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  1. I often talk about some of the hottest encounters that I remember. For the most part, they are 99% true. I do change the names. I sometimes change something that might give out too much information. But (in my mind at least) they have all been very hot and fun.

    For some reason today, I started thinking about some encounters that have been very disappointing. I am not talking about hanging out at the adult bookstore for hours and nobody shows up. Yes, those are disappointing, but I am talking about it was disappointing because the other guy was lame or something else happened.

    The first one happened at the bookstore where I used to work. When I worked there, the place was always busy and 12 of the 16 booths had connecting gloryholes. The last time I worked there, I quit because the owner sold it to a corporation. It was no longer gay owned/operated and one of the first things they did was "remodel" the bookstore. That meant they tore down everything including the booth area. The new booths had no gloryholes. They later added 1 gloryhole, which is small and very awkward to use. And the last few years they have had a female manager who is constantly yelling at anybody and everybody who buys tokens to go into the booth area.

    A few years ago (so it is after they remodeled) I decided to go there late at night. Most nights, I felt lucky if there was another guy back there. But if there was somebody back there, it was usually somebody I wasn't interested in. College students don't really go there anymore and so many people use online apps for hookups. But I went there, paid my $3 for tokens and went into the booth area. I immediately noticed that there was 2 guys back there. Both of them were in the booths on either side of the gloryhole. I checked out the rest of the place and saw there was nobody else there. I stood in my usual spot, where I could keep watch on the gloryhole booths and watch the entrance/exit to the booth area.

    A little bit later, the door to one of the gloryhole booths unlocks and the guy leaves the bookstore. I had seen that guy there before. He has a nice body and dick, but he usually sits and watches, he doesn't do much. I then went into his now empty booth and looked through the gloryhole. DAMN! There was a beast of a man in the other booth and he was completely naked. I put my finger up to the hole, to see if he would play but he made no move. I watched him for a few minutes but all he did was stand there, watch the screen and stroke his dick.

    There was a thing about his booth though, the door didn't lock. So I left my booth and pushed slightly on his door. The problem is you really cannot see much unless you open the door a lot. So I pushed it open enough to see a little bit. He then looked over, saw me looking through the door opening and he opened the door fully. I entered his booth and shut the door behind me. This guy was beautiful, muscular and a beast! I am 6'2" and he was easily 6'4" or 6'5". He had broad shoulders with a tapered waist. His body was very hairy and very muscular. And he had a cute boyish face with a 5 o'clock shadow. When I had opened the door to his booth, he had been busy stroking his 7" cock. But when I entered the booth, he stopped stroking his dick and turned slightly to show me his dick. I dropped to my knees and started sucking his dick. I grabbed his ass with my hands. His ass cheeks were big and hard as a rock. When I put one hand on his balls, he slightly spread his legs. I grabbed his balls and used a finger to work between his muscular legs. He moved one foot further apart so I could finger his taint and his hole. He was hot! And I was loving it!

    But that was the most he did. For the next 20 to 30 minutes, he didn't move again. It was like he was a statue. I sucked his dick. I fingered his ass. I playfully bit his nipples. I played with his chest hair. I massaged his legs. I felt his muscular arms. During all of that, he never moved. He stood there and watched the screen. At one point, his tokens had run out. He stood there in the dark for a few minutes. I finally dropped all of my tokens into the machine. Finally I stood behind him and I tried to rim his ass. It was very clean smelling. But he never bent over to give me full access to his hole, so I just licked up and down his crack. Finally I stood behind him, my hard cock resting in that wet crack. I rubbed my dick up and down the crack. He never moved. He made no sign that he was interested, that he wanted to get fucked, that he wasn't into getting fucked or that he was even alive.

    Finally after about 30 minutes of worshipping his beautiful body with very little reaction from him, I gave up. I zipped up my pants and I left his booth. I turned around to close the door behind me and he never once looked over at me. But I did notice that he had continued to stroke his cock. I have no idea what he wanted.

    Okay, this is another disappointing encounter. But this time it was my fault. There used to be 4 adult bookstores in my town. But 8 years ago, 2 of them closed down and the 2 we are left with are owned by the same corporation. Where the one I used to work at is very unaccommodating for booth play, the other bookstore is more open to guys playing in the booth area. They have 4 gloryholes (still in awkward locations though). The few rules they have posted in the booth area, they never enforce them. And it is very rare that they patrol the booth area. For the most part, they leave us along in the back.

    The big problem is they are located much further away from my house and they aren't nearly as busy as they used to be. But I do like the place because you are more likely to find guys in the booth area.

    One of the best times I have found to go is between 10am and 1pm on Sunday morning/afternoon. During that time, there is almost always a small group of men. Of course most of them are regulars, but there is usually 1 or 2 new guys.

    So this particular Sunday morning, I was really wanting to get fucked. I hadn't found much luck online, so I decided to head to the bookstore and see if anything was there. Knowing I really wanted to get fucked, I had did a deep cleaning/douching. Realizing that I was going to be late, I hurried through the deep cleaning and getting ready. I took a super quick shower. I made sure I was clean everywhere but I didn't waste any time. I jumped into my clothes, I grabbed my phone, wallet, cockring and poppers. I drove a little bit fast to the bookstore, it is about a 20 minute trip. I paid my $3 for tokens, went into the bathroom, put on my cockring, and made sure everything was good to go. It was playtime!

    There were about 4 regulars in the booth area. I immediately size them up. I have seen these same guys thousands of times. I know what they are going to do.
    -One of the regulars was standing in the very far back. Is is secluded back there. He loves to stand there and stroke his cock while he plays with his nipples. I've played with him many times, I love his devotion to the nipple play, but we are both bottoms. We will suck each other, but we never go any further.
    -Another regular is a tall guy with a nice hairy body. I played with him a few times when I first started going to the bookstores. But he stopped talking to me and wasn't interested in playing anymore. So for the next 15 or so years, we ignored each other. And then when I started dating my 3rd boyfriend, he was interested again. But all he was interested in was the boyfriend not me. I agreed to let the boyfriend play with him, we tried to have an open relationship. But I watched them and the guy got pissed that I was there. I told him that it was a package deal, and my part was I was going to watch (that is what the boyfriend and I had agreed upon). He wasn't happy with that. So the boyfriend and I left. Needless to say, this regular and I tolerate each other but we do not speak.
    -The other 2 regulars were the usual older guys who are very annoying. They are constantly moving around, constantly looking through the gloryholes trying to find something they missed, looking for tokens laying around and being annoying. When they have nothing else to do, they will sit in one of the gloryhole booths, hoping somebody will go into the other side. These are the ones I keep an eye on, they will appear out of nowhere and try to get the next guy.

    So on this day, as usual, I always stand in the same spot. It is across the hall from one of the gloryhole booths, it is right next to a different gloryhole booth and it is near the entrance/exit to the booth area. That way I can keep an eye on everybody coming and going. I will do a lap occasionally to keep an eye on things. And I will often stop at the movie display that shows the box of each movie playing. This is very close to my usual spot, but from here I can see the front door/counter area.

    As I am looking at the movies playing, I hear the front door open and close. I look up front and see a very good looking guy had come in. He was 30-ish, 6 feet tall, 170-ish. He was very good looking, black hair and blue eyes. I noticed he got some tokens and was headed back to the booth area. So I went back to my usual spot. I made sure my jeans were showing off my bulge. I adjusted it again to make sure. When he came around the corner, he noticed me and I saw him give me a once over. He continued around the booth area, checking it out. He then came over to the movie display, pretending to check it out while he watched me from the corner of his eye. I made sure I checked him out and made it look like I was interested. He then walked by me again, this time he made sure I noticed that he was checking me out. He even stared at my crotch for a few seconds and them smiled at me. I was definitely interested but I left it up to him to decide if he wanted the gloryhole booths or a private booth. He turned around and started walking to the other side. That is where the first two regulars often hang out. So at this point I wasn't sure if he really was interested in me. But I followed him over there and he went into a private booth. He turned around in the booth, and looked out the open door. He nodded to me and I didn't need anymore of a clue, I went right in.

    I locked the door behind me as he put tokens into the machine. Then while I added more tokens to the machine, he started to undo my belt and zipper. I helped him get the button and I dropped my pants to my knees. He immediately started sucking my dick. He was good! He enjoyed the piercing. He was able to go all the way down without gagging. I would grab his head and fuck his face. I pulled off and he sucked on my balls. I was enjoying it! But I had to stop because he was going to make me cum too soon. So I pulled his shoulders up and he stood up. I helped him undo his shorts, getting the zipper and button undone. He leaned in and we started making out. He was good.

    I dropped down to my knees and started sucking his 8" dick. He had a small patch of black pubes at the base. The base was average thickness, but it got really thick in the middle and tapered down a little bit towards the head. It still had a nice big head on it. It was a lot of fuck to suck. His head was big enough that it made me gag a little bit each time it passed down my throat. When I would go all the way down, he would grab the back of my head and start to fuck my face. I love that!

    We swapped positions many times, we had sucked each other 3 or 4 times. At some point, I was really wanting him to fuck me. Each time I went down on my knees, I would play with my hole. I would spit on my fingers and rub it on my hole. And when he would suck on my dick, his fingers found my hole and were rubbing it and playing with it. Then the last time I got down on my knees, my hand went to play with my hole. And I felt something wet. More wet than it should have been. I pulled off his dick, and looked down to discover that my ass had leaked from when I had deep cleaned earlier. You really have to make sure you get all the water out when you clean. I was in a rush and I hurried through the process. Not only had some water come out but also some of the natural mucus. It was clean, but the mucus looks a little yellowish-tannish in color. That day I was wearing white underwear and the water and the mucus was laying in the crotch of the white underwear. It did not look good. YIKES! I tried to close my legs, hide the stain. I sucked his dick as best I could without it being awkward. But then he pulled me up so we could switch again. This time, I pushed my pants and underwear all the way down, trying to hide the stain, but he was already down on his knees and he saw it. He stood up and got dressed and left. I grabbed a paper towel and wiped it up. But the hottest guy I have been with in a long time had already left. And neither one of us had gotten off. I left the booth, but he was gone. We had been in the booth for over an hour and it looked like everybody else had left. To this day, I always double and triple check to make sure everything is gone after I deep clean. I would hate for that to happen again.
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  2. My desire to play with big toys and get fisted started with my first boyfriend. He bought me my first dildo. He was about 7.5” and average thickness. One day he surprised me with a dildo about the same size as him. At the time, he was still fucking me at least once or twice a day. We fucked all the time. So, I was not sure why he wanted to bring a dildo into the mix, but I went along with it. I soon realized that I enjoyed the dildo, but I enjoyed his dick more. But when I talked him into trying to fuck me with both his dick and the dildo, it started something in me. At the time, I had never thought about stretching my hole open wide.

