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  1. I've gotten this question a zillion times so I'm going to answer it (again) once and for all : size does not matter at all to me nor to anyone in our community. The only thing that matters and can become a topic of conversation is the aspect of a dick. It's considered manlier and more appealing to have a large head or at least a glans that looks significantly larger than the shaft and to be cut as low and tight as possible with, preferably a piercing going through the glans (PAs and frenulum piercings are acceptable but kind of deemed to be the extreme minimum). So whenever a picture is posted on WhatsApp, no one will ever say something about a dick size, although we do have plenty of little ponies in our community. Same for more modest dicks : no one budges.
    People will, however, comment on the cut and say "it's too lose", "you didn't get your son a proper cut", "why did he get a PA, was he scared of the pain?" and shit like this. The ones who have a foreskin that is naturally short are often times teased because the operation is a rite of passage. It's a little hypothetical in the sense that many of us got cut and sometimes even pierced as infants but we don't talk about it in the group, officially everyone got snipped and pierced after puberty.
    Double piercing is a thing as well but it's pretty rare amongst newer generations. Last time it happened was this instance :

    The picture shows the same guy twice. He's got a low and tight and a double piercing across the head right at the age of 18. I know him, he asked his dad for this, otherwise he would have just gotten a high and tight and one piercing like his old man.
    In his introductory message, his dad says "when he asked to cut it all and pieced it twice, I automatically understood". What he understood is that his son is gay, I mean a 100% gay and does not intend on even trying to have sex with a woman, not even once. It is said that gay man, in order to be more receptive during anal penetration, should get a low and tight so that they focus more on their G-spot. That's probably bullshit but some people believe it. The double piercing is more manly and fitted to someone who's gonna fuck guys during the rest of his life, it's also said to procure more pleasure to the bottom during penetration. Apparently it does according to some people I know including him.
    You can sense in the introductory message that the dad is already trying to find a partner for his son who was a virgin at the time, he wrote "If one of you has a son that's good to marry, I have this little stallion who extremely enduring and fully virgin. He's basically hard 24/7".
    Why is he saying that? Well, he's probably concerned because being gay involves finding clean guys to fuck and they're not many of them on this planet. You can empty your balls in unclean guys but it can certainly not become a habit or a long lasting relationship. So I guess the old man is concerned that his son will either not fuck enough or end up messing with an unclean dick, two equally discussing prospects for people like him, my own father, my uncles and, quite frankly, myself, too. The thought of even jerking off an uncut dick personally repulses me, I really associate it with being a child. For me uncut + unpierced = child, no matter the body attached to it. I had sex with unpierced guys (never uncut), but it was strictly me receiving a blowjob while they remained clothed or, sometimes, me fucking them doggystyle and NEVER unloading in them. I simply couldn't.
    This guy on the picture is now 21, his name is L. He's just like me and the vast majority of men in our social group, he would never mess around with an unclean guy and he was actually pretty happy his dad advertised for him on the group. He told me he got into two serious relationships since he turned 18, one lasted one year and one is still going on. He got the first one cut and pierced and the second one was already cut so he just got him pierced (double piercing and everything).
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  2. This message was posted by a friend of the family (no blood relations) who's first generation cut and pierced.
    "Ro is celebrating his 18th birthday today (behold his new watch!). He decided to get everything done like his old man, 2nd generation clean and as you can see, well on the way to conceive the third one. He's acting shy right now but he's been walking around the house naked since this morning."

    Ro's dad (F) is divorced and single, he met one of my uncles on a dating app. He discovered later in life that he was also attracted to men and his wife couldn't get along with it, his kids were 12,11 and 8 at the time. According to my uncle, they had been hooking up (only for blowjobs, my uncle being on the receiving end only) for about a year when F decided he also wanted to get cut and pierced. He was not the first one out of the family to take this step, far from it. He adopted a nudist lifestyle which automatically arrose the curiosity of his children, the elder one being Ro. At the time, he would not tolerate that any of his kids became a nudist as well since none of them were clean and all of them underaged (age of consent is 16 where they live). Fast forward a few years, the two eldest ones turned 16 and 17, they asked F if they could get cut and pierced which made him proud to say the least. One year later Ro turned 18 and was ready and set for the traditional picture.

    I talked to Ro and asked him why he decided to get the operations and he told me that after years of seing everyone naked around the house, he wanted to be able to be naked, too. He says he hasn't been wearing clothes inside the house ever since. Actually, the first time I met him (it was after his 18th birthday) wasn't even at his house and he was very much naked.

    He says he definitely feels like he took a big step, kind of like a rite of passage. He was still completely virgin at the age of 18 and says he felt more confident to approach girls after getting cut and pierced. He also likes the stares in the lockerroom and got quite a reputation at school making all the girls curious to see his junk.

    We jerked off together, he didn't knew a single thing about the whole etiquette that goes with it. F was there too but splashed his load pretty quickly and escaped the room asking me if I could "show Ro de ropes". I later on learned it was the first time ever they jerked off in the same room and also the last one. They were definitely first and second generation clean !

    That's how I ended up mentoring Ro and believe me... it's not easy. ssap8.png

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  3. There's a tabou that no ones talked about the son-in-laws- cleanliness. I've always assumed that the ones that are not in our WhatsApp group are not clean and their fathers in law just avoid talking about it because of shame. I'm still pretty sure it's the case for most of them. Sometimes you hear something like "he's clean, I checked, but he doesn't want any pictures taken" or "he's not into our lifestyle"...
    One thing is for sure : whenever there's one that's willing to have a picture taken, you best believe the father in law will plaster it all over the group. This one got done at the age of 35 and asked one my distant relative's daughter's hand to her dad while being fully naked in front of hi for the first time. He allowed him to post a headless picture. I wish he was as "sexually fluid" as most of us but it's not the case. No opportunity to expand my fuck-pool ...
    The second message is from him, he jokingly says "It was not that big of a deal (the proposal I mean!)".
    I once witnessed a heated argument during a family dinner in which an in-law said that our lifestyle is weird and circoncision as well as piercing a "barbaric tradition". Needless to say we haven't heard of him ever since. I understand people can be shocked because all of it is quite frankly unheard of, however, that's ignoring the beautiful part of it. Later on, in this conversation, people asked the new group member what made him take this decision and he said he found that bound between all men in the family beautiful (especially since his relationship with his own father is cold at best, if not distant). He said that the fact that everyone, no matter their age or background or sexual orientation goes through the same process is bringing people together. When asked about his hypothetical future sons, he said he would not impose that to them at birth but will definitely have a talk about it once they hit 15 and repeat exactly the same thing about the bond and the fact that he got it done at age 35 so he knows about the pain and discomfort but that's going to be something him and his future sons will have in common and will bring them together.

