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  1. My first year of college was a turning point in my sexuality. I had my little apartment and was hanging out on Grindr. I was demanding of the looks of the guys I wanted, few passed my casting. Still, one day, during a class I log in and see a profile a few meters away from me. The photo is blurry, you can't see much, but I quickly convinced that he is a little guy, still in the front row, not at all to my liking, a little shrouded in baldness. The days go by and, I'm not drawing you a picture so that you understand that in a homophobic society like ours when you have to work with someone you might as well end up with an anal brother. So we find ourselves working in accounting classes together. He is rather shy and kind. He doesn't know that I know. So at the end of class, after everyone's gone, we had to swap numbers for homeworks and I told him No but don't worry, I'll send you a message on Grindr. My effect worked well and he was very surprised. I explained to him that I was also on it, without a pic. It brought us closer together and we quickly became friends. We quickly talked about our sex lives. This shy and not really handsome little dude was actually a huge slut. Before that year he was living with his parents in the countryside and hadn't been able to have sex. Ever since he arrived in town he had quenched his thirst for big cocks. He was a machine. He was literally chaining guys down on the days we didn't have classes. Every you suck? received on Grindr found a yes in response. His record was 8 guys in one day. He was pumping and getting filled in the chain. In his apartment he had almost nothing: food for a few days, a book, a TV and lessons. When he wasn't in class or working he would wash his ass and get fucked. It was that self-service slut aspect that got me so terribly horny.

    He was very excited by my big cock. It didn't take me long to use his hole. One day when we were at his apartment for a few hours between two classes, a guy he already knew offered to fuck him. As usual he accepts. He immediately turns to me to know if I was leaving or if I will join them. I stayed. I thought he was going to go wash his ass but he had already done that that morning, I thought you never know. What degrees of addiction to cock is that?? We didn't wait any longer, he opened the door lock and started sucking me greedily. I really didn't like him physically, it was his devotion to cock that made me hard. It wasn't long before the dude arrived and discovered the dude he had come to fuck already busy sucking me. Apparently it didn't surprise him that much. He closed the door, started to jerk off looking at us, put on a condom and started to penetrate my slutty-buddy. It wasn't a big cock but still! I still cannot believe today his ability to take a full dick without preparation. He took my cock deep in my throat and got his ass stuffed well by this guy. After a while, he was pumping the motherfucker well, I was going to ask to use his hole but the guy brutally fucked him up for a minute to cum in him. He pulled his cock out of the hole, took off and tossed the condom off, and walked off in a Bye guys, buddy still begging for a cock. I took the follow up and fucked him for a good 20 minutes before I gave it all up. I flipped the condom over his face and watched him jerk off. I gave him my still hard cock in his mouth at the same time.

    He was satisfied and I think I only fucked him at college in the toilet. In class he was my friend, in the toilet he was my dog, my pump, serving my cock and my sperm. He pumped me a lot, we were late for some classes because of that. One day we were working in the library and he got up to go and suck a guy in the toilet. I told him I wanted to go with him. It has become recurring. I watched him suck other guys, I got sucked with them, a few times I fucked him while he sucked (depending on the hours it was hard to go all the way). Probably the best we did was open the toilet stall door to let the guy in while I was in his ass fucking him. The guy scowled but I think it turned him on in the end. Several times I found myself getting sucked by two guys. My mate didn't like those moments, he wanted to be busy all the time.

    He's always been a good bitch, but he's calmed down over the years. In the last year he sometimes didn't get fucked for two to three days. After a few years I graduated, he narrowly repeated his last year and we lost sight of each other. I contacted him once to check on him but never heard back.
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  2. Sans-titre-1-WEB.jpg
    I used public toilets a lot, sexually. I always thought I had to help straight guys become real men. Hand them my cock so they can achieve superman status. Solely virile thanks to their gaping hole.

    Public toilets of a shopping center. One of them arrived one evening, confident, bearded, short hair and light eyes, jeans and a trench coat. I was pretending to use a urinal. The toilet was empty but he came right next to me. He pulled his pants down to ankle height and started to urinate. The more he flooded the earthenware with his yellow liquid, the more his dick swelled, the more he moved back and forth. I observed the spectable out of the corner of my eye and my cock was then hard. His dick was nice, standard size, a bit large. I already imagined myself drooling over it. Once finished and continuing his masturbating movements, he turned his head and looked at me, then my cock. He asked me if I didn't mind. I answered by showing him a little more my swollen and venous cock. I thought he would ask me to suck him but he came to stand in front of me, his hard cock hanging between his legs, his ass in the air. I immediately put my cock deep in his throat. He sucked well. I took advantage of his position to take care of his ass with my fingers. He was tight. Wet but tight.
    I knew we would have it for a little while. By arching his ass as he did he was asking me for help. I then withdrew my cock from his mouth, slapped him so he knew I was going to take him in hand, and asked him to follow me, still on all fours, into a cabin. We were not to be bothered.

