Dan's head as he continued feeling and kissing her tits.

    After a couple of minutes, Dan lifted her top up and over her head, exposing her perfect soft olive skin and breasts that were still captured in my favorite white lacey bra. Dan's eyes nearly left there sockets as he saw her true beauty and turned to me with his mouth open – to which I, again, just smiled in response to and encouraged him to continue as I rubbed my solid cock through my slacks.

    He then stood up and placed his fingers under the shoulder strap of her bra and slid them down over her arms. I was so extremely hard at this point because I love the moment my wife's breast are released and I was about to watch another man release them. Dan then placed his fingers inside the top of the cups of her bra, which I knew were grazing her nipples and made her shudder a little, and slowly pulled her bra down exposing her hard nipples and unleashing her full breasts.

    Dan immediately seized the moment and took her left breast in his right hand and her right in his mouth. I could feel the pre-cum escaping my throbbing cock as I watched this young man suck and lick my wife's nipples, occasionally working his way down her belly to the top of her skirt.

    She kept looking at me for approval, and, I think, to let out and show me the exhibitionist that lives deep down inside her. She was breathing harder now and I could tell she was really enjoying herself and Dan playing with her gorgeous tits, and that made me feel so good.

    She then took my be surprise and took control of the situation by telling Dan to take off his shirt, which he did, and dropping to her knees. Kneeling in front of him she massaged his obviously swollen cock through his trousers and blew warm air through his pants onto his waiting cock. She teased him for a good while as I continued rubbing myself through my pants until she undid his belt, then the button and then looked over at me before slowly, very slowly she lowered his zipper until his nice large cock sprang into plain view. She then looked at me right in the eyes and without losing eye contact with me she took the head of his young dick in her mouth and let out a very nice moan as she reached up and grabbed it by the base with her right hand.

    With that I had to take out my cock. It was too much to bear. I undid my belt and button and unzipped myself and took out my cock. The head was glistening with pre-cum and I began to stroke myself.

    She sucked his head and gently stroked him for a few minutes as I masturbated watching his cock fill her mouth as her topless breasts swayed so perfectly with the action. Dan was moaning and holding her head as she began to take him deeper and deeper into her mouth until she had all of him. All nine inches inside her mouth and wrapped by her full lips. I could cum at any second, but I held off. She then let out a long moan as she slid him slowly out of her mouth, keeping only the head inside, before beginning to take him in and out faster and faster, as her tits were now jiggling to her increased pace.

    My wife then motioned for me to stand up, which put my cock right next to Dan's in front of her face and she grabbed my cock and started stroking me as she took his length deep in her mouth. I could tell Dan was about to cum and so was I. The site of my wife with a cock in her mouth and mine in her hand was awesome. She really started sucking him with passion and stroking me faster. Dan said he was about to cum to which she responded to with a muffled mmmmhmmmm, which absolutely threw me over the edge. I exploded my cum into her hand and down onto her breasts, which made Dan cum, full-force, into her mouth. She managed to swallow most of it, although some escaped her lips and onto her chin. She took Dans cock and wiped her chin with it and put it back into her mouth and then released him and took my cock in her mouth and sucked me while I massaged my cum into her breasts and around her nipples.

    As we all came down from the moment, she stood up and held us each by the cock and told us how awesome that was and asked me if I enjoyed it. To which I responded enthusiastically to by saying, "You're awesome, Hunny." Dan concurred.

    She then walked over to the bed and laid down on her back, leaning up against the headboard, topless, but still in her skirt and boots. She looked so sexy with her natural breasts resting there, obviously ready for more.

    Dan and I each walked to separate sides of the bed and began rubbing and massaging her from head to toe. I was paying attention to her tits as Dan began moving up inside her skirt. I knew he found her pussy when she let out another nice moan and spread her legs.

    It was so hot seeing her skirt raise and move to the motion of his hand on her pussy. With each second she writhed more and more on the bed, holding each of us by the cock, as Dan finger fucked her wet pussy and I sucked on and squeezed her tits.

    Before long, both Dan and I were extremely hard again and my wife's skirt was pulled all the way up exposing her trim pussy and creamy thighs. I was enthralled by the site of Dan penetrating her pussy with two fingers as she stroked both of our cocks.

    After a couple of minutes I took the initiative to pull her skirt off, leaving her totally naked except for her knee-high black leather boots, which were the perfect contrast to her dark brown curls and auburn eyes.

    Once her skirt was removed she told me to lay down on the bed, which I happily did, and she got up in front of me on all fours. I knew what she was doing because a couple of weeks earlier I had told her that I had masturbated to the thought of her sucking my cock as another guy took her from behind. She was setting up to make another dream come true for me.

    Once on all fours she knelt down and took my length between her lips. Dan saw the opportunity and began fingering her pussy from behind, kissing her on the back and on the cheeks of her ass. She gently rode back and forth on his finger, as he stroked his cock to the site of my cock in her mouth and the feeling of her wetness on his fingers. She reached her right hand out and helped him with his stroke and I reached down and felt her perfect breasts.

