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  1. For some reason, postings in the Groups area take an excessive amount of time to load. Members get itchy fingers when their post doesn't load immediately. They hit "Upload a File" again. Sometimes several times. NOT NECESSARY.

    The first time you hit "Upload", 3 or 4 scrolling dots should appear in the upper right corner of your screen. IF you see these, there is no need to hit "Upload" again. After 5 seconds hit the "Reload Page" Icon in the upper left corner. The Icon is a 3/4 circle with an arrowhead. Your first posting will then load promptly. This is with FireFox, I'm sure that other browsers are similar. Photos & Video uploads may take more than 5 seconds to appear.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Someone asked me about my first experience. Was quite a few years ago when I wrote this. Too many details escape me now, but I hope that you get the general flavor.

    Met for coffee at McDs. Spent an hour or so talking, found we had quite a bit in common. Always a good thing. Was easy to talk with him. Decided that his room would be more comfortable than my shop. Met his landlord, nice guy, more small talk. Went inside. Showed me his room - were standing about 4 feet apart when he approached me and planted a big tongue kiss on my lips. I was surprised....but pleasantly so. Bigger surprise - I reciprocated.

    We hugged and kissed, he started opening my shirt and I helped him with pants. Then we undressed him. Lots of rubbing and skin on skin contact. He is 76 and had GREAT smooth skin. Didn't take him long to reach for my cock. Felt good. I did the same - lots more rubbing and squeezing.

    Still standing, he bent down and started sucking my cock....Felt wonderful - It had been far to long. At some point I stood pulled him upright and went for his cock. Again a BIG surprise to me - I was amazed at how easy and natural it was. Took his entire cock in my mouth, tongued it for a bit. He moved us to the bed.

    Layed side by side kissing and exploring each other. Soon he started on my cock again, his mouth was well trained - amazing - or maybe I was just so excited. It didn;t take him long and I have NO idea what he was doing but I got the most amazing feeling between my legs. He took my dick in his mouth and took all the cum thatI could give. And I don't have a clue how much it was, but damn it felt wonderful. He took my dick from his mouth and played with it, milked whatever little bit of cum was still in it.

    I went for his cock again, took it in my mouth a short while. Then we layed back a few minutes. Hugged again, and got dressed. A GREAt introduction, he took his time with me, didn't go anywhere I didn't want to go and I enjoyed it so much more than expected. As I told him later " it felt right" Arranged to meet next week again - looking forward to it.
  3. I've always been happy with what I don't have. After all I've never known anything different. So I'd like opinions on how mine looks. To me it seems relatively far back. Your thoughts
  4. She asked for a special tribute for hubbys stocking. Had to oblige the lovely lady: http://www.lpsg.com/members/dick12262/albums/appreciation/798454-christmas-is-cumming-and-so.html
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