    It really seems like the more stuck up the household they grew up in, the quicker the in-laws adhere to our way of living. This one, for instance, has never been seen wearing clothes at home ever since. Quite normally, he happened to have gotten hard at times (like any other man would) and I've heard he's got a monster. His wife has several younger brothers and, being horny teenagers, they lured him into a circle jerk which he gladly joined but politely refused to go any further than that. ssap7.png
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  4. I've been receiving comments from people about my family's WhatsApp group, some jokingly asking if they could get invited to the group, others shocked by its content.
    So, to be clear : there are several groups and they do not have the same content, obviously.
    There's a group for the whole family, this one is not "raunchy" except if you categorise vacation pictures of nudist people raunchy.
    Then there's the group for men older than 18. This one is a bit raunchy because new members usually post a dick pic of their (newly) cut and pierced tool upon joining. However, it's not the groupe main purpose and, although I have a big extended family, it never happens more than twice or three times a years that some cousin or distant cousin turns 18.

    I had to scroll a lot to find these screen caps :

    The first one if the one that launched the whole "I was born a man thing". On top of that, that one JJ is hung like a mofo but it's considered very rude to comment on someone's dick size so you won't find anything of that sort on the group. We sometimes make allusions to it when we're talking face to face but only amongst younger dudes.

    Other Interesting fact : dads congratulating each other every time one of their sons join as if they were the one who had to undergo the procedures. Anyways, it's customary to congratulate the dad and not the son so we all do it.
    There was no WhatsApp group back when I turned 18 so I never got to face that. As I already explained earlier, usually the surgery (cut and pierced) happen at the same time around the age of 17 so that it's all ready by the time the guy hits 18. I got mine done at birth so I don't really know how it feels but some cousins told me it hurts like a mother fucker.
    All my brothers got it done as infants but the WhatsApp group already existed when my little bro turned 18 and Dad wasn't about missing an occasion to get congratulated so he got added to the group on the day of his 18th birthday. Problem : he had no picture to share because he's not the type of guy who takes dick pics. I remember that day as if it was yesterday, he was only wearing his sleeping underwear (in our households we were only authorised to be nudists after the age of 18), he pulled the elastic band real quick,Dad took a picture and sent it. Here it is :

    It was only after that, that we realised that there was no point in him wearing his underwear anyways, we could have taken a full frontal naked picture. It took two minutes for us to readjust to him being "a man" now, and then Dad pronounced that very same sentence he told me and all my other brothers "Take that off and give it to me!" (referring to the boxer briefs). And then he symbolically threw it in the fireplace (which did not happen when I turned 18 since my birthday is in summer and therefore the fireplace was not on).
    I have never since my younger brother (or any of my brothers) clothed in the house ever again. Not even once.

    Then there are some who get it done around the age of 15 because that used to be the "normal" age back when my dad and all generations above) got it done. However, they still have to wait to be 18 to get introduced to the group and be considered "men". Why so, might you ask? Well, becoming a man is also about using that brand new tool ! This oftentimes involves having someone showing you the ropes which, in 2021, can only legally happen after you turned 18. That's why I got introduced to JP at the age of 18 although my dick had been ready (and my virginity lost) long before.
    We met JP "by accident" at the gym, however, now WhatsApp makes it so much easier to recruit a mentor, but that's a mother story.

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  5. I got a shit load of questions about this "fact of nature" that's so common in my family but actually pretty rare amongst the overall human population.

    " Howcome one dick can look cut without having ever been cut?"

    Well, here's a picture I found right here on a (very hot) thread about hung asian guys. According to some LPSG members, the name of this hung cutie is ye0700 :


    Here's the link to the forum : Photo - Asians!

    You're welcum !

    So why am I showing you this picture. First, because I thought you might like a nice cock, and second because it's a very compelling example of what I'm about to explain.
    See, I (unfortunately) don't know this guy, but, in my experience, I can vouch with almost complete certainty that he's uncut. I've seen so many dicks like his before, I'm pretty sure he's uncut but looks very much cut with no extra skin an probably slightly more difficulty to jerk off although he seems to be very fine with it.

    As you may already know, my family is (very remotely) from asian descent and has pretty strong genes. It seems to be something more frequent with Asian guys than any other ethnicity. Asian cocks seem to have bigger heads so the skin doesn't cover it and rolls back giving their cock a "cut look". Here's another example from the same forum, named Thanaphat Benz, once again, you're welcum :

    Benz-Thanaphat-Gets-Naked-In-A-Sexy-Shoot-2.jpg Benz-Thanaphat-Gets-Naked-In-A-Sexy-Shoot-3.jpg Benz-Thanaphat-Gets-Naked-In-A-Sexy-Shoot-7.jpg

    On top of that, asian guys tend to be growers rather than showers, so, when they're hard, they sometimes "fall short" of skin, if I can say so, here's the same guy hard :

    6D97306B-9EF2-4D1A-8295-B89B3ABBF5AB.jpeg 20210426_202613.jpg

    Of course, there are drastic variations from one individual to another.

