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  1. Spent the evening yesterday watching big cock porn with my BF...

    ...think it got him as hot as me. A little bit of teasing about his relative size (a mere 7.5'') turned him into a shagging machine...
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  2. Spent the evening yesterday watching big cock porn with my BF...
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  3. I love to measure a cock when a guy will let me (and I know how big my hands are even if he won't - which is most of the time). Allows me to dominate, to tease and gets me hot... Also when the guy is big, it boosts his ego and sex afterwards can be fantastic.

    So in keeping with my girth fetish, I measured my BF last night. 6.3" round the middle of the shaft. Love to see pics from guys who can equal or beat that! No photoshopped (naughty naughty) or 'pumped' cocks please (that's cheating!)
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  4. Have a real thing for thick cocks - I luv the feeling of being stretched during sex. Have had 1 or 2 pretty chunky ones - some apparently 6 in + round. Intrigued to see some very thick ones - if you have one why not send me a pic complete with comparison?
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