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  1. After a significant dry spell, like most of us doing are part to help stop the spread of COVID-19, I just recently had my first experience with a man after having gotten the vaccine earlier this year. After some hot chatting on a hook-up site, he asked if I'd like to come out and suck his cock in his truck if he came by my place. I agreed and minutes later I was walking just up the street from my place to meet him in his F-150. From his pics, he was a slightly older, hairy, well-hung, uncut top looking for some release. As I approached the truck, he sat on the driver's side with his cock already exposed, slowly wanking.

    "Hi, there." I said with an eager stare pointed towards his erect cock.

    "Hop in man, do your thing." he replied.

    Without hesitation I jumped in the truck's passenger side, leaned over into his lap, and began swirling my tongue around his cock head, making it wet before I locked my lips around it, buried my tongue in his cock shaft, and pushed my hot wet mouth down the entire length of his dick. He let out a long satisfied grunt and as I continued sucking his entire dick inch by inch, up and down, as he sat relatively still, letting me run my hands over his toned chest and abs through his shirt as I worked. Before we barely had reached the five-minute mark, with his cock head positioned right in the center groove of my wet tongue, he began to ejaculate, shooting cum right into the back of my mouth and throat. I closed my lips on his cock and took it in down to the balls, swallowing his cum as he shot it, essentially allowing his full balls to empty out into my stomach.

    As his hard dick finished pulsing, I slowly sucked it hard back to the tip, pushing out any more cum out and taking a final swallow before coming off the head and sitting back up.

    "Thank you, bro." he softly uttered, placing his hands back on the wheel and making no I contact with me whatsoever. Cum and go... I get it.

    I jumped out of his truck and stood at the curb watching him drive off with the heavy taste of his sperm still on my breath. At least we both enjoyed ourselves!
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  2. Haven't done a blog post here about the action so far this year, so I I'd write a quick summary...

    The year started out slow, but I finally got to meet a new bud in March who came over to my apartment late one Friday night for the first time. We smoked weed together and I sucked his cock out my balcony and swallowed his cum first time. Kinda shocked myself doing that the first time with a guy, but the experience was so fucking hot and I was so high, there was just no way it wasn't gettin' swallowed after a three month dry spell.

    Hooked up with the same dude (his name is Todd) again in April and then twice again in May. He ended up fucking me really hard the third time we hooked up in late May. I was literally bent over the edge of my apartment's kitchen island while he pounded his load into me doggy style. I was thankfully wearing a jock or my cock would've been rubbed raw on the countertop!

    In June, Todd and I fucked three times and it was amazing. Unfortunately, I haven't heard from him since.
    In August I met another new guy and got to hang with him at Black's Beach in San Diego. He's really cool and an incredible cock sucker. I love sucking dick and don't usually go out to get my own drained, but he convinced me to let him and ended up making me cum so fucking hard. Cumming that hard and watching globs of it hit his cute face was just unreal. I got to fuck his tight muscled butt a couple of nights later and all of a sudden I felt like I was becoming a top! We fucked around a few more times that month until he started to get a bit too clingy and I had to tell him I had no interest in a relationship. Thankfully, he was actually cool with that and told me he wanted to keep looking for his "one", but would still fuck around with me on the side while he was single.

    September was the best month so far. I go to Vegas every year for Labor day weekend (been a little tradition for the past few years). So, I check in at the Cosmo on a Friday night going into that weekend and I'm feeling horny and slutty. I go down to the bar wearing tight jeans and a gay t-shirt and after a couple of drinks alone, a well built Latino gentleman starts hitting on me and buying my drinks. I simply rest my hand on his inner thigh and watch his cock grow hard in his jeans. Ten minutes later I'm ass up on the edge of the Japanese soaking tub in my suite taking his rock hard raw cock up my fuck hole. It feels fuckin' amazing. He's hitting it just right, slapping my cheeks, and calling me dirty names. I'm grinding back on to him after every thrust too. Finally, he ends up pulling out after a good twenty minutes and fires off this nut that pelts the back of my head, lands all over my back, and covers my butt cheeks. I looked back at him in awe of the cum volume. We end up have a good laugh about it and then kick back in the tub and get high. He jerks me off in the tub and makes me cum hard. We get out of the tub, dry off and then climb into bed, making out and exploring each others bodies as I make my way down between his legs, sucking his cock until it's rock hard again. I moved back up on top of him and ride his hard cock until he nuts again right up my bare ass.
    We fall asleep together and wake up horny the next morning. Trying to recreate the night before, he fucks me from behind again, but in the shower this time. After another good twenty minute fuck, he slides out and coats my butt with load again.