    A few years later, I started working at the adult bookstore. One of the perks was we could buy anything at cost. We had a huge collection of dildos and the large ones really turned me on. I ended up buying the Jeff Stryker, Kris Lord and Rambone dildos. At the time, I thought they were massive. Now I think about them and they seem so average to me. The problem was the first boyfriend took that as an insult. He thought it meant his dick was not big enough. I was young and stupid. I did not realize how much it bothered him until it was too late. Needless to say, the bigger dildos did not get used very much. They spent most of the time in a storage bag in the back of the closet. The big toys stayed in that bag for many years, even after we had broken up.

    When I worked at the gay bar, I started hanging around with a different group. Most of the workers were gay, including my fuck buddy that first introduced me to big cock worshipping with his monster cock. There were many times I would get a good face fucking after the bar closed (and a few times while we were open). But the most interesting was the 2 guys who ran the downstairs bar on the weekends. They were a bear couple, and they were both hot as fuck! We were always pleasant with each other, but we did not really bond. They had guys show up every weekend and it seemed like those guys would go home with the bear couple. I flirted with them a few times, but they never seemed interested.

    Then one day, I was playing around in the adult bookstore and the younger ½ of the bear couple comes in. Him and I talk, and he wants to play around. So, we grabbed a movie off the shelf, and I got the key to one of the private rooms. We had 2 rooms that had a tv, dvd/vhs player (yes, it was that long ago), a couch and some chairs. We went into the room and sucked and fucked for a few hours. It was a hot time, but honestly, I always had a crush on the older ½ of the couple. We both had to leave, so I told him I would see him later at the bar.

    That night at the bar, he was working, but the older ½ was working his other job. He asked if I wanted to have some more fun that night, with both of them. I told him I was game. So, after he got off work at the bar, we went to pick up the other one. We went back to their house and had a make out session in their living room. We had a few drinks and they put in a movie. On yeah, another thing about this bear couple, they had shot a few scenes for a bear porno company. They put in the DVD of the last movie they had made. One scene showed a small orgy scene which included the older ½. The next scene was 8 muscular/bear guys standing around a bathtub. Another one is in the bathtub and the 8 take turns pissing on him. At one point, the younger ½ (who is in this scene) starts making out with the guy next to him. They were not the main part of the scene, but you could tell they were doing things with each other. This is when he announces, “Oh yeah, this is where (other guy) fisted me. I forgot about that.”

    This blew my mind. How could you get fisted and not remember? The camera was focused on the guy in the tub, so you could not really see much. I had just fucked him earlier and he was super tight. And when I fucked him later that night, he was still super tight. That blew my misconception that if you got fisted you were going to be loose.

    A little bit later, I started fucking around with a guy that used to come into the adult bookstore a lot. Him and I never played around when I worked there. But we became good friends and even better sex partners. He gave the best blowjobs I had ever had. But the best part was his 8.5” thick dick. One day he told me that he liked to get fisted. I told him I had thought about it but had never done it. So, he set up a play session with another friend of his. I knew his friend and I did not have any problem with him, but I was not sure I wanted to have sex with him. But my friend and met at this guy’s house. My friend took me down to basement shower. He showed me how to use the ShowerShot and we then took a shower together. We went up and waited on his friend to show up. Once we were all prepared, my friend fisted his friend. I watched and they both told me what they were doing, gave me tips and then asked if I wanted to try. I hesitated, so they switched positions and the other guy started fisting my friend. I was mesmerized by the sight, so I lubed up my hand and started fisting him. They coached me and soon I was wrist deep inside my friend. The feeling was so different, so exotic, so erotic and so naughty. I loved it. I ended up fisting before the night was over. Over the next few years, I fisted my friend a few times. I knew that eventually I had to have it done to me.

    One day I was at the adult bookstore, there was this big muscular guy. He was good looking. We went into booths next to each other and he was really into my pierced dick. We got to talking (through the gloryhole) and he asked if I wanted to go back to his place. I told him that I was interested. One the short walk to his place, he told me that he used to have a prince albert piercing, but he had to take it out. It was a shame to hear that, he had a beautiful 8” dick. He then shared that he was married, and she did not know he was into guys, but he loved to be fisted. He said his wife fisted him all the time. We go into his apartment, we got naked, and his body was magnificent. Very muscular, lots of piercings and tattoos. We both sucked each other. When I asked if he liked to top or bottom, he told me that he was not into that. That was saved for his wife. But he was up for getting fisted. So, I bent him over and lubed up his ass. I started pushing my fingers into his hole and his ass sucked up my hand. It was incredible. It was obvious that he was fisted a lot. And I loved how loose his hole was. After his ass was opened, I even did some punching. I loved fisting his ass. I ended going over to his place about 5 times. Always a good time. But I still was not sure if I wanted to get fisted or not.

    It was not until met my 3rd boyfriend that I started thinking about the bigger dildos and getting fisted. He was a kinky guy, and we were always trying new things. One thing I loved about him was how much he loved working on my ass. He would rim me for hours. He would fuck me hard. He would love to watch other guys fuck my ass. When we bought a house, we setup a sex room in the basement. We had a bed and a sling in the room. We also had a cabinet full of lubes, poppers, cockrings, and toys. This when I brought out the bag of big toys. He loved to use those big toys to open my hole up. He loved playing with my hole when it had been used. His dick was 6” and average in thickness, but he is still the best top I have ever been with. He knew how to take care of my ass.

    We had discussed fisting and he was wanting to try it on me. The problem was we had no idea what it would take. He would fuck me with the bigger toys, stretching my hole. He LOVED to shove one of those bigger toys in me and then he would push his dick in with the dildo and fuck me. We tried to fuck me with 2 of the dildos at the same time, but that never worked out very well. The few times he tried to fist me; he could never get his hand inside me. Neither one of us were ready for it. Neither one of us really knew what it would take.

    After we broke up, I discovered the website Through their message board, I found all kinds of advice and tips. I learned about using Crisco, making my own lube, where to buy good poppers, where to buy the BIG toys, breathing techniques and how to properly stretch. But the best part was I discovered guys in my area who were into fisting.

    The first guy I hooked up with from asspig was a 19-year-old kid. He loved to get fisted, and he offered to work on my ass. We played a few times, and he did try to open my ass up, but he could only get part of his hand inside me. Our playtime always ended with me fisting him.

    Another guy I met on asspig was a guy I used to fuck at the adult bookstore. I had talked to some people about taking my first fist, and they all recommended him. He has small hands and was good at opening holes up. So he came over, he worked on my hole for about an hour. He got close but could never get his hand inside. So, I ended up fisting his tight ass. It was so tight, but it opened right up for my fist.

    Then I met a guy who lived an hour away. He had lots of experience and he wanted to try working on my hole. I went to his house 3 times. Each time, he would work on my hole with my toys and his dick. Then after he had opened my hole, he would start using his hands. He was so patient and kept offering great tips. He taught me breathing tips. He taught me how to control my muscles. He got so close to getting his fist inside me, but we had to stop playing when he found out his cancer had come back. He moved back to his hometown and I never heard from him again. I owe his so much for his teaching. But I gave up on getting fisted after that.

    Jump forward to 2 years ago. I was having so much fun with the gloryhole but I wanted to get fucked by some big dildos. The problem is I lost all the bigger toys I had. So, I started shopping the online sex shops. I had bought from Fort Troff before, so I started buying some of their dildos. I quickly learned what worked best when doing solo and what did not work. I bought some more that were a little bigger and then I bought some more.

    Next came the fuck machine. I hated the machine when I first got it. It was difficult for me to use it by myself. Then I discovered that I could point the dildo straight up and fuck myself that way. I started using it like crazy. The more I went, the bigger the dildos got. And then the covid quarantine started and I moved into my boyfriend’s house for 3 months. I did not play with the dildos during that time.

    When I finally started working again and I started staying at my place again, I started fucking myself with the bigger dildos. I had no problem taking them, so I bought bigger dildos. Eventually, after a few more even bigger dildos, I found a guy on Grindr who was into fisting. He was usually a bottom, but he was looking to be the top. He was intrigued by my gloryhole. I invited him over. While I was waiting, I set out some of the dildos and the lube. I also had a stack of towels and some wet wipes for him. I then got into the sling and waited. He showed up about 5 minutes later. He immediately got naked and then started lubing up my ass. He was good. He started with a smaller dildo. He worked it around and when he discovered I could take bigger. So, he worked his way up through the dildos until he found one that just right. He then fucked my ass like crazy. Pounding my ass with that dildo, then replacing it with 2 dildos. There were a few times that he got me so close to cumming with out me ever touching my dick. He knew when I was close, and he would slow down until the moment had passed. It was incredible! Finally, after about 2 hours, he asked if I was ready to cum. I told him I was, and he had gotten me so close a few times. He then started fucking me with his dick. Damn, we had never discussed his dick, I did not realize how hung he was. It was 8” and very thick. He fucked my ass so good and when he got close, he flooded my guts with his load. It was too much. I shot my load all over.

    We agreed that he would come over again sometime, but the next time I would work on his ass. But I ended going back to work and he was only available when I was at work. We have talked a few times; he is still coming over sometime so I can have a crack at his ass.

    So, knowing I needed to stretch a lot more before I could take a fist, I have been buying thicker dildos. I have no doubt that I can take my first fist, but I must find the right guy. Last year, the 3rd boyfriend came over to my gloryhole a few times. He seemed like he was interested in playing around again. I asked him if he was interested in fisting me sometime. He asked if I had been fisted yet. I told him that I had a few guys try, but nobody has gotten in yet. But I have been working really hard on stretching open with bigger toys. He told me that he was interested. But the few times we have talked after that, he was back to his old grumpy non-talkative self. So, I am not sure if he is interested or not. But for now, I keep on stretching and taking bigger and bigger toys.
  3. Last week, I got that "itch" again to play with the toys. My goal is to go wider with the toys so I can finally take a fist. It only took me a few moments to start taking those big toys again. So, I decided I needed some new big toys (it is very addicting!) So, when that "itch" started again last week, I started looking at new toys. So many choices, what do you buy? Do you go for width? Do you go for depth? Do you go for both?

    Depth has never been a problem for me. Right before I stopped playing with the toys, one of the toys that I was playing with was Bad Dragon’s Chance dildo. Chance has a decent thickness, once my hole is opened up, it goes in pretty easily. But the amazing part is the length. I am able to get all 15” inside me. It is amazing to feel getting fucked so deep in my gut.