    Here are many more examples :

    nT_1xkjyfusz28xue1zckq3vpge.jpg nT_6ci1018vx8yfeq4d75j9qe6i.jpg

    Now if you add to that mix that my great grandpa had the ultimate case of aposthia, which is a very rare "condition" that consists in not having a foreskin at all (at birth). He married, as I already mentioned in a previous post, an asian woman from a demographic that obviously and overwhelmingly shows the heaviest form of the traits I mentioned above. I've seen old pictures, these people intermarried for centuries and have the ultimate short foreskin-huge mushroom head combo you could imagine.

    Then my grandpa (his son) married a woman who's dad also was an aposthic white male (which was not a coincidence if you wonder) and had also married a woman from this tribe. This intermarrying (fortunately) stopped there though although my mom also has a little bit of genes from this tribe.

    And all of this lead to a growing trend on our WhatsApp groups : whenever a cousin that doesn't need a cut turns 18 and someone asks how it feels to be a man (a way to ask how the operation went) , they answer "Bitch,I was born a man !", usually giving proof of it soft and hard
    Short-foreskin.jpg Sans titre.jpg

    Extra piercing in the frenulum because they have a one and want to flaunt it, of course.
    Also, "I was born a man" is obviously humour and exaggeration because half of them were born with a completely normal foreskin that just never grew up and left their heads bare at age 13 or so. Only half of them can actually say they were going to look "naturally cut" from the get go.
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  6. We do not have many female members in our family but we still have some. And this past year has been pretty loaded in terms of weddings amongst the few women. And a wedding usually means someone is about to get cut and pierced. I could gather a few pictures of these new proud family members (no pun intended). Some of them go all in, some of them only go for something symbolic just to say they did. Some others just do what they're told.

    Here's one who got it done a long time ago (cut and pierced) :



    The hardest part for them is to show it to the rest of their future male relatives afterwards so that they can see that their beloved sister/daughter/cousin isn't marrying a guy that's not clean. It's easy when the household is nudist and has a private poll (like mine), it's more difficult in houses where people are not randomly naked all the time. Thank God for WhatsApp groups though ! Nowadays it's become completely acceptable to just post a dick pic on certain groups (the ones gathering adults only) and a caption saying "finally healed !" with a champagne emoji. Then people will compliment on it and everyone will know it's done. That's also how I end up having these pictures. Just like this one :


    If you ask their wives if they had sex before their man got cut and pierced they will say "no, never !" with a smirk that means yes. Although I'm 100% certain none of them would blow an uncut dick and at least half of them wouldn't even touch it. Thank lord for condoms and anal !

    Many of them told me they would cruise for one night stands on specialised forums and apps where all guys are pierced. One found love on there.
    The other ones just sat down in front of their man and told them that it was going to be mandatory for their relationship to move forward. Same for gay guys (my brother is one of them) except that, even in Europe, they're oftentimes already cut so there's just the piercing to get done.

    The best is re-marriages. Don't get me wrong, I do not wish divorce upon anyone, however....usually these men already have kids form a first marriage. And 90% of cases, if their sons are still living at home at the moment their dad gets remarried, you best believe they will all go and get cut and pierced at the same time. It's not mandatory but, experience shows that when your old man is doing it, there's a force that pushes you to do it. This is how we got this four years ago :


    Since he's not blood related to me, I fucked the shit out of him during a whole summer. Taught him how to suck my cock, drink my cum and made him blow his load handsfree at the back of my car.
    Frenulum piercing is their thing. I call it "the bare minimum". They get this just to say they have a pierced dick and come and play with the rest of us.
    It's always the same, first threesome with a guy and a girl and then, slowly but surely, they realise that everyone on this planet is bi, including themselves.
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  7. The main difference between the sex JP and I used to have and the one we've been having during the past year is that now, sometimes, we actually "make love" if I can say so.
    This time, when he took me in front of my wife, I ended up riding his cock while he was sitting on a chair. Something we would do extremely rarely when we first met, more than a decade ago. He likes it because it makes him feel like we're doing something deviant and perverted, having me "behaving like a woman" as he puts it. We also kiss a lot more, profusely actually, which almost never happened before. I've always known he enjoyed fucking me and he always knew I enjoyed it as well. I mean, the whole goal of his "mission" back when I was 18, was to show me how to give and take pleasure. At that time we would express that pleasure during the act by moaning and talking but never outside of sex. He would never send dirty messages or say anything lewd, nothing that would make me or anyone else believe he was seeking these encounters or doing anything else than his duty.

    At that time, I would send him a message every time I was planning on coming back to my hometown and we would set a time and a date for what he called "a visit" the way we would have done it with a doctor's assistant. He's always been extremely punctual. We would meet in my bedroom or his, sometime in deserted public spaces when he felt like to. He would first have me undress completely, at that point I was always expected to be fully soft but I was always hard. He would smirk and tell me I was a perv, insinuating that I liked our "appointements"way more than I should. Then he would feel my balls, to "check if there's anything wrong" and comment on my pubes that should always be taken care of. He taught me to trim and shave while still leaving some, first because a man is supposed to have hair (according to him) and also because pubes enhance pleasure while penetrating someone (which is true, except that he ever ever let me penetrate him but expected me to penetrate other people, especially girls). Then he would check my hole and sometimes eat it and finger it. He would finally move on to the main "lesson of the day" when there was one. He taught me how to blow a dick, how to jerk off as well, how to prep for anal, twelve different positions. We also worked a lot on finding my G-spot. He also expected me to be very vocal with how I felt. At first I was rather shy, then little by little I became loud and talkative. First he had to give me incentive, asked me questions like "how does it feel", "do you like that dick?". He also taught me a whole list of rules for "sexual etiquette" that are not compulsory at all but really turn me on. It turns me on to abide by them and it turns me on to violate them from time to time. It was never said out loud but I'm sure that's their main purpose : turning people on. Here are some of them :
    - When with an older man, the younger one gets fully undressed first, then it's up to the older one to decide whether he wants to keep his clothes on or not.
    - Never ejaculate in another man's hole.
    - Make sure no one ejaculates in you.
    - The older man doesn't do blowjobs.
    - The older man doesn't bottom.
    - All ejaculations must be hands free (pull out and handsfree cum by flexing for tops and prostatic orgasm for bottoms).
    - The top can come as many times as he wants as long as the bottom comes at least once.
    - Do not ejaculate in a woman that's not your wife (except in her mouth).
    - When sharing a partner (man or woman) with other dudes, do not stick your dick in a hole that's already sullied by someone else's cum.
    - When sharing a girl with other dudes, the official boyfriend or husband is the only one getting the pussy. If there's none, the oldest one can claim the pussy just for himself.

