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  1. My "straight" brother in law always did border line gay things like pull down his pants and underwear showing me his ass. He would say things like "i bet you I could pin you down if we wrestled, but if I do, you gotta suck on my balls", etc.. When he got drunk, he would get emotional and tell me how long it was since he was laid and how bad he just wanted to get his dick wet... months went by and one night, we were alone in the garage together just drinking beers. I had never tried anything with another male before and I was always curious, but never built up the courage to try something and that night just seemed like it was the time. My wifes sister wanted to have a girls night with her, so she convinced my wife to spend the night in our room and my brother in law and I were to share the guest bed.

    After he and I split 2 -12 packs, and 2 shots, we both were feeling good. He was a lightweight, so he excused himself and said he was off to bed. I stayed up contemplating if should go through with it. I went to the room, he was passed out snoring. When i looked under the blankets, he only had underwear on and they were very loose boxers. My heart was pounding out of my chest, so hard that i felt my heartbeat in my throat. I ran my fingers along his leg and when I heard him still snoring, i continued to touch his balls. My wife had told me one of his testicles never dropped as a kid, but either way I admired how big his sack was compared to mine. Once I was assured that he wasn't going to wake up from me touching him, i put my head under the covers and turned on my phone flashlight under the covers to I could get a good look. He was uncut (like me) and I ran my fingers gently on his shaft. I started to see his dick getting thicker and erect. I jerked him off slowly but kept a tight grip around his shaft.

    I grabbed his rock hard 6in cock and pressed my tongue against the tip of his dick. I then put the entire head in my mouth and used my mouth to push back his foreskin. I ran my tongue from the tip down to the middle of his balls. When i put my mouth around his head again, i felt his cum shoot to the back of my throat after about 3 minutes. It was thick and tasted salty and sweet at the same time. I made sure to swallow all his cum and licked every single drop. After, i put his foreskin back over his head, I felt so satisfied but guilty at the same time. At that moment I was thinking I went too far and should have just left him alone, but another part of me said that he must have wanted it because his dick was rock hard. At that moment, I noticed he wasn't snoring anymore... So it startled me and I got scared. I quickly turned off the flashlight, slowly and quietly turned around to my side of the bed facing the other way. I was so afraid and felt like he was going to be upset, or scream or something, so I went to sleep on the couch.

    The next morning, i woke up super early before anyone woke up to make breakfast for everyone. When he came to the table, he didnt say much to anyone other than good morning. I thought maybe he was too drunk to remember anything and so I felt like I dodged a bullet and it could have turned ugly that night, so I decided to not do that again.

    Things went back to normal for months but then he called me (i forgot about what) but he joked around like he always did and said "suck my dick!" After I told him he was a lightweight at drinking if he was to come visit again. He said something that made me feel like he remembered what happend that night. He said "and we are sleeping in the same bed again, so dont be trying to touch me foo" he said it while laughing..

    I feel like i got what i needed out as far as being bi-curious, so i dont need or want anything to happen again between him and I. Im 35 and just wated the experiment, so i could just say I did it. I think i prefer women over men for sure and just want to move on.. i hope he can... felt like this is the only place I can ever confess what I did..

    If the opportunity comes up again.. should I take it? I have yet to try anal ...

    Anyone else have a similar experience with a brother in law, roomate, or close buddy?
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