    Bad Dragon's Chance Dildo - X-Large
    Total Length - 17.5” / 44.5cm
    Insertable Length - 15” / 38.1cm
    Head Circumference - 8.75” / 22.2cm
    Medial Ring Circumference - 9” / 22.9cm
    Shaft Circumference - 8.25” / 21cm

    So, with the new toys, I decided I wanted something with some girth. The only problem is after I get used to the width, I want something wider. I mainly looked for something with a head that I could easily take, but with a much wider body. I settled on 2 from Mr. Hankeys. The Cockmaker L/XL and Atlas LG/XL. I ordered them late last week, and I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived Wednesday. The only problem, I messed up on the size of Atlas. I had planned on ordering the LG/XL size, but I accidentally ordered the XXXL size. WOW, BIG DIFFERENCE! I will keep Atlas XXXL and it will be my new goal to conquer!

    The Cockmaker L/XL
    Circumference near head: 8.00"
    Circumference near middle: 9.00"
    Circumference near base: 9.50"
    Overall length: 10.38"
    Insertable length: 8.60"
    Texture: Realistic skin detail
    Strapon Ring Size: 3.00"

    Circumference near head: 7.50"
    Circumference near middle: 11.00"
    Circumference near base: 9.88"
    Overall length: 12.13"
    Insertable length: 9.00"
    Texture: Realistic skin detail
    Strapon Ring Size: N/A

    Circumference near head: 9"
    Circumference near middle: 13.00"
    Circumference near base: 11.75"
    Overall length: 14.13"
    Insertable length: 10.75"
    Texture: Realistic skin detail
    Strapon Ring Size: NA

    Tuesday night, I got home from work and got ready for some play time. I did my usual run of the bigger dildos and I took another stab at the Hung dildo I got from Amazon. I was able to take it but it is a very rigid dildo. It wasn’t comfortable. So, I looked through the toy chest, and I picked out one that I haven’t used in many years, my Prince Albert dildo. It is about 8” in length and a thick thickness. It originally came with a small prince albert piercing, but it was uncomfortable. I replaced it with a large PA ring. The ring is incredible, it does not move around too much, so I can feel it as it is inserted and going deep inside me. And when it comes out, I can feel it all the way. The incredible part is when that ring hits my prostate, it massages it each time it passes over it. It makes me leak precum. I rode that one hard for a good 30 minutes. I had to take a break after that!

    After that was over, I was ready to cum and call it a night, so I put on a good porn, got my good poppers out and started getting fucked by the PA dildo again. It did not take me long before I was shooting my load. I never been much of a shooter, but I did shoot a large load all over my abdomen. After I caught my breath, I cleaned up and fell asleep.

    I woke up the next morning and decided that I did not want to go into work. I started getting ready when I kept looking over at the fuck machine and the dildos. They were still out from the night before. I debated on if I wanted another quick fuck. But I knew if I did that, I would be late for work. So, I said fuck it, I called into work and I started fucking myself with the dildos. Over the next 90 (or so) minutes, I decided I was going to work on one of the bigger toys. I got out the HUNG! dildo (not to be confused with the Hung from Amazon) I bought when I ordered the replacement fuck machine that I ended up sending back. HUNG! is HUGE! It is the widest dildo I have ever taken, and it is about 13 inches long. I started working on getting the head into my hole. The head is not small but with lots of lube and poppers and even more pushing, I was able to get the head inside my hole. But I couldn’t get more of it in. The dildo was on the fuck machine, and I knew that was not helping me much. If I sat the dildo on the table, I would be able to sit on it better, but I love laying there and getting fucked. So, I worked on it for a little bit but I finally gave up.

    While I had been fucking myself, I heard somebody outside my door. I did check the video doorbell and saw it was the mail delivery guy, dropping off the Amazon order I was expecting. It was a few hours later when I remembered about the deliver. I opened the door to find 2 packages. I put the Amazon box inside the door. When I picked up the other box, it was heavy. I then realized it was the 2 dildos I had ordered from Mr. Hankey’s Toys. I ripped open the box to find the Cockmaker LG/XL (It looked amazing) and Atlas XXXL and it is HUGE!!!! I immediately knew that there was no way I would be able to take Atlas at this point. Even though the Cockmaker is very thick, I was fairly sure I could get it inside me. I grabbed Cockmaker and I put my fingers around it, the distance between my thumb and my middle finger was about 1.5 inches. DAMN! I knew I would have to put it on the table and try to sit down on it. I lubed it up good. I grabbed the poppers and I sat down it. It took some adjusting. It was so thick! I grabbed my ass cheeks, pulled them apart more and I felt my hole open a little bit more. With that, I felt about another ½ inch of Cockmaker slip inside me. It did not hurt, it felt very full. I sat there for a minute, took another hit of the poppers, and pushed down on Cockmaker. Another inch slipped inside me. It was stretching me! This is the thickest dildo I have ever had inside me. I took one more hit of poppers and pushed down. With that, the rest of Cockmaker slipped inside me. DAMN! It was incredible. My ass was stuffed! My hole was stretched! The second opening was stretched. I have never felt so filled up. I went up and down on it a few times. It felt incredible. And it was time to really get fucked by it!

    So, I put it on the fuck machine and lubed it up again. As the fuck machine started, I took a big hit of poppers. I felt a little resistance, so I turned up the speed of the machine. It popped inside of my hole and the machine started to fuck me slowly. Once it started to fuck smoothly, I increased the speed a little bit. This huge thick dildo was in total control of my hole. The feeling of it stretching me more than I have ever been stretched was exhilarating. I was on cloud 9. And honestly, 24 hours later, I cannot stop thinking about that dildo. First thing I do when I get home tomorrow night, I am going to ride that big boy again!
  4. Lately my sex life has taken a nosedive. I haven't hosted at my gloryhole in a few months. My work schedule has been horrible lately. When I do have some free time at home, most of that is spent on cleaning or laundry or getting some rest. I haven't even had time to use the big toys, needless to say, my ass hasn't been used in a while.

    I've been super horny lately. The usual jacking off isn't working out for me. So I decided I needed to have some fun toy time. I had been looking online for some new toys, and Friday afternoon, I did order 2 new ones. But in order to take them, I need to start using my other toys and open my hole back up.

    So Friday night, I got home from work and setup the new fuck machine. I love the new machine, but I did have a problem with the stand/legs they use. I looked the problem up online and it was a big problem for them. A few people said they fixed the problem by using vinyl-covered 15 pound dumbbells. I tried to buy them at the local store, but they only had very small weights, so I stopped into a sports store and they only had 30 pounds weights. I bought a pair, because 30 pounds should be better than 15 pounds.

    I had broken the coffee table leg by using the old fuck machine on it. I couldn't find a stand that was the right height. By chance, on Friday night I had to stop into the local WalMart, I walked by their furniture selection and I noticed a small storage ottoman that looked to be the perfect height and size. The only problem was the padded top, I wasn't sure how the fuck machine would work on it. But the bottom was some type of heavy cardboard/woodboard. I decided I could flip it over and use it that way. looked at their dumbbells and they had 1 pair of 15 pound left. I decided that was a sign that I needed. I bought the ottoman and dumbbells and headed home.

    I don't have the sling setup, but the ottoman was the perfect height for using the fuck machine while I'm on the couch. The 15 pound dumbbells worked perfect, but the 30 pound dumbbells were too big to fit under the arm mechanism. I got the fuckmachine ready to go, put some towels on the couch and got my hole lubed up. It has been a while since the last time I got fucked, so I started with a small dildo. It slipped right in with no problems. But the dildo is a rigid dildo, doesn't bend easily. I wasn't a fan of it when the machine got switched to a higher speed.

    So I grabbed the "smaller" big boy dildos. The first one I tried was the smaller cyborg dildo. It used to be a huge effort for me to take it, but over time, it got so easy for me to use it and it became my favorite beginning dildo. Each time I played, I would use it to open my hole. Friday night, it took me a few seconds to get it inside me. Once I got used to taking it in my hole, the problem became when it kept hitting the second opening. It had been awhile and I was having a problem with the second opening taking it. But I rested my right foot on the stand leg and turned my body a little bit to better line my body up with the dildo. I took a big it of poppers and turned the machine to a slow speed. The first few times, the machine would slow down as the dildo met some resistance. But I would relax, adjust my hips and the dildo would slide right in. Once I figured out the perfect angle, I took another hit of poppers and let the machine do it's thing. I had a porn playing and the top in the porn had a very wide dick. I started matching the speed and rhythm of the machine to his thrusts. It was incredible.

    So after a few minutes, I decided switched up to the 15" dildo I bought from Amazon. For a long time it was the biggest dildo I could use and it would take a lot of patience, lube and poppers for me to be able to take part of it. Even then, I wouldn't be able use it for very long, the girth of it was too much and the most I could do was sit on it and not move. I would slowly fuck myself with it but even then I had to be careful. That wasn't the case on Friday night. It took a moment to get my hole used to that girth again. But it was always fun to take the big girthy dildo.

    So when I switched dildos, I also stopped watching the porn clips and I opened the wireless app for the fuck machine that is on my phone. They have lots of different patterns you can use with the fuck machine. The patterns have varying rhythm and speed changes/patterns. Some of those can get very intense while some of them are very smooth. I picked one that was somewhere in the middle of intensities. It started of slow and smooth, then started picking up speed. The big fast thrust movements came randomly. It was very intense. I soon realized that I was hitting bottom on the dildo, I could feel the balls of the dildo hitting against my taint. Damn! I usually didn't go that deep with that toy, but I was enjoying it so much I didn't realize how deep it was going. I then turned it back to manual controls and let the machine pound the fuck out of my ass. This caused me to start cumming and I had to turn the machine off, it was too much. I laid there, covered in sweat and cum, so exhausted. It was so much fun! I cannot wait for the new dildos!
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  5. Last month I was going to setup my gloryhole at a hotel in a nearby city. The biggest reason for doing this was so I could hookup with the 20 year old from Reddit. We talked a few times on Reddit and then switched over to emails. He came over one night and he was a very hot sexy guy. We've been talking pretty much everyday since then. We had planned on meeting last month at the hotel, which is about halfway between him and me. But that weekend we got hit with a ice and snow storm. So our plans were put on hold.

    Tonight is the night! I've booked a room in that same nearby city. He is going to be there shortly after I am ready. I've already put an ad on DoubleList, and I will look on Grindr tonight. This will be the test run of my mobile/hotel gloryhole. Hopefully tonight goes great and I see a few dicks!
  6. There is very little to report from last weekend. Early Saturday morning, I went to get my 2nd Covid Vaccine (Pfizer). I had been warned by a few people that the second shot is much worse than the first. I am here to report they were not lying! Within a few hours, I kept getting the chills. A few hours later, I had a fever. The fever never got bad, but a few hours after the fever I was back to having the chills. I cranked up the heat and grabbed some heavy blankets and I still could not get warm.