    Now that I have orgies more often than ever, I realised everyone around me knows these rules. As I already wrote in a previous post, JP was introduced to me by my father who simply told me that, if I wanted to, JP would teach me all I needed to know about sex in a practical manner. Dad was doing the same with JP's elder son who's my age. My two elder brothers also had a "JP" to initiate them. We talked about it once, during lockdown. My older brother's mentor was a 40 year old guy named H that I've met several times without ever knowing about their special bond. My brother is almost forty himself now and H almost 70 but they did keep on having sex from time to time for several decades. My second brother also keeps on having encounters with his mentor for years.
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  8. As you might have guessed, I'm not jealous at all, There are rules though. First, As I said, she's not allowed to have sex with any other man during what we call "mating season" which is going to happen every time we will try to conceive a child. Apparently I'm pretty good at this because it took me only a month (one cycle) for the first one. She stopped straying one month before quitting the pill though, so that's a total of two months on her part.
    The second rule is that she can only have sex with clean guys (cut and pierced) and that these guys cannot cum inside her.
    The third rule is that she can only have anal sex with those who are younger than me. The older ones can have her in the pussy. This third rule seems strange but I actually know all the guys she has sex with and none of my juniors would penetrate her pussy anyways. Even my older brothers and cousins wouldn't. Only my uncles assert their "dominance" this way.

    She really enjoys this transgression. She comes from a very "normal" family and finds relief in this "free for all". It definitely makes our sex life as a couple way more interesting. Most of the time it's still only the two of us and 100% vaginal. The best fucks is when she's all worked up from having being fucked in the ass by someone else and unable to cum. Then she crawls back to me, even hours later, so that I cas finish her. She can never reach orgasm through anal, she has to get some pussy action for that. Whenever we're two or three guys taking turns on her, I get in last because I get the pussy and she usually comes like a machine during the whole thing.
    Even after several years now, we still fuck once a day on the average. Sometimes not at all on certain busy weekdays but then we make it up on weekends. "Mating season" fortunately happened at a moment we were not busy at work (lockdown) so we just fucked over and over again. She has a very tiny pussy that wraps around my dick like a condom, unfortunately a bit too short to go balls deep. Of course I had to come inside her each time which was great and challenging. On one hand I never had that much sexual stimulation (I usually come outside handsfree on Round-1 so I can go for Round-2 right away). On the other hand, getting it hard three times a day in these conditions was not easy. Being both at home 24/7 and naked (as usual), she was clinging on to my dick like a crackhead on her pipe. I was only able to give it to her morning, lunch and dinner, once I managed to squeeze a fourth time during the afternoon, but not more. And my balls were drained. This lasted for a week (ovulation period) and after some time she proudly announced that I had successfully knocked her up. It felt like a relief because I did not know if I could have gone for another week like this, even a month later.

    I decided to gratify her with a last treat before she became "too pregnant" and took her to my hometown for a sleepover at my dad's home.
    Now that no-one's underaged anymore, the rule at Dad's home is simple : whatever you do behind closed doors is private, if you leave the door open or slightly open, then it becomes everyone's thing and anyone can join. You'd think we would jump right in and have our first fuck out there in public but that's not what happened. JP was there to drop his youngest son (the one whose cherry I popped in a soccer locker room) and I wasn't about to miss an opportunity to get his dick. So I took him to my room and she followed us as she knew what was going to happen. We closed the door, she sat on an armchair, we went straight to the bed. It was the first time she met him and she was about to watch him fuck me.
    She had already seen his dick though. How? Well, now that JP and I are more or less equals, he has become more sexual about it. He sends me pictures of his dick (finally after years of me begging !) and he does way more dirty talk. He still thinks that I'm only there to make him cum but at least now he finishes me every time without me having to ask.

    Here's a picture I got for my birthday :


    So she watched how he got me to undress in front of him. She saw how he eats my ass and spits on it. She heard me moan as he slid in my hole. She wanted to join but she couldn't.
    He said he had missed my hole, I bet he did !
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  9. I just realised that I never posted the follow up of my previous post. Sorry, this year has been bumpy for me !

