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  1. "Is he hot (to me)?" is the first question I ask
    Except that I don't ask it, it's more an instant judgement from looking at his profile picture​

    If he takes good physical care of himself, then I proceed to the next question:
    "Is he circumcised?"
    One of my most common experiences is to find a guy's profile,
    then notice he's physically hot,
    only to despair to myself

    "Oh no, he's circumcised."

    At which point I close the profile, never to be looked at again.
    This comes from my fixation on foreskin;
    The bonding experience of edging while docking with someone I have an emotional connection with is so important that I'm willing to filter my entire dating life through it.
    Exploring a man's personality even comes after this, I must admit.
    (Though I don't make a habit of having sex before knowing someone well, which presents a challenge: how do I know if a man has the goods without having sex with him until we know each other well?)​

    The flipside of my rule is that by being circumcised myself, I risk filtering myself out of my own dating life.
    The solution to this is foreskin restoration, and damn, it takes a long time.

    The work is worth it though.
    To give you all a reason to read this beyond the text, here's a picture of me.
    I'm about ~160lbs right now, (25lbs under my previous max).
    I lost that weight while dealing with digestive health issues, and I'm nearly ready to start building my way back up and beyond to my ultimate goal of 6'3"/210lbs.
    (I'll do a blog series about my bodybuilding challenges in the future, so check back for that in the future.)
    Thanks for reading, leave a comment or send a message with your thoughts, photos, or solicitations of friendship!

    Until next time...
    - Exultis_

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