    After that we parted ways, trading numbers for later. Turns out he lives in LA and me here in Temecula (not too far). A few weeks later, on the last weekend of September, I get a text message from him that simply reads, "round 2?". I reply "YES", and about an hour or so later we are together again in my bed. He's on top of me grinding his cock balls deep into my horny ass and we make out ass he explodes inside of me.

    Now in October, we (his name is Ismael) and I have fucked three times so far this month. The sex is incredible and I'm looking forward to having him over again this Friday after work!

    Not a bad year... so far!!!
  3. Finally got some action tonight after a dry spell over the last few weeks! After a little bar hopping, I ended up at my favorite gay bar with a couple of my friends when this cute older guy comes over my way, buys me a drink, and starts flirting. We were both buzzed and the small talk didn't really go anywhere. I made an obvious glance at his crotch and he asked if I wanted to see his new truck and we made our way out of the bar.

    We headed outside and where he opens the back passenger door of a new double cab Chevy pick up and gets in, laying across the back seats. I sort of climb on top of him, half on the floor on one knee and shut the door behind me. When the cab light goes out, he starts unzipping his jeans and lets his fully erect cock spring right out. He's cut with a nice bulbous cock head and I start kissing and licking on it. He starts giving me instructions on how to go balls deep. Things like, "that's it now, wrap those lips around and slip slowly down" and "down to the balls just like that Paul". I'm enjoying the hell out of throating his sexy cock when he reaches down and slaps my ass cheek. I pull a condom out of my jean pocket and show it to him without saying a word. "Oh fuck yeah" he mutters, letting me slip it on his cock and then immediately moving to switch positions with me. I lay on my side across the back seat and let him pull my jeans and briefs off, lifting my right leg high and letting him open my cheeks. He buries his cock head in deep between my cheeks up against my hole, popping his cock head in with just a little pressure, and then slides in balls deep. I moaned for him every time he thrust into me. It only took a few minutes for him to cum and when he did, he pressed my leg up against the ceiling of the truck, thrust in balls deep, and filled the condom he wore inside of me. We sat up next to each other in the back seat panting as he pulled at the condom, letting his cum pool into a big balloon at the tip. He simply said "head back now" as he snapped the condom off of his cock and poured it out onto my lips. A big warm glob of his cum hit my lips and he oozed the rest out over my face. It covered my face and dripped all over my shirt. We said goodbye as he took off and I had to go back to my car for a new shirt before I could go back to my friends in the bar.
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  4. This year I decided to spend Halloween in New Orleans and I ended up booking a Balcony Suite at the Bourbon New Orleans hotel. I knew I wanted a hot hookup while I was there, so I hit my favorite hook-up site and I ended up finding this really cool, hot guy who was interested. Long story short, at about noon on Halloween day, my hook-up shows up looking exactly like his profile pictures. We both instantly get hot for each other and I give him a brief tour of the suite before we end up in the loft bedroom. A few minutes later I'm on my back spread wide watching him as he stands at the edge of the bed pounding it into me like he hadn't gotten any ass all year. When he finished and pulled out, the condom looked like a water balloon full of his man goo. Afterwards, we ended up taking this really hot, sensual shower together followed by a nap with plans to grab dinner later. Hours later, we wake up together and there is a massive crowd down on Bourbon street for Halloween, all party goers. We step out on to the balcony and he starts grinding his stiff cock against me again - he's hard again and ready for round two. So, I get down on my knees right on the balcony and give him world class head, completely forgetting about the way he'd filled that condom just hours before. We were positioned in such a way that any one looking up from the street would just see some guy from the waist up standing their making weird orgasmic faces behind the balcony railing and hanging halloween decorations. As I bring him to the edge he looks down at me for approval to unload and I tell him to 'cum on my face'. As his cockhead slips from my lips he erupts into this intense orgasm spitting hot creamy nut ropes into my face. My mind raced back to those old Peter North cum pornos and I arched my back and raised my face up close to his cock, encouraging him to ejaculate all over me. As he finished, I felt the heavy load on my face from forehead to chin. As he recovered from his orgasm, he looked down at me and said 'holy shit, your face is coated babe'. I stood up and looked over the balcony at the party crowd while still wearing his heavy load, enjoying the feeling of it slowly dripping off of my face.
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  5. The kind of fuck where you lay back on the bed, ass off the end, spread your legs, and invite him in. The kind of fuck where every inch of his hot cock slips in effortlessly and makes you feel all warm and slutty inside. As you spread your legs wider, his perfect dick rubs against all the right spots with every thrust. You lay back against the bed, close your eyes, moan, and obsess about the fact that his hot erect penis is oh so many inches deep inside of your body. As he grinds in, you reach down between your legs and cup your heavy balls, uttering a soft moan begging him to go faster... go deeper. He's applying more and more lube so that he just glides back and forth opening you up wide like its nothing. His cock head pegs that one perfect spot every time he goes all the way in. You start to sense he's getting closer.