    I got married twice in a sense ! I got "normally" married to the woman I love and sorta got married to JP. I say "sorta" because, after years of being estranged, we now are back to having sex pretty regularly (my wife knows -and watches sometimes-). JP finally got out of his head that "his mission is over" and we just have sex "for fun" as he puts it. I'm the sole bottom, of course and, knowing JP, that's not about to change. He still never jerks me off (and doesn't let me do it), never blows my dick either. He just eats my ass and fucks me which is more than enough for me.
    Besides... I have other people who worship my dick. My wife, first, who built a cult around my cock since the very first day she saw it. She told me she always had a thing for pierced and cut dicks but, living in Europe, she had put that on the back burner and gave up on fulfilling that fantasy. And then we met some years ago, I pulled down my pants, and she felt like the happiest woman on earth. Needless to say, she felt particularly happy and at ease when I introduced her to my family. At that time we were not in a serious relationship at all and I had decided to introduce her to my dad, brothers and some uncle and cousins because I knew she would like the sight and would want to fuck them immediately.
    The first one was one my cousins who happen to live in the same city. He came one night. She was shy so I decided to take matters in my own hand and prepped her. First, I had her come over half an hour in advance. I was naked when I answered the door (I'm always naked at home). I got her naked and started to eat her pussy on the couch. Ten minutes later, my cousin rang as she was already wet and horny on the couch, I opened the door, he got undressed and we both fucked her for an hour.
    The second time we went back to my hometown for what turned out to be a weekend of orgy. There were many people in my dad's home and we spent two days having sex with them. Now that all my brothers are 18 or older, this house really turned into a sex club. Basically it's like a sleepover but people have sex in the living room. by the pool, on tables, whenever they feel like it and anybody can join. I was not with her during the whole weekend but, based on what she told me afterwards, I guess she fucked pretty much all male members of my family and some female members, too.
    I guess you may think it could have been awkward when, later on, our relationship switched to something more than purely sexual but that was obviously not the case. First,I'm used to it because, I fucked pretty much all my bros' girlfriends (including my sister in law) and all my dad's girlfriends, too. The current one is so into it that I used to fuck her almost every time I went back home, sometimes dad would join, sometimes not.
    Now that I'm married I forsake all other women. Cheating on you wife with another woman is a big no-no for me at the moment even though she says I can stray if she can watch. I still fuck men, though. She forsaked all other dicks for the time it took for me to breed her, which actually only took one month and she's now pregnant.
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  10. I drove hours with an uncomfortable boner in between my legs, both remembering the good times I had with JP back when I was younger and imagining what was about to happen.
    JP is that guy that taught me pretty much everything I know about sex and pleasure. I told in a previous post how we got to meet which was both a pretty organic way and a pretty abrupt way to meet someone who was going to take my virginity, or at least my anal virginity.
    In our culture, having sex with people of the same gender really isn't a taboo at all, it's a normal thing to do. I know my dad has only had sex with one woman in his whole life for instance but did and still does have sex with guys from time to time.
    Of course, as you may suspect, the only rule is that the guy needs to be "clean" which means cut and pierced like every single one of us. It made it pretty difficult for us, members of my generation, to find suitable sex partners. There were simply not that many of them outside the extended family. Sometimes we joked about it. Normally the rule should also be for us to remain virgin of straight sex before mariage but that was simply unbearable. That would have ment we would not have had sex at all. Sexual satisfaction, orgasm, relieve, are crucial part of our way of thinking. Older generations, like my great grandparents for instance, actually believed that basically cumming was the equivalent of praying. I know all of these things for having been told here and there but these animists beliefs are not practiced at all anymore. The way of thinking remains though. I mean, my grandpa told me that his first jerk off ever happened in a circle jerk with many other family members, in the woods for Christ's sakes! Same for Dad, except that it was just him and grandpa. As far as I'm concerned I had my first jerk off very "normally" in my bed, alone, only because Dad decided to have that ceremony after I turned 18. But he did advise me to jerk off at least once a day back when we had "the talk".
    So in this sense, having sex with another person would be the ultimate religious act, having sex with a woman being at the top of the pyramid. So both the man and the woman should save themselves for that moment. Yet' it's way easier for women because they can just grab any other girl willing to have sex and fuck to their contempt. For us, guys, living in Europe in the 21st century, it's a whole other tray of issues. As I told you, it seems to get better though. There are parts of Europe, I'm thinking about that town where one of my uncle lives, where getting cut and pierced seemed to have become a trend. I'm not surprised by that. In comparison with mainstream western culture, our way of life is way more fun and way more accepting. Now, what were the odds for a micro-culture coming from a minute tribe on the other side of the world to spread like wildfire ? Well...in all fairness, when my great grandpa met this tribe, he was accompanied by one of his cousins and three friends with which he fought in the army. All of them got pierced and cut (if needed) and all of them embraced this way of living even after coming back home. Three of them married women from there and the remaining two married white women without going back to mainstream. Some of these families were more observant of traditions (like mine, at least at the beginning) some were more low key but all had lots of children. I mean, we're talking about sexually liberated people at a time when there was no birth control ! People in my family still have a crazy number of kids. My older brother isn't even 40 and he already has 3 !
    And all these families lived around the same (rural) area. They were also all pretty affluent, not billionaires but definitely amongst the wealthiest ones in the area. I guess all of this lead to the current situation in which it is not uncommon in certain places, to find "clean" guys of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors. That and the fact that it trended so you never know whether someone is cut and pierced by tradition or just because they thought it looked better (or felt better, there's also that parameter). And there's also the half-way explanation which I call "the domino effect" : whenever an older guy decides to get cut and pierced, if he has a son and lets him know, the son will follow 90% of the time. I say 90% because I'm sure not every son follows but I'm yet to see an example of a clean guy with an unclean son that's older than 18.

    JP is actually a prime example of the "domino effect" but more on the "rougher" side. My grandpa used to hang out with his dad, one day his dad decided to get cut and pierced, probably because he wanted to fool around with the others or because he felt tired of being the odd man out when naked at the beach. So he took both himself and his two sons, the first one was 17 and JP was 15, to the clinic. They got done at the same time, no questions asked. Having the mentality of older guys, JP said that he was glad he did not really get a choice otherwise he would have never dared. I asked him "So what?" and he looked at me as if I had just taken a shit on the coffee table and said " What do you mean "so what" ? Have you ever seen an unclean dick? You've been at the gym just like me and you know it ain't pretty!"
    I replied "That's the way Nature makes us though...".
    I personnel think clean dicks are 100 times better than natural ones but only because it's a personal preference, I don't mean it to be an obligation for the whole world or an absolute criteria for anything. It's just a preference. But older guys don't think that way and that's why I was being "the devil's advocate" too JP. His reply was exactly the one I always hear when this conversation topic arises :
    - And do you let your hair grow without cutting it? Something has to differ between a human being and an animal ! Even more so, between a kid and man. When I see uncut guys naked at the gym, their dicks just look like inflated baby dicks and that's not a turnon for most people ! Non mentioning that it's kinda dirty and gross...

    Needless to say, all of JP's sons got cut and pierced at age 15, no questions asked, domino effect, like I said.