    Besides the body temperature all over the place, I felt okay. So I did some laundry and it wasn't until I tried to fold the second load of laundry that it really got to me. Bending over, pulling a couple of items out of the dryer, folding them and then putting them into the laundry basket was too much. I kept getting dizzy and my body started hurting. I laid down a few times before I would get up and fold some more laundry. It took me over an hour to fold one load. After that, I took some Tylenol, laid down on the couch, covered myself with a bunch of blankets and went back to sleep. I ended up sleeping most of Saturday afternoon until Sunday evening. Besides a few body aches, I fell really good now and I am glad to be done with the Covid vaccines.

    Stay safe and healthy!
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  7. I saw this on another blog and thought it looked fun.

    1. What tends to feel better for you, sex or masturbation? Sex! Always sex!

    2. Your 5 favorite spots to be stimulated. Nipples, Taint, Ass, Prostate and Balls.

    3. Have you ever had your prostate stimulated? Yes

    4. Have you ever had an orgasm from anywhere other than your genitals? I've had a few orgasms just from prostate stimulation.

    5. Are you well-acquainted with your G-spot? Oh yeah!

    6. Are handjobs boring, or underrated? Very Boring! But a necessity sometimes.

    7. Do you like having your balls touched? Yes

    8. Do you like having your nipples touched? Hell yes! My cock is hard-wired to my nipples.

    9. Do you like having your anus touched? Yes!!!

    10. Have you ever been fisted? Not yet. Many years ago, I had a couple of guys try, but it didn't happen. I've been working on taking bigger toys so I can eventually take a fist.

    11. Do you like mild roughness (scratching, spanking, hair-pulling, etc.)? I'm okay with very light roughness.

    12. Do you have any kinks? I'm into a few different kinks.

    13. Are you into anything under the BDSM umbrella? Yes, I've been tied up a few times, and I consider myself very submissive. I would love to serve a master sometime. Only so I could see what it is all about.

    14. Do you pee in the shower? Yes

    15. Do you ever masturbate in the shower? Not usually, I did a few times when I was younger

    16. Have you had sex in the shower? Yes

    17. Do you like being naked? Yes. I am a nudist at home and consider myself an exhibitionist.

    18. Do you sleep partially/fully naked? Always fully naked

    19. Have you ever been to a nude beach, naked party, or other situation involving casual nudity? Never been to a nude beach but would love to visit one sometime.

    20. Are you comfortable with partners seeing you nude in non-sexual contexts? Definitely

    21. Have you ever showered with someone (non-sexually)? Yes

    22. Do you care if a partner sees you going to the bathroom? Doesn't bother me.

    23. Do you have naked pictures/videos of yourself? If yes, have you sent them to anyone? Are they online? Of course!

    24. How many sexual partners have you had? Plead the 5th!

    25. How often do you masturbate? When I was younger, it was all the time. Around 50 times a week. Now, probably 5 times a week.

    26. What position do you typically masturbate in (laying on back, on stomach, sitting up, etc.)? On my back

    27. Describe your masturbation routine, technique, etc? Usually while watching porn, always with my right hand, never with my left hand. Never use lube while I jack off, I don't like the feeling.

    28. What do you masturbate to (porn, smut, imagination, etc.)? Porn usually. Sometimes my imagination

    29. Have you ever masturbated to the point you got sore? Yes, when I was younger and would jack off 10 to 15 times a day, I rubbed my dick raw many times.

    30. Your thoughts the first time you got up close and personal with the opposite set of genitals? His dick looked exactly like mine, it felt like I was playing and sucking myself.

    31. What kind of underwear do you normally wear? Either commando or boxer briefs

    32. Do you ever go commando? As much as I can in heavy shorts that don’t get me arrested for swinging too much

    33. Have you ever had a wet dream/orgasmed in your sleep? Don’t remember

    34. How big is your penis? 6.5" x 6"

    35. Does your penis curve at all? No curve

    36. Are you circumcised or no? Are you happy with it? Circumcised, not by choice. I think I would prefer to be uncut, but I am happy with what I got.

    37. Are you turned on or off by foreskin, or don’t care? Doesn't bother me

    38. Do you find genitals physically attractive, or weird/gross, or not feel strongly either way? I find most penises to be very attractive.

    39. Do you like the way your genitals look? Yes!

    40. Would you be able to pick out your genitals from a lineup? I think so

    41. Do you like your butt? Yes!

    42. What do you do with your pubic hair (shave, trim, wax, nothing, etc.)? Sometimes trim the balls and around the base of the penis.

    43. Do you care/have a preference what partners do with their pubic hair? I don't really care as long as it isn't a jungle

    44. Do you tuck your penis a certain way (i.e. left or right) when you get dressed? It usually hangs to my right side.

    45. Do you have or want any genital piercings? Do you like any on other people? I love genital piercings. I have a Prince Albert and absolutely love it!

    46. What is the quickest you’ve ever brought yourself (or been brought) to orgasm? When I was younger, it wouldn't take much to get me off. I could jack off and cum in under 60 seconds.

    47. Do you ever “edge” (repeatedly stop and start) when masturbating? I've done it a few times, but I normally don't

    48. What’s the longest masturbation session you’ve had? Longest sex session? Masturbation, never very long, usually over in a few minutes. Sexually, about 12 hours. We went at it all night long and into the morning.

    49. What’s the most orgasms you’ve had in one session (of anything)? about 5 or 6

    50. Do your orgasms tend to be full-body, or crotch-centric? crotch centric

    51. Spit or swallow? Swallow

    52. When you ejaculate, do you more shoot or dribble? If it has been a long time, it will shoot. But usually just a dribble.

    53. Is it hot or gross to get ejaculated on? Hot! But I much prefer to get ejaculated in!

    54. Have you ever had sex in a public place? Oh, yes! Many times.

    55. Have you ever had sex/masturbated while somebody was sleeping near you? Yep, I was really good at this in the college dorms.

    56. Strangest/most unique place you’ve had sex? How about masturbated? Many places. I've had sex at every place I have worked except for 2. The boys locker room at a Catholic high school. Numerous public bathrooms. A field behind a grade school. An abandoned house on a busy highway. And lots more places. Masturbated??? Not sure about that one.

    57. Have you had any sexual experiences that were downright gross? I don't think so.

    58. Are you particularly “vocal” when masturbating/having sex? I'm usually pretty quiet. Growing up, my mom always insisted that the bedroom doors had to be left open each night. I was really good (or at least thought I was) at quietly masturbating each night, sometimes more than once a night.

    59. Have you ever been caught masturbating/having sex? Yes. It happened twice and it never ends like it does in porn.

    60. Have you had or do you want to have a threesome (or foursome, or more)? I've done numerous 3somes and Moresomes. The 3rd boyfriend and I even hosted an orgy at our house two different times. The first time we had 10 guys and the second time we had 14 guys. I also used to visit 2 different bars that had "dark rooms" where it was wall-to-wall guys having sex. You usually didn't know who was feeling/sucking/fucking you or you were feeling/sucking/fucking.

    61. Have you ever used a homemade sex toy, or a regular object as a sex toy? Duh! I have pictures and videos in my gallery.

    62. Can a dildo feel as good as a penis? No, but a bigger dildo will reach places that a penis will never be able to reach.

    63. What are your favorite positions? On my back with my legs up on the top's shoulders or on my side with the top spooning me from behind.

    64. Your most embarrassing sexual experience? I used to have a guy I messed around with in college. I thought he was cute and had a nice body. (He was a bear long before I knew what a bear was.) Usually we sucked each other off in a bathroom, but one day, he wanted to fuck me. I was still living at my parent's house at the time, so we went back there. I knew nobody would be home. We sucked each other and then he fucked me. (His dick was about 5" long, average thickness, but it had a huge head on it.) After he came, he pulled out and it was very messy. I had only bottomed a few times and didn't know about cleaning out. I got some towels and wash cloths to clean him and me up. Needless to say, we never hooked up again after that.

    65. Have you ever had any genital injuries? Nope. And ouch! That sounds very painful!

    66. Have you ever had a sexually transmitted infection? Nope (knocking on wood)

    67. Do you think you’re “good” at sex, or your performance/skill could use improvement? I think I’m pretty good. I've learned a lot over the years and I'm still learning. I've tried many different fetishes/kinks. I'v enjoyed most of them, a few of them I would try again with the right person. And a few I have learned that they aren't for me. I'm always willing to try something new/learn something new.

    68. If you had the opposite set of genitals for a day, name 5 things you would do? No idea, probably try it out, take it for a test run.

    69. What’s something you like about your body? My dick and my ass. I always thought my dick was really nice shaped and thickness. As for my ass, I have been told it is very nice. I do like playing with both of them!

    70. What’s something you dislike about your body? Rather be a little more slender and a bit more muscular.

    71. What body parts do you find the sexiest? Hands, Penis, Eyes, Smile, Feet, Brain and Ass (if it is a really hot bubble butt).

    72. What was your most recent sexual thoughts? Thinking about my upcoming trip where I am going to setup a gloryhole at my hotel. I know one guy that is coming over, I am hoping to get some more guys.

    73. Do you ever just play with your balls, penis, hole? Constantly. I'm like Al Bundy, I put my hand down my pants quite a bit. I also will hold it while I am sleeping.

    74. When was the last time you touched your genitals? Since I just got to work a little bit ago, the last time I touched them was when I got dressed this morning.

    75. Do you often imagine people naked? If they catch my eye, yes, I do picture them naked.
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  8. My plans to try setting up a gloryhole in a hotel was canceled when the plans fell apart. The one guy, that I was hoping would be able to visit, let me know that he couldn't make it. And then we had a snow/ice storm that day. I decided it wasn't worth the risk, so I canceled my hotel room.

    Last night I got an email from that guy, he is free next weekend. (And I really hope there is no more snow/ice in the weather forecast!) And I have been getting that itch that can only be scratched when I start hosting again. Also, this weekend I will be getting my 2nd Covid vaccination. So I feel better about hosting.