    In the cabin I closed the door behind him (thinking about it I think his feet protruded more than once while he was on all fours). He continued to pump me for a while. The cabin was not large and its position impractical. I then gave up getting sucked to take better care of my patient's ass. I asked him to turn around. Sitting on the flap, I spat on his ass and started to spread my slime on his puck. He was moaning, his head smashed against the door (he must have already touched his ass in the shower, while his wife was not at home). It quickly started to open. I squeezed my drool down to the bottom of his hole and continued to spit regularly to maintain the growing appetite of his anus. One, two, three fingers, a pool of slime and ass juice began to appear on the floor. His clothes soaking in it regularly. He had found his position as a New Man: his face crushed against the door, his two hands spreading his two buttocks and his legs (pants and boxer shorts still around the thighs) against the bowl. I could go in and out 3 fingers deep in his guts, suddenly, it was time. Unfortunately, I couldn't fuck him on all fours in this little cabin. My heavy cock hanging between my legs, I asked him to sit up.
    - But ...
    - Shut up!
    He probably thought we would stop there. I made him position himself as he should: standing, butt arched, leaning against the cabin door. His ass drips in his underwear. I grab a condom, spit on it and put it on slowly but without stopping the entire 8 inches of my cock. He holds his breath but doesn't flinch. Holy bitch. Holy man. I take my cock out of his ass completely and start over several times. He takes it. As and when, his anus no longer presents any resistance to my thrusts. Every time I get out of his ass, a quantity of liquids crash into the bottom of his underwear. Between the door slamming to the rhythm of my balls and the virile groans of my New man: the sudden acceleration of my kidney strokes is heard in all the toilets. I don't know if nobody was there or if nobody dares to speak but nobody told us anything. We start again, this time his face flattened against the central wall, one of my hands on his mouth and spreading his buttocks as far as possible without my asking him for anything. A wild, rapid, even violent dismantling of his hole follows. His ass is beautiful, I risk a hand, it cash perfectly. Trying to push my arm in as far as possible, I see a puddle emerging quickly on the ground. He's pissing. His cock is very small, completely soft, and he half pisses himself on it with a deep sigh. I keep fisting him as deep as I can until he stops peeing. When I withdraw my arm, a good half liter of liquids of all kinds crashes between his legs. My arm is soaked. His hole is one of the most open that I have seen. This is the moment that his wife chose to call him (what a perfect moment).
    - I have to answer sorry it's my wife ... he whispers to me
    - Wait two seconds.
    I put my arm back in his ass and let him unhook. What is he doing ? He is late ... Yes a meeting that must last a little longer he said while I punch the bottom of his guts. He speaks incredibly well with a fist deep in the hole. I want to fuck him but his ass is really too open for my cock, big as it is. Yes yes I love you, see you later my love. He hangs up and I take this opportunity to add my cock to the fist already present in his ass. I start to jerk off in his ass. It's not very easy to do with a condom. But I had never met a bitch like this before. It wasn't long before I cummed loudly into the bottom of his hole. I immediately get my hand out of his ass and wipe myself against his clothes. My cock is falling out of his hole, it is so open, distended and dripping. He turns around and thanks me, pulling up his flooded, soiled underpants and pants.
    - I had never been fucked like that. Do you come here often ?
    I took off the condom, threw it over his face and left, a little dirty too. Finding the fresh air outside did me a lot of good. What a fucking bitch. After a few steps I thought to myself that maybe he would need a little help getting in, and maybe I would want to fuck him next time. I retraced my steps, went into the restroom. He was still there, on his knees, door open, jerking off, cuddling in a mixture of piss, cum, ass juice, slobber and whatnot. I stood there watching him. After a few minutes he ended up cumming on his stomach. He got up, put his clothes back on, without trying to dry or clean anything, and walked past me. He stank to death that filthy new manhood he had just obtained.
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  3. The most important meeting of my life took place a few years ago. I was 19 and was crossing a bridge to get home. I had one eye contact with a gorgeous guy slightly older than me. I looked at him and we followed. Just seeing him I knew he stank of sex. I knew he had a huge piece of meat between his legs. A few minutes later, on this same bridge, stuck between a statute and a security barrier, I was choking on its heavy cock. People inevitably saw us as it was not very late. But they didn't see me in full ecstasy, my mouth full, drooling, suffocating me but always asking for more. No one has felt this incredible crushing of my face, my tongue, my amydgals anymore. They also didn't see the manly hand of this guy grabbing his huge dick to slap me in the face.

    I was ready for anything and I knew from now on that it was this cock that I had to serve. Opening my throat to the maximum I swallowed every millimeter of cock possible and every drop that would come out. The more that cock filled my mouth, the more I got wet. I received a quantity of cum in the back of my throat proportional to the sanctity of this cock. He pulled his amazing soaked snake out of my mouth. I watched his semi-soft cock, squatting in front of him, sucking the last drops of cum that flowed from it. I only hoped for one thing, that he baptized me by flooding me with his holy piss. He looked around, put his cock away and left without a word.

    I returned home, keeping the remaining cum on my face and clothes. It's important to meet the cock that makes us understand that we can be happy serving it. The power of that cock transcends everything.

    I saw this guy several times. I choked on his huge cock many times. But he also offered me his ass during our third meeting. I was as devoted as to his cock, licking, inserting my tongue into every corner of his anus. Eating his ass and his fingers going in and out of it. One finger, two fingers, three fingers. His hole opened incredibly. Solar. My mouth was covered with a mixture of saliva, wet ass and lubricant. When I was able to present my 8’’ cock, stretched like never before, at the entrance to his hole I penetrated him slowly, pushing my cock into his hole until the last centimeter. He was open and I owe it to myself to fill it in as I should. I honored his ass as it should: quickly, savagely and always deeply. I stopped several times to devour his gaping ass with full mouth. I was pounding him, my arms were passed under him and I was holding him by the shoulders. I felt his anus around the base of my dick. I also felt his huge cock between our two bellies. It was after a while that I felt his cock contract and flood his belly, and soon my cock penetrating his hole. I got out of his ass. He was incredibly handsome. He looked me in the eye and spread his ass with both hands. I could not resist the pleasure of licking his gaping ass dirtily, from which his sperm flowed. I penetrated and smashed it one last moment before letting everything go deep in his guts.

    A few minutes later I will be in awe in front of the spectacle of this incredible hole, on all fours in the bathroom, pushing out my cum on the floor, cock and balls beautifully hanging down and still wet.

    Thanks Lord for that cock and that ass. What a man.
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