    The other cases of domino effect I know are less rough though. Usually it happens because the son asks to get the same and then it happens.

    Back to JP :

    So, as you may know, I met JP at my uncle's gym. He was there with his son who's extremely good looking and I was there with my dad who knew I was horny and desperate to fuck anybody. Dad decided to start the conversation with JP. Later on, he invited him and his son for lunch. I thought I was going to have ex with the son but that wasn't the plan because Dad is also a horny mofo who had his eyes set on the younger one since the very beginning. His goal was to find me an "instructor" and that "instructor" was going to be JP who is a faaaaaaaar better fuck than his son and not only because he has a bigger (yet fairly average) dick, but mainly because he knows what he's doing at a time I didn't. I had sex with his son a couple time but it was not good so I just gave up on him. I also had sex with both of them at the same time a couple times and that was actually way better because JP is a very good teacher so he was fucking a giving pointers at the same time.
    After that, years passed without us seeing each other. I guess he thought his job was done.
    It was therefore pretty surprising to hear from him after all these years. Inviting me to stay over at his place could have only one meaning. I counted the days between his phone call and the due date.
    Right after knocking at the door, I was ready to take off my clothes and let him fuck me anywhere he wanted. With JP there was never any question about who was top and who was bottom, he would never let someone so much younger than him top him and he's good at it.
    I honestly thought he would be already fully naked and we would star having sex and bother about dinner later. Well, that's not what happened.

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  11. Then what about guys who get cut and pierced later on? I've always been curious about their outlook.

    Most guys start masturbating at 12 or 13 so all the guys I know who got pierced and cut at 15 or later must have known how it felt like to have a foreskin. I guess this is when psychology takes over "simple" bodily functions.

    When asking these guys how they feel their sexuality has evolved they all agree that masturbation, when only performed on their dick, is less satisfying than before and that it often required some hard stroking on their shaft. I think 99% of clean guys own a dildo or a butt plug, this is how you make up for the loss of sensations during masturbation.
    However, when it comes to sex with a partner, they all agree that it's way better after getting cut and pierced. First because the piercing obviously gives you extra sensations, second because sex with a partner is the only time someone is rubbing your glans so it feels extra special and third because it boosts your self confidence, especially at age 15.

    I talked to that man and his son :

    He's a friend of my uncle's. They are not blood related to us at all and do not come from the same background. He had been a friend of my uncle's for many years when he suddenly decided to get cut (and rather heavily if you ask me) and pierced. It happened amidst a (nasty) divorce. The kind of decision you make at the same time you decide to exercise more and eat healthier. At the same time he was also exploring his sexuality with other men and this is how he ended up making this decision. My uncle gave him all the advice he could possibly give him and that was it. One piece of advice that he gave him was to be open about it with his family. This guy was not nudist at all, he did not understand why he would have to share that with anyone.
    Yet, even if you're not nudist, you might be seen naked by accident at some point by someone and that moment might not be thee best one to explain that piece of metal and missing skin. And then you're going to have to explain how, when, where and why it happened and some lies you had told at that time with be exposed. It's never a good idea to lie to people and it's not a good look to get exposed.
    His son told me how the conversation started. His dad had him sit down at the dinning room table and said :

    - I'm gonna get small surgery at the hospital.
    - What kind of surgery.
    - Cosmetic surgery.
    - You're gonna get a nose job?
    - No stupid!
    - Then what are you gonna get done ?

    At this point the Dad, named F. was about to reply "none of your business" but I guess he remembered my uncle's advice. Plus, he knew he was going to feel very uncomfortable down there for month and therefore that the region he was planning on getting operated was going to be known at some point or another.

    - I'm gonna get circumcised and pierced.
    - Wait, what ?
    - You know what circumcision means ?
    - Yes, I do, I meant the "pierced" part.
    - I'm gonna get a piercing basically going through the head of my penis.
    - Why ? I mean, I don't get it.
    - I think it looks better this way and also it enhances sexual stimulation.
    - So you're not happy with the way your dick looks right now ?
    - I guess you could say that.
    - What's wrong with it?
    - I mean ... I just think that it will look better this way.
    - And how will it look like ?
    - Well it's not done so I cannot show you.

    Little did he know, a few months after he got it done, his son was back asking :
    - Can I see how it looks like now ?
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  12. Thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that beauty cannot exist without beauty standards. No matter what these standards might be, in order for people to be able to say "this is beautiful and this is not" you need to have standards.
    Sometimes people naturally conform to beauty standards to the point that they're transparent to them. Other times people have to go through a series of not-so-natural processes to reach these standards. In some African tribes women are supposed to have long necks so they stretch their necks using many metal necklaces. In some American tribes women are supposed to have big butts so they travel all the way to Brazil of DR and get their belly's fat pumped and reinfected into their ass cheeks. In some European tribes it's considered better to look motionless and petrified than old, so people go to see doctors who inject them some venom in the forehead so that they would have no wrinkles (and lose the ability to express feelings).

    Then there's a tribe somewhere in Indonesia in which people think (or at least used to think, I really don't know how it is nowadays) that you're not a man (ie you're a kid) if your glans is not fully apparent and bare at all times and pierced with a metal bar that goes either from left to right or up to down. For what I've been told the piercing is there to both testify that you can go through that very painful process and to enhance your and your partner's pleasure during intercourse. The tricky part of these beauty standards is actually the "bare glans" part. For these people it was not a big deal or anything problematic because men in this population all have a large head and a short foreskin. These people did not even know what circumcision is, they were all either born without a foreskin or with one that was so short that the head would uncover by itself sometime around 13 to 18 years of age.
    Call that coincidence or fate but my great grandpa had the exact same "condition" : a large mushroom-like head and a total absence of foreskin at birth. He was an oddity where he came from but he was considered very normal on the other side of the world. His cousin, who was with him (alongside 3 other friends) on this trip also somehow had inherited that genetic trait. I'm pretty sure that's why they embraced this culture so quickly and married women from there.

