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  1. I had a dream about you last night. I was riding passenger in your truck. You were talking to me I think kinda making fun of me for something I felt super shy and I looked out the window and then all the sudden you grabbed my dick and told me to pinch your nipples. I woke up hard and I couldn't help but touch myself to thought of you brother. I think about you day and fucking night man. I wish we could just be life partners. Crazy thing is man I don't even know you. You're just so god damn attractive.
  2. I woke up hard this morning. I jacked my cock to the thought of you fucking me. The thought of sucking your hairy cock before you give it to me. The thought of you rubbing your facial hair over me. I wonder what you smell like brother. How often do you wake up hard and get yourself off? How often do you stain your briefs with cum. I want you man. Boots and all. Those blue eyes... god I just want to know. I want to please you man
  3. Going out on a limb here.

    I have a message for Charles Drew in NW Louisiana. (Short, Blonde hair, blue eyes) (You know who you are)

    If you are reading this. I want you to know that I wish I knew you. I think you are the roughest, toughest, manliest guy I know. I think you'd probably be one one of the coolest guys to hang out with one on one. I think about you a lot brother. Your beard is fucking sick man. I know you got kids, I know you're straight, I know you're in a relationship.

    But, if I ever got the chance to pleasure you brother it would be hot as can imagine.

    I wonder about your cock size. How often you shave. I wonder how often you're horny. I wonder if you cum a lot. What you like in the bedroom. I wanna go hunting with you. Suck you in the deer stand. I want to ride in your truck. Side by side. Just two masculine guys gettin off together. Fuck man it plagues my mind. I want your cock brother.

    Idk if you'll ever read this but some day I hope you do. And I hope you know exactly who wrote it. But I hope it turns you the fuck on like you turn me the fuck on and I hope you find me or message me some how. This will always be my ultimate fantasy.
  4. Im a married bi male.

    There this guy I know. We're not friends. He's straight I think. He's probably 5'5 (shorter guy) blonde hair and great blue eyes, tattoos. Divorced. 3 kids. Dating a woman though.

    I have seen his internet and download history from looking at his phone (I was around him once and kinda swiped it and looked through it). He looks at but plugs, and dildos, and but tunnels and he's into anal. He questions it on google "does liking anal make me gay?" He watches porn habitually

    He's really a masculine guy, super into like motocross, he super country, goes hunting. Has an awesome beard. He doesn't watch gay porn but he has downloaded Grindr before I saw, but I have never caught him on there before. He thinks he has a small dick and questions it on google. Googles about his gf having told him "shes had bigger".

    I'd say I am obsessed and want to know how to message him. I follow him on IG he follows alot of like "show girls" and like hussiemagazine, etc., I have his number, I know his email.

    The thought of sucking this guy off is plaguing my mind. He's so fucking sexy.
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