    She gave him a gentle tug, as if to say "get up here behind me." He moved into position. Her ass was up and her legs were spread. She looked at me right in the eyes as HCS pressed his swollen cockhead into her pussy. Her lips got tighter around my cock as he pressed a little deeper. She was still looking right into my eyes and I mouthed "I Love You" to her, as her eyes rolled back into her head a bit without losing my hardness from her mouth. After a minute she looked back into my eyes and began pressing back onto Dan's cock until she had all of him in her pussy and all of me down her throat.

    She began rocking back and forth, taking Dan's inches in and out of her wet, wet pussy. I could hear the moisture with each long stroke.

    I had my hands on her swaying tits when I felt Dan's hands grab mine. I removed my hands so he could enjoy her perfect shapes and so I could watch him feel the body I love so much. Her beautiful boobs looked so good being massaged as her pussy was filled with hard cock. I could feel another load building in my balls as Dan fucked my wife harder and harder. She was moaning very loudly and obviously enjoying every moment. She took my cock out of her mouth and started yelling "fuck me, baby, fuck me, Dan. I'm gonna cum, oh, I want you, cum inside my pussy." Dan proceeded to go faster, which brought on, "oh yes, so good, fuck me, so good, sooo good, yes, baby, that's it fuck, yes, my god, so good, give it to me."

    By this time, I was stroking my cock, as my wife had move a hand down to her clit as HCS furiously pounded his cock in and out of the pussy I love so much. What a site. Dan was squeezing her tits and fucking her so good as she was gazing into my eyes.

    I thought the room was going to explode as she started again, "oh my god, yes, so good, put it in all the way in, yes, so good, baby, fuck my, god I love it, fuck me, yes, fuck me, cum inside me, cum inside me yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming ohhhhh, yessssss, I'm cumming," which brought me to the edge as she took my cock in her mouth just as I shot my load. She did not lose a drop as she sucked so hard as she experienced her own mind blowing orgasm with Dan hitting his climax at exactly the same time, burying his seed deep inside her pussy.

    Dan kept himself buried deep inside her wet pussy and she pressed back on his cock, gyrating her hips, milking every last drop from his stiff cock – all the while keeping my hardness in her mouth.

    After a few moments we all collapsed on the bed and relaxed. Both of us gently rubbing her satisfied body. Every once in a while she would look at me and smile and mouth a little thank you, to which I simply thanked her back.

    Not wanting the night to wind down and hoping to get things going again, I suggested that we all take a shower. With that we all got up and headed towards the bathroom. I turned around to on the water and when I turned around again Dan had one of my wife's breasts in his mouth and she was running her fingers through his hair, obviously enjoying the sucking. I immediately moved closer and took her other breast in my hand and then mouth. She had her left arm around my head as I sucked her left tit and her right arm around Dan's head as he enjoyed her right.

    The room was getting steamy from the shower and I moved my hand down to her pussy, where I found Dan's fingers circling her clit. Her lips were still soaked from the fucking she had just received and my fingers slipped right inside her. She started moaning again and we increased our pace. Dan circling her clit, me fingering her with two fingers, and both of us each sucking her nipples.

    She began to shake and moan loudly. At this point loudly whispering for us not to stop; that she was cumming, cumming, cumming and she bucked and moaned into another wonderful climax standing in the bathroom. We had to release her, as her body was too sensitive to touch and she needed a moment to cum down. She stood for a few moments enjoying her bliss.

    Once she regained her awareness we all got into the shower with my wife between us. HCS and I both lathered up our hands and began sweetly washing my wife. Slowly massaging her from head-to-toe, making sure not to miss a single spot. We washed her for a good ten or fifteen minutes until she took control and did the same to us. First lathering up her hands and tending to me by nicely rubbing me with her familiar hands, paying special attention to my cock and balls, which became extraordinarily hard at the feel of her soapy hands. Once done with me she turned her attention to Dan, who had been stroking his cock to the site of my naked, wet wife lathering me up. I imagined what he was thinking. Did he want to fuck her from behind as she washed my cock and body?

    As she lathered up his body, she kneeled down in front of his cock and started massaging it with her soapy hands. He became extremely hard and she stroked him faster and faster, which brought my cock to full-attention. I started stroking my self to the same rhythm and speed that she was giving him. I felt that I could cum again and I could clearly see that Dan was getting close, as well.

    Then without stopping her pleasing of Dan she took my cock into her other hand and started jacking me off. She would alternate between sucking him and stroking me to sucking me and stroking him. Back and forth she went from one cock to the next until Dan and I both came at the same time, showering her face and breasts with our cum.

    After milking every last drop from each of us she stood and we lathered her clean – kissing her all over and paying extra attention to her pussy.

    Once clean, we all got out and helped one-another dry off and retired back to the bed – Dan and I both nude, my wife wrapped in a dry white towel.