    We still carry on these standards. I would not say that I (or anyone I know) feels pressure confirming to them but that doesn't mean that they don't exist. I thought about that recently when I got the authorisation from one of my cousins to use a picture of his dick on my blog. His cock is 100% in conformity with what is considered a "manly" and "good looking cock" in our culture. I know that the picture is blurry and kind of looks like he has a lot of inner foreskin but that's the lighting. He has no inner foreskin and is very much uncut with a silver piercing through the head. I wish I had a picture of him soft : picture that head almost the same size as hard and the veins popping everywhere on very tight skin with no folds whatsoever.


    He did not do anything to conform to these standards (except getting pierced), just like the people back on this island, he was born this way. For him, being almost unable to jerk off is his natural state, just like me (I got cut as an infant). I mean, we do jerk off but the shaft only. He's way younger than me so, back in the days, I got to teach him a few tricks to help him pleasure himself.
    When you're born with a dick like this one you have to be creative and I think that is the main reason why our ancestors on that island were extremely open regarding sex. When the skin of your dick can barely move you need to jerk other parts of your body in order to get off, get some satisfaction and avoid sexual frustration (that oftentimes leads to increased violent behaviours).
    This comes in direct conflict with what mainstream society tells us but, as far as I know, when choosing between society telling you to be repressed and your own dad and cousins telling you it's okay, if not important, to make yourself cum at all costs, you tend to chose the second option.
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  13. Well, I guess we're lucky because now I have a bunch of illustrations I can use to actually describe all the things I'm talking about.

    First, let's talk about the concept of "being born without a foreskin" which is a very common trait in my family. I did not get this gene but my dad has it and my younger little brother has it as well. There are different degrees of it though. Dad and X have the highest degree of it, they were actually born as if cut extremely low and tight with the normal shaft skin starting right where the glans stops. I think Dad doesn't even have a frenulum but X has one.

    Here's a picture of X when he was 19 :


    For those who might wonder : yes, he can barely jerk off but he's used to it so he can still very easily cum by rubbing the base of the shaft and on top of that he's more into guys so his body and mind kind of shifted towards focusing more on prostatic orgasms.

    Here's a picture of my cousin M and his dad. His dad is cut low and tight but he's uncut. However he did not get as much as a harsh form of that condition as X so his dick kind of looks like it's cut semi-high and lose.

    M is on the right side of the picture and his dad is the other dude. Here's a video showing how it looks like when M's dick is hard, it's basically a cut dick.

    Now why do certain people chose certain piercings and/or certain styles of cut ? Well, sometimes they actually don't, like me, who got everything done as an infant. For those who did chose, I'd say 99% followed the footsteps of their dad. Although some of my relatives actually recommended their sons to get something different because they felt like what they had themselves was not appropriate. Normally everyone should be cut as low and tight as possible and have a piercing through the head but many think it's too harsh so they just get a small ring which is enough to be able to say that they upheld the tradition. I never witnessed anyone judging another dude for not chasing the traditional package although everyone in the family agrees that low and tight with the bar through the head it the most good looking option. There is a debate around it, with some people thinking that cutting everything reduces sexual pleasure too much and others saying that it makes no difference. There are also the ones who argue that it makes you last longer...
    One thing is for sure, guys joining the family (by marrying someone from our family) all got pierced and cut if needed and as far as I know they did not have to get convinced or talked into it. Officially, amongst the very few girl cousins I have in my extended family, none has had sex with a guy that's not clean (except getting their pussy eaten). I highly doubt that it's actually true but one thing is for sure, all those who are in a long term relationship or married got their man done in the process. Here's a picture of one of them (who's therefore not blood related to me). He was not lucky because the one he married has a very traditional dad, so when the guy said he was going to get cut and pierced, his future father in law sent him straight to his surgeon who did exactly the same thing he does all the time : extra low and tight and double piercing. However, my cousin's husband (named T) says he's very happy with the result.


    Now on to another question that people oftentimes ask me : Do I have some before/after pictures ?

    Yes I do, people take those all the time. It's just that I did not know if it was okay for me to post them. So here is one I was authorised to post. This dude is not blood related to me but guys in his family are also all clean. He was also cut and pierced at birth so the adults were kind of turning a blind eye on us two fooling around at a very young age. Never ventured into anal at that time though but we both learned how to suck dick together. Anal came way later on and we're still hooking up from time to time. He's more leaning towards being straight, just like me, but we definitely enjoy having sex with each other because we both know our bodies like the back of our hands. Every time he comes to town he stays at my apartment and we have sex every night, we don't even have to mention it. Once he came with his girlfriend at the time and we had sex all three of us. He also gang banged me with his dad once, that was rough.


    Attached Files:

  14. Many people have asked me why I post so few pictures of myself and of the people I talk about in my blog.
    The answer is not that we don't have suitable pictures because we're nudists so most of our vacation pictures and pictures taken at home show us naked. I posted a few pictures, most of them being quite old, because I feel as though it's the least I could do on a website like LPSG but I must admit asking everyone I know if they were with me using naked pictures of them on my blog.

    However, I recently got to talk about it with some relatives. We were talking about online dating and sending nudes to people, some protagonists were doing it regularly, some were against. That friendly debate slowly changed into a conversation about our "best nudes" and when it was the turn of my cousins V to share his he said in a laugh :

    - Well, everyone here has already seen it I guess !

    I honestly didn't remember until he reminded us that, oh-so-many years ago, right after his freshly pierced dick had finished healing, his grandpa (who's my dad's brother) was so proud that he shared a video of V and his dad taking a shower at the gym on every single group chat we have in out family with the caption "Little V is now a man and he got admitted to XXXXX university ! ". Except that the dad is huge and V's "just big" and that the dad is cut extra low and tight (or was born without a foreskin, I don't know for sure) whereas V is cut high and tight. But the overall shapes and aspects are indeed the same.
    So V made a bunch of gifs and screen caps of it and these became their go-to nudes.

