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  1. This is awkward, but I don't really know anyone who kinda knows about this. I introduced in my anus sth similar to a dildo, it was kinda made of foam, but I covered it in a condom of course, I just wanted to feel "the experienced". The thing is, it was in the morning and now, well, it's late in the night and I haven't pooped yet, and I tried, but I noticen I kinda bleed, I mean, it was not blood, just a bit, and it was not completely blood... Also, I kinda feel a small kinda pain or sth near to the stomach, does somebody know if is that sth that can probs could happen to anyone who tries this? I'm really scare and I don't wanna call a doctor and tell this whole story, I came here bc I think some of you guys may understand. Thanks
  2. I saw a thread called "Bottom's pecs bouncing", so I decided to creat this one, bottom's ass bouncing while being fucked.

    Anybody wants to share vids/gifs featuring it?
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