    So today I made reservations for next Friday night in Bloomington, IL. I'll setup a gloryhole in my hotel room. I'll place an ad on DoubleList and Squirt and I will also be looking on Grindr. Definitely hoping for some fun.
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  9. So yesterday I received the new Fuck Machine, sorry, I mean the HiSmith Premium Sex Machine. The differences between the machine (I'll call BadMachine) that I just returned and this new one are like night and day. This machine is super sweet! First off, it was super easy to put together. BadMachine came with some instructions that were completely written in German. I couldn't figure out the stand on the BadMachine, the pictures in the German book were cropped off and never showed the stand. I finally found a picture on the internet so I could figure out how to put the stand together. The stand for HiSmith is pretty simple and easy to understand. But I must take away points on the HiSmith, the ONLY problem I had last night was the stand. The legs kept moving while I was using the machine and I would have to stop, move the machine and start again. I eventually just stopped using the machine. I did find a few people on the internet that recommend placing 10 pound vinyl covered hand weights over the legs to hold them in place. I do have a few of these weights, I need to find them an try them out.

    After the BadMachine not having any power or thrust, that was the very first thing I tried on the HiSmith. And it definitely has power! Once I figure out the leg/stand situation, I will really enjoy the more powerful machine. And the thrust distance is awesome. It is super easy to change the distance, I believe the range is 1.5" to 6". I tried about 3" and 6" last night. It is very nice to have options.

    The best part of the HiSmith is the controllers. It comes with a wired controller that is super easy to use. It has a simple on/off switch and a knob to control the speed. The machine also comes with a wireless handheld remote that is very small, about the size of a automobile key fob. I didn't try this remote, I was too busy trying out the phone app and never bothered to get a battery for the wireless remote.

    The best part is the phone app. The app controls the machine through bluetooth. You can control the speed of the machine with a simple finger swipe or you can use the numerous preprogrammed patterns. Some of the patterns were designed by the company but the rest were programmed by other customers. And lastly, there is an online message board for other HiSmith users that you can message and even give them the option to control your machine. I haven't figured out that part yet, but it looks very promising.

    The HiSmith comes with a carrying case that holds the machine, the stand and has some extra room for other items. I did buy a few extra pieces that connect with the super easy connector. I got the disk so you can use a dildo with a suction cup base. I got an extra vacu-lock plug that fits most of my dildos. And I got a heavy machine spring that gives the dildo a little bit more flexibility. They also sell many other options, dildos, a vibrator/masturbator holder, etc. So far I have been super pleased with the machine and once I get the stand/legs figured out, it will be lots of fun.

    I did buy my machine directly from the company. It was shipped from China and took a few extra days because it got held up in customs. But it took a little over a week to arrive, so the wait wasn't bad. I have seen that you can buy the machines and accessories on Amazon. I didn't see that until after I had already bought the machine. I will definitely buy the accessories from there.
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  10. I've kept my gloryhole setup for many months, but as much as I want to use it, I rarely invite anybody over. I did have a night of fun last month when I invited the 2 guys from Reddit over. The one I really liked; we are still talking but we have not met again. The other one keeps messaging me, but I soon realized he was a guy I had over before. While he was okay, I think we both had a good time, I am a little annoyed with him because he 1) asked me to do something I told him I do not like to do (rim him) and 2) he catfished me with a new profile/email address so he could come over again. His mistake was he asked me from the second profile/email address if I would rim him, even after I told him the first time that was not my thing, and it really turns me off that he asked me that. (For the record, I will rim sometimes, but it must be somebody I know VERY well, that I completely trust, and I know they are 1000% super clean.)

    I had my first vaccination shot a few weeks ago and I got next weekend for my 2nd shot. But there is still so much to do before I can feel safe having guys over again. So twice a week for the last month, I have been having long sessions with my toy collection.

    A typical play session begins with cleaning out. I will then get the sling setup, pick up the toys to use and get the fuck machine ready. Since I discovered that I could mount the fuck machine to the top of the coffee table and it is the perfect height for the sling. I will talk a little more about this later. But I will start the session with the smaller Cyborg dildo that I got from Fort Troff. I love the Cyborg dildos; they have a huge diamond shaped head on them. The smaller one (which isn't that small) used to take a lot of work to be able to take it. But now this is the one I start with to open me up. It takes little effort and I really enjoy the feeling of that big head opening me up. When my hole does open up, the feeling of that big head working the hole back and forth is incredible. This has become one of my favorite toys.

    I will then use the one I call Big Boy. On Amazon, it was called simply Hung 12.5", but I love to call it Big Boy. There are a few pictures of it in the Toy album in my photos, it is labeled Hung 12.5". Amazon does have a great selection of dildos, but it is tough to know the exact size (they are not all measured the same) and the quality of the material that was used to make the toy. I did buy one that was super questionable. I did try to use it once, but it was very soft and difficult to use by myself. I set it to the side and a few days later I noticed the material had gotten sticky. I had cleaned the lube off after I used it the first time but the toy itself was always sticky after that, almost gummy. No way that was going inside me. I eventually ended up throwing the toy away. So, while they are cheaper on Amazon, you do get what you pay for.

    Big Boy used to be the big toy I would end the night with. But I am now able to take it with no problems. Last weekend, I was able to get it all the way in, with the balls hitting my hole, and ride it comfortably. I even turned the fuck machine on and let it fuck me. I kept the machine on a lower speed, which does not use as much force. When the machine would pull the toy back, I would push off a little bit in the sling. I never pulled completely off the toy, but I would pull most of the way off. And then with the sling sliding me back on the full length of the dildo while the machine pushed it back into me, I would once again get all the way down to the balls of the dildo. I had gotten it all the way in before, but never have I gotten fucked balls deep on it.

    Usually, the next toy I play with is the fisting toy. It is not long, but it is in the shape of a hand that the fingers are cupped together to try and fist a hole. The first few times I played with this toy, I thought there was no way I would ever be able to take this. The biggest problem is the hardness of the toy, it is solid, not soft at all. The fingertips often poke inside where they do not need to be poking. You really must work at this toy to get it into the first and second holes properly. The second problem is the thickness around the knuckle area when you do get it going the right direction. It is very thick there, and I am guessing it is the shape of that area that makes it tough for me to take. But I have been working on taking the toy, and once I get it in, I will slowly fuck myself by pulling just the knuckle area out and then pushing it back in. I do this slowly, letting my hole get used to the big size. Once I can take it easily, I will slowly turn the machine on and let it stretch that hole over and over. I never let the machine go too fast, I am always afraid it will come out a little bit too much and when it tries to go back in the fingertips will start poking in the wrong place again.

    By this time, I am normally able to take the big Cyborg toy. This toy I must really work on taking the big head. The smaller Cyborg toy used to be like that for me, but now I can take it with no problems. So, I know the bigger Cyborg toy is just a matter of time before it will go in a lot easier. Usually, I need to grab the base of the toy and push it in while I try to push down with my ass. The head on this is so massive, it will take some time and effort to get it in. But once I get to that point where the thickest part is in, the head tapers in and the middle part is much narrower, so my hole will just suck it right in. I am usually able to take this one, but there have been a few times that I gave up because my hole just wasn't going to open up for it. If I do get the toy in me, I am able to take most of the toy with maybe 1" or 2" left. It goes nicely into the second hole and by now, it is stretched open. I can feel when it reaches that point. It feels amazing. At this point, I can let the fuck machine go, but if I let the machine start to pull the massive head back out, I must be careful. The feeling is so intense, I might not get it back in. So usually, I will just fuck myself without pulling the head out. Sometimes I can work the head in and out and get used to the size, but eventually it becomes too much to take. I have to be careful about that part.

    And lastly, I will work on my newest toy. It is the Jay XLarge dildo from Hung System Toys that I got from 665 Leather. This is similar to Big Boy, in fact, I think it is Big Boy on steroids. It is a bit longer and a bit thicker. I bought this when I ordered a new Fuck Machine from 665. After I got the Fuck Machine, there was a lot of things that I did not like about the machine, I was very disappointed. I only tried it one time and knew immediately this machine was not what I wanted. Sadly, it was not very cheap. So, I wrote 665 and they let me return the machine. But I ordered the Jay XLarge dildo to use with the machine. The only issue I really have with the dildo, the piece on the fuck machine that holds the dildo is much bigger than the other fuck machine. The Hung System Toys have bigger holes on the bottom of the toys for the fuck machine. I can easily put the Jay XLarge dildo on my other Fuck Machine and it goes on with no effort and it comes right off with not effort. The hole is just a little bit too big. But other than that, I love trying out the new Jay XLarge. So far, I can only get most of the head inside my hole. I need to train a little bit more, working on taking the thicker head. If I place the dildo on the table sticking straight up, I can lower myself and get about 4 to 6 inches inside of me. But the thickness is too much, and I cannot hold it there for very long. So right now, the Jay XLarge dildo is going to be great in the near future, I just need to stretch a little bit more to be able to take it. Hopefully soon I will be able to get fucked by it while I'm in the sling. That will be lots of fun!

    I did order a new Fuck Machine, this time the HiSmith Premium Sex Machine. I was on another website and somebody asked who made the best Fuck Machine. A guy highly recommended this machine, so I checked it out. You can vary the length of the stroke, keeping it shorter (I think the shortest stroke was 1.5") or expanding the length of the stroke up to 6". It also has a bit more powerful motor, so it will have more strength. (These were both real problems with the second machine that I returned.) Lastly, it comes with the wired remote, but it also can hook up to your cell phone/tablet through bluetooth to be used that way. And it comes with 8 different patterns, so it does not have to be a continuous in and out. The machine is supposed to arrive today, so I will have to leave a review soon.

    Lastly, my poor coffee table. I just bought this coffee table at the end of 2020. It is nothing special, one of those cheaper tables that comes in a kit, open the box, take everything out of the box and put it together. I liked this one was because the wood is stained a dark gray color, it matches the bookcases in the room. The top also lifts up and goes back, so it becomes a table when you are sitting on the couch. It works great for eating dinner or when I am putting together a Lego set (an expensive and guilty pleasure of mine). Last weekend, when I put the original fuck machine on the table, I noticed that one of the coffee table legs is coming loose. Poor table, I have had it maybe 4 months and thanks to the use and abuse from the fuck machine it is already coming apart. I now need to fix the coffee table leg, but I also need to figure out a base for the Fuck Machine. So, when I try out the new machine, I will figure out an easier way to secure the machine. Such major problems for a guy who just wants to get fucked by big objects!
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  11. I wasn't planning on doing anything last night. But when I got home, I saw the package from Fort Troff with the Fuck Machine controller had arrived. I've really been missing the Fuck Machine! So I decided that I needed to have some fun with the big toys. That meant I would need to clean out before I started. While I was doing that, I looked at Grindr. I've had 3 different guys trying to setup something with me.

    One of them, his pictures show a very thick cock, has been very flaky. He messaged me on Sunday at 8am. He said he wanted to come over, but couldn't do it until 12noon, after he went shopping. I told him that I would be online at 12 and we could make plans then. At 9am, he sent me a message asking if I was ready. At 10am, he sent another message, asking if I was still looking. At 11am, he looked at my profile again. Since he wasn't going to be ready until 12noon, I did some laundry and house cleaning while I waited. I didn't check my phone until 12noon, which he was offline. Why ask if I can host at 12 and then try to show up at 9? Flaky!