    We laid quietly talking for a while. As I watched my wife, I saw her looking back and forth at our cocks. The thoughts of the past few hours were running through my head and I started getting hard again. I knew the night would be ending soon, but I wanted more. I hadn't tasted my wife's pussy and I knew she would love it, so I rolled over in between her legs, spread them and lifted her towel, once again exposing the pussy I love so much.

    I scooted up and began licking her pussy and massaging her thighs. I was concentrating on pleasing her and did not immediately notice that she had begun fondling Dan's now solid cock. I stopped licking her for a minute and suggested that Dan get into position so she could suck him –he happily obliged – and I went back to pleasing her...all-the-while looking up at her full lips engulfing his hardness.

    He was so hard and was literally fucking her mouth. She had her mouth open and he was pumping in and out very quickly as I increased my tongue speed on her clit. She started moaning that she was cumming and Dan's moaned that he was cumming. I licked faster and she grinded her pussy upwards toward my mouth, she was soaking and she exploded into a ferocious orgasm as Dan shot off at the same time – this time burying his seed deep in her throat.

    I was so hard after witnessing this and making my wife feel so good that I needed to cum.

    I asked my wife to stroke Dan. She began feeling him and I moved up and slid my cock inside her sensitive pussy. She stroked him and he bent down and started kissing her deeply as I fucked her. Her tits were swaying, their tongues were swirling around each others and I came like never before. What a site.

    This little bit of stroking got Dan hard again and the quick fucking I gave her put my wife into ready mode again. I suggested that they have some more fun while I watched and recovered from my killer orgasm. To my big surprise, my wife suggested that I take some pictures with our digital camera so we could remember the night.

    So I sat back in the room's lazy boy chair, facing the bed, and watched HCS have his way with my wife, or did she have her way with him – either way I captured the action from many angles.

    They started with both of them on their knees on the bed facing one-another kissing and feeling each others body. Her stroking his cock and he feeling her tits and pussy, mixing in an occasional squeeze of her ass. My wife then got on all fours facing me; her tits hanging so sexily and swaying as Dan again penetrated her from behind. Slow strokes at first but increasing in depth and force over the course of ten minutes or so. Her panting and breathing was getting heavier and heavier with each stroke. Dan was bent over her back, buried deep inside her kissing her neck and massaging her tits, which I captured in a shot I have masturbated to several times.

    Throughout this process my wife was staring deep into my eyes, ensuring that I was capturing it all in memory, and film. The sight of her gazing at me as she was brought closer and closer to orgasm was incredible.

    Dan fucked her for many minutes before pulling out and suggesting that she get on top facing me. She did so and began riding up and down his full length throwing her head from side to side. Dan reached around and gently pinched her nipples. She rode him faster and faster and I clicked picture after picture. Close-ups of Dan's cock buried in her pussy. Shots of his hands on both breasts. Exquisites of her staring into the lens, eyes full of lust and pussy full of cock.

    Twenty minutes later I could tell the moment was close. She put her hand down on her clit and started rubbing herself as Dan pounded his cock in and out of her. She screamed that she was cumming, cumming, cumming and started bucking wildly into what must have been her sixth deep orgasm of the night. She collapsed forward into my arms. I held and kissed her for several minutes, gently massaging her back and breasts as I looked down at Dan, who was now fully spent and lightly stroking himself.

    After an hour, or so, we all showered again and properly cleansed one-another before saying goodbye to Dan, a hung college stud, and drifting off into a very deep and comfortable sleep.
  5. As you may or may not know, I love watching Mrs. Random have sex with other men and knowing that she is going to do so. I was not expecting anything at all this morning, but when I saw what she was wearing to go to work today, my mind started racing with thoughts of what she might be up to. I didn't say anything and I have not yet breached the topic with her. It's still only 9 a.m. here.

    To give a little backstory, she works for a family in their home and the husband had an accident last week and will not be going to work becuase of his injuries and the wife will be gone.

    So back to this morning, Mrs. Random got ready (yes I watched and felt her in the shower) and when she came to say goodbye I noticed she was dressed in a much more revealing outfit than usual. She had on very short cutoff blue jean shorts, flip-flops, and a very tight tshirt that fully shows the shape of her nice big boobs. At first I thought it was because it's going to be warm here today, but then it dawned on me that she will be home alone with the husband all day. And then my mind started racing with thoughts of what she would do today.

    But she left without me saying anything and now she is there "working" and I am home wondering what is going on over there. I know the husband finds her attractive and I am sure he has mentally undressed her more than once. Maybe he is really undressing her right now. Maybe she is on her knees releasing his hard cock from his pants. Maybe she is already on her hands and knees taking him from behind.

    All I can think of is him releasing her boobs from her tight top and squeezing them, sucking them, and her moaning in delight. I see her laying on her back with her legs spread with him fucking her long and slow.

    I don't know, but it all has me very hard and leaking pre-cum. And I cannot wait to hear the details this evening.
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