    That was the perfect moment for me to talk about the "research" I make about our family and V told me I could use his nudes and his dad also agreed. Actually, he even said he did not care if his face appeared on it but I censored anyways. I also do not wish to share the video in which you can clearly hear the three of them talking although they apparently don't care. The video is very touching however since you can here my uncle ask his son my cousin :

    - V just got into **name of university** AND became a man, are you proud of your son ?

    And my cousin replies :

    - He's the best son a parent could ask for !
    And then my uncle says :

    - We love you so much and we're so proud of you ! I wish I had been as smart as you are back when I was your age !

    (V had just got admitted in a very very prestigious university whereas his dad and grandpa barely graduated high school so that whole moment was a big deal for them with both the college admission and the healing of that piercing happening at the same moment)

    Yep, I know, it's not in every family that people can associate big moments like this with a nude !

    Here's V :




    Here's his dad :

    ezgif.com-video-to-gif-7 copie.gif

    Most of the "best nudes" I've seen that night were taken right after getting their dick pierced (and sometimes cut as well) and made me almost regret that I got it done when I was an infant. I said "almost" first because it must hurt like a mother fucker and also because our dads have no shame about sharing their pride with the whole family.
    I'm saying that because the conversation went on to all the times us, younger ones, got exposed on group chats by our dads. Like my cousin G who got exposed while jerking off with a short video followed by this caption :

    "G just finished healing, I just checked the plumbing and everything is alright ! He's a man now !"

    To which all the older dudes replied by congratulations emojis.

    ezgif.com-crop3.gif ezgif.com-crop3.gif
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  15. Obviously I decided to work my Grindr in this town.
    At that moment I hadn't had sex with another dude in a long time. I mean, I enjoy sex with dudes but it's usually not my go-to way to get laid simply because, to me, having sex with a dude is primarily a good way to get your G-spot pounded and I don't let uncut and unpierced guys fuck me. Therefore, I might as well fuck a girl or get blown by her.
    As I started to spend more and more time in this town I got to hang out with my uncle, my cousin and my cousin's son. My cousin is married and has four kids, including V., his oldest son who's almost 19. As I said in a previous post, my uncle and his son both had kids at a very (very) young age so basically my uncle is 50 and his oldest grandson, V, is 19. They spend pretty much all their time together, V almost lives at his grandpa's because it's more convenient for him and also because the house is big and there are only the two of them in there. My uncle P never married. He got his son at age 15, raised him on his own and never got into a serious relationship that anyone knows of. They're both horny mofos though and I guess V stays with his grandpa because it's simply more convenient and less embarrassing for him to have his hookups come and go since his "roommate" does exactly the same (and has been doing so forever).

    Even coming from a household that's pretty laid back on nudity and sexual matters, staying at their place was almost a shock. It's basically a frat house and, to a certain extend, a swingers club. These two dudes fuck a lot and they have no shame about it at all.
    First, as you might have guessed, the place is a fully nudist household (there are only the two of them living there but I thought it was still worth mentioning). For me it was no news, I did not even ask beforehand and took off all my clothes as I unpacked my luggage. It was summer and I would have been naked in my parents' house or my own apartment anyways.
    What I was not prepared for was the rest of it.

    At some point during the afternoon, as we were chilling on the poolside, V asked me if he could take a picture of me and specified that my face would not appear on it. I asked why he needed that and he casually replied that he was talking to a girl he often has sex with and needed to show her "what she was going to get", adding :

    - She's coming over later on, she's got the tightest pussy ever, you'll like it !

    And she came, and took off her clothes right at the doorstep and joined us nearby the pool. She sat on V's chair and he had her open her legs so that I could see her pussy while he massaged her clit. It was fully shaven and looked very tight indeed. The girl was visibly horny, I guess the lockdown had had an effect on her. I didn't know her at all but she did not mind being fully exposed to me. I was horny too and got closer to her and got on my knees to lick her clit. At this point V was sitting on the edge of the chair and had had her sitting on his dick so I was sucking her clit as she hopped on him. I grabbed her by the hips and guided her moves up and down his cock while keeping up my clit sucking for a few minutes until she came hard in my mouth.
    Then she asked for double penetration. That was a hazardous venture. V's cock that's probably the same size as mine, something like 18 to 20cm hard and thick as a toilet paper roll, was already filling her pussy. She had him lay on his back so I could access her butthole while she was cowgirl on him and it looked so tiny. But it was already very wet though, her pussy had done a good job. I started sliding in and she did not budge, she simply kept on panting heavily and seemed perfectly fine with it. We both blocked in her holes for a few seconds and then started the thrusting, slowly increasing the speed from gentle to pounding. Pierced guys love DP because the other guy's jewel can stimulate your cock through the girl's walls very easily if it's the right type of piercing. V and I both have a bar going up and down through our helmets and he also has a little bar going through his frenulum on top of that. Guys who get that bar through the frenulum do it mostly for pleasure and especially DP. All the metal elements inside our respective dicks were touching, sliding and ripping against one another and on top of that he's got an even more disproportionate mushroom head than mine and the girl was tightening her holes like crazy. It was really a great fuck.

    I was on my way to spreading my juice when my uncle popped in with a big smiles and slapped my on the ass cheek as I was pounding her doggy saying : "She can take it harder than that!"
    He then walked toward the girls head as she was profusely kissing V, seized her by the hair and stuffed his soft dick in her mouth for her to suck it. He's got a chode, a rather short but extremely thick cock, even soft it could barely fit in her mouth. This chick had obviously sucked that cock a million times as she seemed very much used to pleasure it. Most girls don't know how to deal with a low cut cock that's pierced on top of that. She jerked it with two fingers making a ring around the centimetre of pink veiny skin he has left and used it to stimulate his frenulum piercing while sucking on the head very noisily and playing with the other piercing with her tongue.

    After a few minutes I heard V announcing he was going to come, I was close, too. I disengaged from her asshole and moved her away for V's cock just in time for the both of us to unload on him (sorry) handsfree.
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