    As his cock twitches and begins to spurt, you tug hard on your swollen prick and fire off a big thick splatter of goo just as his splashes deep inside your cunt. You cum hard together with your heavy spurts erupting in sync. Your hole tightens hard as you spurt and that makes him spurt even harder. You feel his big heavy load pooling up inside of you as your own slaps and spatters across your stomach, chest, and face.

    He slowly slips out of you, limp and drained, leaving all of his cum inside. You lay back in bliss as he steps away from the bed...

    ...just as you begin to wish it hadn't ended as soon as it did, his best friend steps up between your legs with his bigger dick, boned and horny. Now it's his turn you whore!
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  6. I had only sucked dick a couple of times when I met this hot jock at a college party at the end of my sophomore year. We'd locked eyes, made way to each other, and immediately started talking. He was gay too and had seen me around before. It was long before we found our way to a private room and I sat straddling him as he sat on a couch. We were drinking, had a great buzz going, and were flirting like crazy when I decided to take a dramatic lead and go down on him. I slid down between his legs, popped his button fly jeans open and started rubbing my horny lips over his cock through his briefs letting him feel my hot breath against his member. My forward move shocked him and he almost nervously asked me what I wanted him to do as I pulled his briefs down.

    "Just relax and bust a nut stud," I said looking up at him with intense alcohol fueled confidence, horny eyes, and a hand gripped around his now throbbing cock.

    He eased back and spread his legs and I slipped my lips around the tip of his cock head tightening them and slipping my hot wet tongue under his shaft. I kept my lips tight and made them follow my wet tongue down the length of his cock until I could feel his nut hairs against my chin. His body quivered and he let out a soft low moan as I slowly slipped back up the length of his cock, keeping my lips as tight as possible up and over the head, making a loud wet sucking noise as I came off of his cock head. I slid back down again, making his cock so wet that my lips began to glide effortlessly down to his balls and back up again. My mouth made wet slurping and smacking noises as I slopped up and down his cock. His cock grew so stiff it felt like it was made of stone. I cupped his balls and traversed the length of his dick up and down, faster and faster, moaning hard on it as it filled my mouth again and again, knowing he was gonna cum soon. His breathing was heavy and his moans were intense. As he got closer and closer, he began thrusting his hips towards my mouth harder and harder as I sucked him in deep.

    Finally, on a deep plunge down the length of his dick, his balls erupted and a thick heavy spurt fired across my tongue and into the back of my throat. As I nearly gagged on his massive first shot, I swallowed and let off his cock only to catch several quick successive blasts of his intensely hot semen in my face. It hit my lips, cheek, nose, right eye, flew over my head and into my hair, and hit me right in the center of my forehead. A steady final burst shot right into my mouth between my open lips as he fell back in ecstasy, breathing heavily with a glorious post "O" face on.

    I swallowed again and slipped my hands down my pants, jacking off hard as I watched his hanging cock drip and felt his heavy load ooze slowly down my face.
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