    The other one, messages me every day and every day, he sends me a picture of his dick. It is a very nice dick. But he won't commit to when we should meet. He asked again yesterday what my schedule was for the week. I told him when I could host and he said that looked good. Um....Okay. WHEN??? Hopefully we will meet this weekend.

    The last guy is the flakiest of the flaky! He tells me that he wants to meet, but when I try to find a time/date, he tells me that he will think about it. The other day, he was acting like he was ready to come over. When I asked him what time, he stopped talking. Later he said he would contact me later that night, we could meet then. But he signed off and didn't come back for 3 days. I had written him off as ever showing up.

    So last night, while getting ready, I talked to the second guy. He seems to be ready to meet this weekend, but he wouldn't commit to anything. I told him to let me know, and he signed off. I then played around with the fuck machine. The controller works perfectly. I had a great time, spent almost 3 hours playing with the big toys. When I was done, I still hadn't gotten off, but my hole was well used. I looked at Grindr and the third guy was online. He had also changed his screenname to something very similar to mine. Last night, my screenname was GH⬇⬆. He changed his screenname to ANON⬆⬇. How cute, he was trying to pick me up.

    I don't know much about this guy. He has sent a few pics of his dick, it looks nice. I am guessing it is 7 or 7.5" at the most. He has a face pic on his profile, but it is so grainy, you can't really see much. But I was still horny, my ass was still wanting more. So I told him that my ass was wrecked last night and he could have a crack at it. I sent him my address and he said he was on his way.

    It only took him about 5 minutes to show up, he had been close. He pulled his dick out, walked up to the hole and before I could start sucking it, I could smell it. Oh HELL NO! This was the creepy guy that had kept bothering me on DoubleList. I just cannot do it. He does have a decent sized dick. But it smells (and tastes) really bad. Normally he wants me to suck him and rim his ass. I have told him repeatedly that I don't rim. But he still tries. I've also asked him politely to wash his dick before he comes over, but that never goes anywhere. So I blocked his number and his emails.

    Last night I was horny. But damn, I cannot get over that taste and smell of his cock. Last night, he kept asking me to suck his balls (that's a big NO! they stink too), he also wanted me to lick and bite the inside of his thighs (NO!) and he kept trying to put my hand on his butt. I sucked his dick, I tried to overlook the smell. But then he put a condom on it. I absolutely refuse to suck a dick with a condom on. But he tried that and I told him no. So he turned me around and started to fuck me. He then kept saying what had the other guy done to me. I told him nobody had been over here. But he said that somebody had been there because my ass had been wrecked earlier. He wouldn't get that nobody had been over.

    He sat down on the bench by my front door and I started to suck him, but I took the condom off. He got pissed off because I took the condom off. He wanted to fuck me again, but I told him that I refuse to suck a dick with a condom . I cannot stand the taste. So what's he do? He puts a condom on again. I felt the condom and I told him he had to leave. He got pissed off but I told him I am done for the night. He then took the condom off so I could suck his dick. But he then knocked over a small table that was holding my lube, cell phone and some poppers. I started to suck his dick again, but I couldn't do it. The smell and taste was too much. He asked if he could fuck me and I said yes, so he fucked me without the condom. So he started fucking me and it didn't take him long, he pulled out and shot his load on my floor. UGH! I was just glad to see him leave. I immediately picked up his condom wrappers and used condoms. I got a papertowel to wipe up his cum on the floor. I then went to the bathroom and gargled mouth wash for 10 minutes. I couldn't get that horrible taste out of my mouth. I then got my cellphone and opened Grindr and blocked him.

    This morning, when I left to go to work, I saw he had dumped a bunch of condoms in my driveway. I just cannot! I will never invite him over again!
  12. I have had a few guys ask me where I get a lot of my toys from. I hope this is allowed by LPSG, this is just my opinion, I do not and will not have any advantage of this.

    I originally started buying from Fort Troff back when they sold poppers. They had a great selection for a great price. They stopped selling poppers, but I saw they had a great selection of dildos, toys, leather, etc.

    Over the years, I have bought MANY items from FT. Over the last few years, I have bought many cockrings, blindfolds, jockstraps, and dildos.

    I also bought a few really big items, including my sling/sling stand and the fuck machine. I want to talk about that I've had problems with both of those items. When I got the sling stand, it wouldn't go together properly. One of the pieces was drilled wrong. I sent an email to FT, and they sent me a replacement piece. I had the piece within 2 days.

    The fuck machine problems is more on me than FT. The wired controller, which controls the speed of the machine, got dropped once. The guy who was over for a play session accidentally stepped on the controller and cracked the plastic case of the controller. At the time, it wasn't a big thing because the machine continued to work just fine. 2 weeks ago, I was getting a long fuck session thanks to the machine. I stopped at one point and changed dildos. When I went to start the machine, there was a loud electrical pop and the machine stopped working. I am 99% positive that the controller finally gave up.

    Yesterday, I sent FT an email, asking if I could purchase a new controller. Today, I got a response saying they were sending me a new replacement. No questions asked, and they didn't ask for any payment. Fort Troff is simply the best! They have a great selection of toys, dildos, cockrings, clothing, lube, etc. Their prices are very competitive and they are always super fast with their shipping.

    I highly recommend Fort Troff
  13. I've been talking a lot to the 20 year old from Reddit. I guess I need to give him a name, for now I will call him B. He's the one who drove over 2 hours to visit my gloryhole. He sent me an email afterwards thanking me. He said he would like to visit again but it was too far. And then about 30 minutes later he asked when I would be open this week, he wants to visit.

    I told him that I had thought about visiting different towns and hosting at a gloryhole setup in a hotel room. I asked him what town would work out for him. I already had a good idea where he lives, and he was cool, he picked a town about halfway between us.

    So last night while riding some of the dildos (I am addicted to them) I booked a hotel room for this Friday night.

    I'm not sure how this is going to work out. I will leave work and drive to my house. Do some clean up and pack my car with my gloryhole. I thought about taking my sling and maybe a few toys too. I guess the big question I have is how do I plan on a gloryhole when I have no idea how the room is setup. I guess I will take my regular gloryhole (which uses the frame of the sling) and I will bring some extra sheets.

    I'm anxious for Friday night. I hope to have lots of fun!
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  14. A recap: 2 weekends ago, I met a couple of 20 year old guys from Reddit that were both lots of fun. Later in that weekend, I also realized that by placing the fuck machine on the my coffee table, it would be at the perfect height to fuck me while I am in the sling. It was definitely a game changer.

    This past week, both of the guys from Reddit have emailed me wanting to know when they can come over again. But the one that drove 2 hours to visit the gloryhole has been chatting the most. He started off by saying he enjoyed it but the drive was too much. Which I don't blame him on that. But then he emailed me back saying he was wanting to come over again and he needed to know when he could. The best part was when he said "I really want to fuck you again and cum in your ass. It felt amazing, nothing like ever before." I think he likes it!

    But it was obvious neither one of Reddit guys were going to come over and with the super cold weather, I wasn't expecting anybody to visit the gloryhole. So I decided it would be the perfect weekend to play some more with the fuck machine and sling.

    I got home from work on Friday. I setup the gloryhole just in case. Later, I started doing a deep clean. When playing with the big boys, I don't want any surprises. So I always make sure to do a deep thorough clean. I wasn't in any hurry, so I took it nice and slow. I cleaned for a while, then I would watch the news, then clean some more, then watch more tv, check the internet, clean again. I didn't rush anything. It took me much longer, but I knew it would be clean.

    After everything was ready, I checked Grindr again. I did have a message from a guy. He travels to the area every other weekend and was looking for some fun. He said he was really into gloryholes and asked about the local ones. I told him what I knew, but I also told him I had opened my gloryhole because of the lack of good gloryholes in the area. He said he was interested in coming over, but he couldn't make it until the next morning. I told him that sounded good, we could hookup then. So we made plans for 9am the next morning.

    So I ended Friday night by getting into the sling and fucking myself with the smaller dildo in the fuck machine. This dildo is 8" and a medium thickness, but it is super firm and the pointed head is not huge. The pointed head, when lubed up and placed at the hole will slide right in easily. It is always a great opening dildo to start with. After I rode that and got loosened up, I then put in one of my favorites. It is the Cyborg Exploration 9.5 dildo from Fort Troff. The thing has a wicked big head and trying to get that inside my hole is always a good workout. After the head is in, it slides right in before it gets wide again towards the base. The amazing part is when it tries to slide out, the head is wide enough that it catches and won't slide out easily. When I am in the sling, it will actually pull me in the sling instead of slide out. It feels fantastic. So I lubed the Cyborg up and it took me a few attempts to get that big head inside me, but with the help of some poppers and a big push I got it in. I manually rode up and down it for a few minutes, enjoying the pleasure. I then turned on the fuck machine and let it slowly fuck me. Each time it would try to pull the dildo out, the big head would catch on my ring, pull it gently and then push it back into me. I slowly increased the speed, not ready to totally wreck my hole. Eventually, my ring started to give a little more each time and when I knew it was close, I cranked the speed and let it pull the dildo out of my hole. The problem was getting it back in. So I turned the speed down again, and I used my left hand to guide the dildo back in. I let the machine fuck me, pushing the dildo in and then pulling the dildo out all the way. As I guided the dildo, it had no problem hitting my hole. Eventually, my hole had stretched open enough that I didn't have to guide the dildo anymore, it was fucking me and hitting my hole each time. I turned the speed up and relaxed in the sling. It was pure heaven!

    I have no idea how long I let the machine fuck my hole, I was enjoying watching a porn with Drew Sebastian (one of my favorites). I kept changing the speed of the machine to match him. Finally as I cranked it up to full speed, that dildo was hitting my prostate just right. I was leaking precum like crazy, my ass was all kinds of pleasure and I knew I was getting close even though I wasn't even touching myself. So I decided to see if I could make myself cum. I went to the next Drew Sebastian porn clip I could find, it was him and Cutter X both fucking some guy. Lucky guy! I was really getting into it, watching this guy take on both of their monster dicks. I was hitting my poppers pretty good, feeling that machine just ravage my hole as that big head on the dildo was hitting my prostate just right. Then I watched as the guy in the porn took both of their big dicks in his hole. That was too much and I started cumming. There was still plenty of precum already laying on my abdomen. So I don't think I came too much, but that euphoria when you start cumming, that total pleasure that takes over your body, and the fuck machine didn't slow down or stop, it kept hitting my prostate as I was cumming. It was too much! When the machine pulled the dildo out, I hit it so it wouldn't go back in. I don't think I could take it at that moment. It took me a few minutes to reach over and shut the machine off. And I just laid in the sling for about 15 minutes, catching my breath, wiping up the mess I had made on myself. I turned the porn off and finally I put my legs down and let them relax while I laid in the sling. That had been intense!

