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  1. I thought that @Triplever had a great thought about something for me to write in my blog.

    "Because you turn me on so much (and probably every other guy who's into chicks on this site), I'd love to hear about other women that turn you on, and what turns you on about them. And especially love to hear about any experiences you might have had with girls."

    To cut to the chase for most of you who are wondering. No, I haven't been with another girl... yet. I'm definently curious I if the right situation arises I will certainly do it without hesitation.

    I love women with curves, I guess a bit like myself. Jennifer Lawrence is my celebrity crush. My LPSG crushes are @ladygaga1977, @Fortyseveninchbooty, and @MissExhibitionist to name a few that really stand out.

    I'm sorry this is so short, I'm really a terrible blogger. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on what I should write about next.
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  2. I've been asked about when I'm going to write in my blog again. Honestly it's not really my thing, I'm not quite sure what to write or talk about. So I guess I'd like to know what you all want to hear about me. Any requests?
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  3. A couple of hours ago a couple guys came into the store where I work. They both clearly had been drinking. They were asking me some questions about games and I could smell the liquor on their breath. Since high school the smell of liquor on a man's breath has been a huge turn on for me. I can't explain it. For me it's as good as looking at pictures on here.

    Does anyone else have any turn on's that can't be explained or are just plain weird?

    P.S. - Of course nothing happened between me and the two guys.
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  4. Never written a blog but here it goes.

    I'm at work right now. I work in a small store in a mall that gets pretty slow sometimes. So my favorite thing to do in these down times is to visit lpsg on my phone. I love the pictures and interactions, it really works me up.

    I joined this site a while ago because I have a fascination with big dicks. I've only been with one that I would consider big, he was much bigger than what I've had before but on this site he would be on the smaller side of average. The bad part about being with him is that he was friend's with the guy I was dating at the time. I don't want to get too much into it right now but suffice to say he was an incredible fuck. Part to do with his dick size but also he just knew how to use it. We continued to have sex over the next month or so. I felt awful and knew it was wrong but he was just addicting. To make things worse he's also an asshole.

    Anyway, to make a long story short my bf grew suspicious and I was forced to confess. We broke up shortly after. I have not seen my ex-bf since nor have I seen his friend. But this experience eventually brought me to this site where I have made some great cyber friendships. I look forward to continuing these relationships and getting to know others.

    If you've read my blog this far thank you and feel free to contact me. Also let me know what you think of this blog and give me suggestions for any future entries.


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