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  1. Last time we met with my sex roll-games friends, we had a guest. We didn’t gang band him but we set the role that we all had to come in him. So there was a lot of action around him and he was tied in a way to facilitate the last strokes in his mouth and in his butt.
    I’m very selective and I like nice people a lot and l’m top regarding anal sex but my friends, mentioned above, are either top or versatile. I live in Milano, Italy. So if you wanna make a “wish come true” you can visit me and tell what is your dream and “our team” will set a role-game that perfectly suit your intimate wishes. I have a major in psychology.

    After my whole youth characterized by anxiety and worry about my sexuality, I can finally say that I like sex. I was anxious now I am an enthusiastic.

    I have four or five friends who often come to my house together. They are always the same people and we test for STD almost every time because 2 of them work for the hospital. They make it easy.

    What we basically do is role-play with people we like. We don’t accept money. And you are very well-come to write your sex dream in the comment. Please.

  2. Hello world.
    This is just a test.
    And this is me... (retouched)
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