    After I decided to get out of the sling (I was still wore out and getting out of a sling is never that easy) I put a towel down on the couch and I fell asleep.

    I woke up early Saturday morning. I knew the Grindr guy was wanting to come over at 9. So I went upstairs and did some cleaning. Since I had deep cleaned the night before, there wasn't much to do this morning. I went back downstairs and check Grindr. I chatted with the guy a few times, but 9 came and went and he never seemed interested in meeting. I never asked him if he was coming, cause honestly, I was thinking about the night before in the sling.

    I chatted with a few friends on Grindr. One of them loves to Fist Fuck. I've fisted him a few times and he tried to fist me once. I wasn't using nearly as big of toys back then. I've asked him to try it again, but our schedules never work out. The other friend is very well hung, and he can be a bit rough at times, but he has only fucked me once, and when I try to get him over again, he is only interested in me sucking him off (which he can be a bit rough with that too). I've told him that he can come over whenever he wants, but I expect to be fucked by him again. He never seems interested after I say that. Finally I realized it was way after 9 and the guy who was supposed to come over had disappeared.

    I was about to get back into the sling when I got a message on Grindr. This guy has been messaging me for quite a while, but we never talk about him coming over. So this time I decided if he was serious or not. I told him I was a bottom and I was really wanting to get fucked. He said he was up for that, he wanted to know if I could host. My entire Grindr profile is about me hosting at my gloryhole. I am not sure who some guys think I am going to host at their place through my gloryhole. But I told him I was hosting at the gloryhole and he said he wanted to come over. So I sent him my address with my usual directions.

    I recently realized that Google maps and most GPS companies show my address incorrectly. Thanks to Grubhub, I caught this error. I live across the street and 3 buildings down from what shows up on their maps. So I have started sending this info about the GPS being incorrect, I live on the other side of the street, 3 buildings down, find the house numbers on the mailboxes/mailbox posts, etc. So far, this added info did not help me with Grubhub. Even though I sent it to the driver and I added that GPS is incorrect. He still went to the incorrect address. He told me after I called him and told him that GPS was wrong, he let me know his GPS is correct. Yeah buddy, it still didn't work and still showed you the wrong address. But I sent the info to the Grindr guy, hoping it would help him.

    If you think this part is getting long, that is because I watched on Grindr as the guy was in my neighborhood and then for the next 45 minutes, I kept asking him where he was. He did not follow any directions. I kept telling him how to find my place and he kept going to other places. I finally gave up and told him that if he didn't show up in the next 5 minutes, I was locking the door. I never did lock the door, but about 10 minutes later he walked in. I finally realized this guy isn't the brightest guy. But he did have a nice dick. So he pulled it out, I sucked him for a while. He was really cold, I think he had been walking around my neighborhood for those 45 minutes. But I got him warmed up and got his dick hard. After sucking him for about 5 minutes, hea asked if he could fuck me. So I turned around and he wasn't bad as a top. After he came, he kept thanking me and I thanked him back. It was then I decided that he wasn't that bad. Hopefully next time he will remember where I live.

    I checked Grindr after he left. The 9 o'clock guy was still missing. But a few minutes later I did get a message from a guy that lives down the street. This guy has been over before, but he isn't very good. And for whatever reason, I never remember how bad he is until the next time he comes over. He is a tall black guy and he had a little extra weight. That part doesn't bother me. I like sucking his dick, it is about 6" and on the thinner side, but when he tries to fuck me, which he wants to fuck me each time he comes over, he cannot keep it hard. And when he is hard, he cannot get in my hole. I always have to aim it for him and when he gets it in, he pushes down on my back and then puts all of his weight on to me and that pushes me forward. I am always afraid I am going to fall and have him fall on top of me. But he tried to fuck me for about 15 minutes on Saturday and couldn't get it into my hole. And honestly, my hole is pretty easy to get into. But he got his dick fully hard and I had just added more spit and lube to my hole. He pushed it in and finally got it inside me and after a few pumps, he was cumming. It was so much work for such little pleasure. After he came, he quickly dressed and left. I think the only reason I let him come over is because I know he lives a few building away and he is there quickly. I just wish he was better at sex.

    So after he left, I decided to get back into the sling. This time, I started with the Cyborg 9.5 and got used to it again. After it was easily sliding in and out with no problems, I decided to move up to the Cyborg 10.5. Same dildo, just bigger dimensions. This one is really tough to take the head. So I took it slow. I lubed it up good, I put the head of the dildo right at my hole and I did my poppers. I then slowly worked back and forth in the sling, letting the head slowly open my hole and work it's way in. It took about 15 minutes, I didn't rush it. Each time I made some progress on getting a bit more inside me, I would sit there and let my hole get used to it. After I got most of the head inside me, I knew the last bit was the tough part. So I did some poppers and pushed down as hard as I could and then head popped in. Oh my! My ass was full! It had been a while since I had anything that big inside me and it was filling my ass up!

    I sat there for a few minutes, getting acclimated to the bigger dildo. I then reached over and grabbed the fuck machine controller. I was going to turn it on. But when I turned the knob, the machine didn't turn on. Instead, I heard a loud electrical POP! Fuck!

    At first, I thought I had blew the circuit, but I realized that the fuck machine was plugged into a power strip and the light that was also plugged into the power strip was still on. So I knew it wasn't the circuit or the power strip. I turned the machine back off and realized that I was going to have to manually fuck myself. So that is what I did, I slowly rocked back and forth in the sling, riding the dildo. Just as when I was doing the Cyborg 9.5, the head of the Cyborg 10.5 flares out really wide and makes it tough to get in or out of my hole easily. I rode the 10.5 for about 10 minutes before I decided to try to pull off the dildo. I was going to see how difficult it was before I decided if I wanted to try it again. I took a big hit of poppers and tried to pull off, but damn it was not budging. So I did a bigger hit of poppers and pulled off. It hurt a little, it took a lot of effort, but I wasn't sure if I was up for another round. Partly because of how hard it would be get back on that dildo and partly because I was so worried about the machine.

    After I got out of the sling, I checked the plug of the machine. I didn't see any problems. The power strip was on, the light that was also plugged into the power strip was on. I tried to plug the machine into a different outlet and it still didn't work. I think I blew up the fuck machine! I was still wanting to get fucked, so I decided that I would have to ride the fuck machine myself. So I wasn't ready to do the Cyborg 10.5 just yet. I have another dildo, which I call Big Boy, that is about the same width and length, but it is more penis shaped. BB has straight sides and the head doesn't stick out very much. The only hard part about taking BB is the head gets wide very quickly, it doesn't have a thinner beginning edge. The Cyborg dildo heads come out a much thinner point and only get wide at the bottom edge of the head. So since my hole was stretched a bit, I could put the head of the BB in easier.

    I lubed BB up, did the poppers and pushed down on BB with my hole. At first, I didn't realize that I had about 6 inches of BB inside me. But when I started to pull off a little bit, I knew that he had just went right in with no problems. I worked myself up and down it slowly, getting a bit further down on it each time. Finally at one point, I realized I was hitting bottom. I wasn't sure how much was left, so I felt the base of the dildo and I had about 2 inches left. I worked it a bit longer, but when I checked again, I was still hitting bottom with about 2 inches left. I then help my right leg straight out and worked up and down BB a few more times, this time when I was reaching bottom, I felt the dildo and I had gotten about another inch inside me. I just sat there, relaxed and enjoyed the feeling. I slowly pulled most of the monster out of my hole, when I got to the other end, I slowly pushed my way down it again. I did this a few times before it was easily sliding in and out of me. Since the sides are pretty straight on this dildo, it is such a easy ride. I was really getting into riding it, swinging back and forth, letting the momentum of the sling do all the fucking. After about 10 minutes of this, I would stop the sling and just lay there for about 15 minutes with BB still inside me. And then I would start the swinging again. I did this for over an hour. It felt so great. I was enjoying it so much. But being in the sling that long was getting uncomfortable. I finally pulled off the dildo and slowly tried to get out of the sling. I was exhausted by then and laid down on the couch. I was in a state of euphoria and I fell asleep with a smile.

    So Monday morning, I looked into a new Fuck Machine. I decided that I was just going to look. I know I wanted one that was a bit more powerful and hopefully had a longer stroke. But some of those are crazy expensive, and I don't want to break the bank. So the plan was to just look and think about how much I was wanting to spend. But after checking them out, I had already bought a new fuck machine (and a couple of new dildos). I cannot wait for it to get here.

    By the way, I have added a few video files of my riding the dildos in my sling. The first one is the smaller dildo I usually start with (the dildo is black). Later today, I will add a video (or two) of the Cyborg 9.5. The Cyborg is a white/cream colored dildo. I think I got a couple of the Cyborg 10.5 and Big Boy. I will have to watch them and see how they turned out. They will be in the Toys album in my gallery.
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  15. I am so tired of Covid. And I understand most people are tired of it too. For the last few months, I have started feeling a bit depressed over not going out. Not seeing people.

    But more importantly, I was missing sucking dick. I mean, I really, Really, REALLY miss sucking dick!

    I remember the first time I sucked a dick. I knew immediately that I had found something that I really loved!

    I love the feeling of a hard dick in my mouth.
    I love the smell of most dicks.
    I love the taste of most dicks.
    I love the touch of it.

    I think I am really good at sucking dick.
    I've been told by many men that I am really good at it.
    In fact, I have been told by a couple of guys that I am too good at it,
    They would ask me to slow down, I was going to make the cum too fast.

    I just LOVE dick!

    And I really miss sucking dick. <Sigh>

    So after only hosting a handful of times during 2020, I decided 2021 was going to be different. I knew if I was going to host that I would need to be proactive about Covid. I bought disinfectant wipes and sprays. I bought some laundry sanitizer to wash the sheets and towels. I made sure everything was clean and tidy.

    Another reason I wanted to start hosting again was because I had been talking to 2 guys on Reddit. They both were wanting to come over. And I really wanted to suck their dicks!

    The first guy has been messaging me since December. The only thing I knew about him was that he was 20 years old and lived 2 hours away. I finally got him to say he was interested in getting his dick sucked and he wanted to fuck an ass. When I asked about his dick, his reply was "not big about 6 inches". His living 2 hours away was the problem we had hooking up. I am guessing he had been stood up many times because he kept asking if I would be there if he came over. Even though I kept promising I would be there, I finally told him if he showed up on Friday night at 8:30, I would be there, nobody else would be there and the only thing I planned on was taking care of his dick. That sold him!

    I sent him directions and I gave him my email address (I don't check Reddit that much). And then I wrote out very specific detailed directions on how to find my place.

    So at 8:20 he sent me a message, he was 20 minutes away. And 20 minutes later, he showed up.

    I cannot see much through the gloryhole, I do keep it very dark, but the first thing I noticed when he walked through the door, he was very tall! I am 6'2" and he was taller than me! I have a thing for tall guys and this really turned me on.

    I asked him if he found the place okay. He said "Yeah, it seemed easy to find." OMG, that voice! It was so deep and it had a redneck/country boy twang to it. That was another huge turn-on for me. He then asked if he should pull his pants down and stick it through the hole. I told him that was fine. He then said "But it isn't hard yet" I told him I would take care of that. So he dropped his pants and walked towards the hole. I reached through and grabbed his dick. It was cold and half hard. It was maybe 3". I warmed it up his cock and balls with my hands. I started licking his balls, I smelled his crotch and it had a hint of his manly musky smell. Not over-powering and a huge turn-on. I started sucking on one ball and then I sucked on the other ball. Eventually I got both of them in my mouth and I started pulling on them with my lips. This was turning him on because his cock was growing in my hand. I let go of his balls and I licked up and down the sides of his cock a few times. By now it was fully hard. I am guessing it was about 6.5" and it was thick. I started sucking his dick, going all the way down. My lips would hit the base of his dick and this became a problem. He had shaved all of his pubes off, and it was now all stubble. The stubble was poking my lips, it didn't feel good. But I kept sucking his dick, enjoying the thickness of it, loving that musk smell. I was hoping he would be a little bit vocal, I loved hearing that voice. But the entire time, he was quiet and never said another word. In fact, he never moved the entire time I sucked his dick. I usually run my hands over the abs and legs and balls while I am sucking them. He left hand was on his left leg the entire time. I touched his hand once and he started to pull it back an inch. But the next time I touched his hand, he just held it there. So I moved my hand and held his hand for a couple of minutes. He didn't move it, he stayed completely motionless. So after a few minutes, I grabbed his hand and put it on the back of my head. With that, he took the initiative and started to fuck my face. It started with him grinding the base of his cock (and the stubble) into my face. But then he pulled back and would let me tease the big head of his cock with my tongue. He would then push it all the way in again. Finally he just started fucking my mouth, back and forth. I did hear him moan a few times, so I knew he was getting into it. But then suddenly, he let go of my head and he went back to just standing there.

    I continued sucking his cock for about 10 more minutes, but even I was getting bored. I did get to taste some of his precum, but there wasn't much there. I decided it was time for the next step. So I got his dick really wet with my saliva. I spit in my hand and then I rubbed that on my hole. I got his dick even wetter and then I put more saliva on my hole. I stood up and he took a step back, but he kept his dick in the hole. I turned around and started rubbing the head of his dick on my hole. He tried to jab it in a few times, but I took control. I spit in my hand and rubbed more saliva on his dick. I then spit again and rubbed it on my hole. As I bent over, I took a big hit of my poppers. I grabbed his dick, rubbed it around my hole a few times and then I slowly started to back on to that thick dick. It felt amazing. He didn't move for a few seconds, but then I felt his hands grab my hips and he started to fuck me. At first, his moves were erratic. But he finally found his pace, pulling it all the way back until the big dick head was the only thing in my hole and then he would push it all the way in. It felt so good. I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart so he could get most of it in me. He started getting faster. Amazingly, he never pulled all the way out. Eventually I figured he was close, he was going super fast and his grip on my hips was getting tighter. I reached back with both of my hands and I held his hands. He blurted out that he was getting ready to cum and I held his hands tight against me. He pushed it all the way in and he stopped. I could feel his dick spasm about 6 or 7 times and he grunted along with each spasm. He stood there for about 20 seconds, and without letting go of my hips, he started to slowly fuck me again. At first, he took it slow, but he began picking up the pace again. This time, it was very wet and slick from his cum. He was really enjoying this and I was too. He continued fucking me for about 5 more minutes but I began to fill his dick shrink in size. So when he stopped, I slowly pulled off of his dick. I quickly turned around and I sucked it clean. It was covered in his cum. It tasted so good. I eventually stopped sucking it when it was back to that soft 3" size.

    I thanked him and he thanked me. I told him to email me sometime, he was welcome to come over anytime.

    After he left, I rested a few minutes, caught my breath and thought about how hot that had been. Without seeing his face, he was a stud! I realized that his cum was leaking out of my ass. I started fingering my hole. There was plenty of cum around the hole and I rubbed it in. I then decided I needed to taste it. It was so creamy white and it smelled great. I licked my finger and it tasted so good. I saw that a guy had been messaging me on Grindr. He was wanting to come over and get sucked. He's messaged me before. He is also in his 20's. He has sent me a few pics of his dick. He is 7" and uncut. It looks so good in his pics. Even though we have chatted before, he has never came over. He says he is bi-curious and has to keep it on the downlow. He is very much into gloryholes and anonymous sex. I told him that I was free at the time. He asked if anybody had been over and I told him about the other guy. He asked what did we do and I told him that I had sucked him and then he fucked me. He wanted to know where the guy came. So I told him in my ass. He was really turned on by this and said he really wanted to come over. So I sent him my address and asked how long it would take him. He said he was close by and would be over in 5 minutes.

    5 minutes later, he arrived. When he got inside, he walked over to the hole and immediately had his dick out. He was hard and it looked just as nice as the pictures he had sent. I started sucking it immediately. Where the last guy had been quiet, this guy was more vocal. He kept asking me if I liked his cock. Of course I did! He would fuck my face while I was sucking him. He would ask how was that, did I like it. Of course I did! He asked if I liked getting fucked by that guy. And of course I did. All silly questions. But the few times we have chatted, he always said he only wanted to get sucked. So I was curious about why he kept asking about the other guy fucking me. Eventually, he asked if I would like to get fucked again and I said Of course I would! He told me to turn around. Not one to wait, I turned around. He felt my hole with his fingers. I am sure there was some cum that had leaked out. He rubbed with his fingers and then replaced his fingers with his dick. He rubbed around my hole, getting that cum on his dick. He then pushed it in my ass. He wasn't as thick as the other guy, but he was longer. When he pushed all the way in, I felt the cum of the other guy run down my legs. His pace started slow, but picked up really fast. He told me that my hole was full of cum, it felt great. I told him to fuck that other guy's cum into my ass. He asked if I wanted his load and I told him that yes I wanted it. And with that, he started pumping his load into me. I am prety sure the other guy had a big load, and when this guy came, it felt really full. He was one of those guys that his dick gets very sensitive after he cums. He pulled out right away. I felt more cum running down my leg. I turned around and got 1 chance to suck his dick clean before he jumped back. He nervously laughed and said that tickled. He then dressed and thanked me. As he walked out the door he said "That was hot!" I tried to tell him to come over again sometime but he was gone. About 10 minutes later, he messaged me and told me that he would definitely be over again! YES!

    About this time, it was getting close for the other Reddit guy to come over. This guy is 23 and lived much closer. He was just looking to get off. Never knowing what that means, I assume it means they want a blowjob. I told him I was hosting on Friday night and I told him that I had another guy coming over. He told me that he could come over after 10 pm, so I said that would be great because the other guy was coming over at 8:30. So I had sent him directions and told him to message me when he was on his way.

    About 10:15, he sent a message saying he would be over in 15 minutes. When he got there, he stepped up to the gloryhole right away and had his fully hard cock out. He was 6" and thick. As I was sucking him, I could smell a hint of gasoline. Figuring he had just got off work, I am guessing he works at a gas station or maybe an auto mechanic. But that smell always reminds me of Ricky, the auto mechanic that used to fuck me at the adult bookstore.

    While I was busy sucking his dick, he started asking what I had done with the other guy. I told him that I had sucked him and he had fucked me. He seemed to like that answer. He replied "Oh yeah? Was it nice? Did he cum in your ass?" I replied "YEP!" He asked if I wanted to be fucked some more. I told him I am always up for that. He then asked me to show him my ass. So I turned around and I felt him playing with my hole. This was going better than I hoped! He then stuck a finger in me and made the comment "You have his load in there?" I told him I actually had 2 loads in there. "Fuck yes!", he responded. Next thing I know, I felt his tongue lapping at my hole. Damn, this was pure heaven! He then rimmed my ass for about 5 minutes. Working his tongue around my hole and into my hole. He asked me to let him taste that cum so I pushed some of it out for him. He quickly lapped it all up and would then clean my hole up again. Finally he asked if I was ready for more. I told him to go for it, I wanted him to fuck me. So he put the head of his cock up to my hole and he pushed it all the way in. Damn, that felt so good. I think he was a little bit thicker than the 1st guy. I definitely felt the cum inside me being pushed around by his cock. He didn't waste any time and started fucking me fast and hard right away. He held my hips tight and told me that he was really close. I told him to shoot it in me, I wanted it all. And with that, he started groaning and said "Take my big load!" I could feel my ass getting fuller. When he pulled out, he did lick my ass a few times. He then told me to clean off his dick. Not wanting to disappoint, I quickly turned around and sucked his dick. It went soft quickly and he pulled it out and thanked me. I told him that was very hot and he needed to come back sometimes. He said he would definitely be back again after work sometime. YES!!!

    By that time it was after 10:30. All 3 guys were hot and all 3 gave me much more than I had expected. I checked online and saw I had a few messages. One of them was from the guy who had just left. He let me know that he really enjoyed it and would be back soon. Another one was from a guy on Grindr. I chatted with him for a few minutes but I realized he wouldn't be able to live up to the fun I had already had. So I told him that I had to go and I signed off. I could feel that cum trying to leak out so I decided to enjoy it myself. So I got the fuck machine out and found the perfect dildo about 8" and a nice thickness. I got some of the cum that was dripping out of my ass and used it to lube up the dildo. I sat down on the dildo and let it slowly slide all the way in. As it was sliding in, I could feel it pushing some of the cum out of my hole. Once I hit the bottom, I slid up and down a few times and then I turned the machine on. I stood there as the machine first started slowly working up and down and I cranked up the speed. That dildo hits my prostate just right and makes me leak precum. So I was jacking my cock, riding the dildo and feeling the cum being pushed deeper into me and also running down my legs. I grabbed the poppers, took a big hit and then put the machine on full speed. It was hitting everything just right and made me start cumming. It was a great ending to a great night!

    I'm already looking forward to next Friday night!
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