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  1. I am a Hot Wet mess Today!

    Maybe it’s because I am ovulating, maybe it’s because I have not had a cock in me for almost a week, no matter what it is, today I have been a complete mess. I woke up horny, sopping to be honest. While my husband was in the shower (yup, I know, I could have joined him, but my hunger was more than his “meh” would provide!) I opened my tablet and watched some pretty nasty taboo porn, made myself cum with 2 toys and thought that would be enough. I dropped the kids off at school, and could not even get out of the parking lot.... the school's football team was on the field... Oh FUCK, instant wet again! I just sat there and watched them, just grinding my thighs together at first, but then I needed to touch... I SOOOOOOOO wanted them to see me, more so, I wanted them to use me! A little orgasm, that’s all, BUT I needed it!!! So, off to work.

    My morning was brutal, I was not focuses, not thinking, had tried to set up 3 Tinder dates, but all were fails... I needed to fuck, needed human touch, cock, flesh, …. c needed cum! I was still a mess. So when my break came, I decided to go for a walk, to “cool” down so to speak. I had already changed my panty liner twice because of my wetness and was sure I was going to have to change my panties soon!!!

    So the walk.... I walked through a small park near the hospital, trying to calm and cool down... and it was working, a nice day, birds chirping, people out and about laughing, talking... I sit on a bench to just pause, and it happens, I ignore it at first, but it’s laying right there right at my feet. Ignore it, “it’s gross” I tell myself... but I am a fucked-up mess today... I look to see that no one is watching, and I bend at the waste... I pick it up. And then, I am sitting there, I feel the wetness again pooling in my panties, And I am holding it, why did I pick it up? What’s wrong with me! “So kids don’t find it” I tell myself, LOL< I don’t care about that! But I sit there with a used, good sized condom in hand. I have it on my palm, I am looking at it, staring at it really... its’ not that old, maybe early this morning, I can tell it was not a jerk and leave, there is the dried essence of a woman's body on the outside. And, it has a really good-sized load in it. I know, I know, gross, BUT, my mind today was a mess. I pick up the scent, that clearly defined smell of latex, spermicide lubricant, pussy and semen, to me, like an aphrodisiac! (I prefer bareback, BUT I do understand the desire of some to wear a condom! And over the years I have had many condoms in my body, add in my mouth!).

    OK, this is too much, I gently fold it and slip it into my purse, I get up and leave, part of my mind says “Just throw it out so no one else finds it, “gross” right!” But I don’t I walk past garbage cans, I walk past an alley way, and the parkade for the hospital. I go through the COVID screening and go to my ward, I still have time before the end of my lunch, so I go into the staff restroom (single person use now ...LOL, I have cum many many times in there!), lock the door, and go into the stall. My panties are and around my ankle before I sit down. I get out my phone, go to LPSG, find one of my favorite members (Met him on 2 occasions!) albums, I go to the video, one of my favorites ever! A beautiful black man standing in the mirror stroking with one hand while the other holds his phone... I place it on the flat back of the coat hook on the door, press play, (It is a low one for disabled people, LOL, and perves watching porn!) I hike my skirt up, spread my legs, hook my heels into the edges of the door, reach into my purse and pull out my treasure. I lay it on my bare thigh.... and as I watch the video, I start to finger my overheated pussy.....

    It’s does NOT take me long, BUT I want to cum at the same time he does in the video, BECAUSE he shoots a HUGE load all over the mirror and that is what I want to see, that is what I want to happen to me right now.. He is stroking, pumping that beautiful HUGE cock and getting close and so am I. I feel it building in me, my toes are flexing inside my heels, my back is starting to arch, my legs spread wider, wider... I undo my blouse, I reach in with one hand and caress my aching breasts, the nipples are ready to tear through the material. I am whispering to the video “Yes, FUCK me!” and “Oh fuck, yes, cum in my mouth and on my face!”.

    I have seen this video dozens of times, he is on the verge, I release my breast and reach down for the condom, and as we both explode in our own ways, I dump the contents of the condom between my breasts! It’s not fresh and only warmed by the sun, and I don’t care, That liquid, hitting my flesh, oozing between the flesh and under my bra snap, heading south under my blouse was perfect and caused my to have a great orgasm, almost kicking hard enough to knock the phone off the hook! The scent of semen hits my nostrils, OH FUCK!!! I am in a moment of lust and delirium on the verge of putting it in my mouth... I think of the taste of the girl on it, I think of the savory taste of the semen.... I actually hear my mind yell “DON’T”, but I am too far gone... I roll my head back, mouth is open, tongue is out... a drop of semen hits my lip, another my tongue.... then the latex is inside of my mouth, resting on the flat of my tongue, I close my lips still holding the smallest of the material I can at the tip... I can taste her, she was clean, not tangy or musky, I suck... and I pull the remains of the cum from the condom into my mouth, the very familiar taste hits my pallet, and I start to cum again....

    It was done, the deed had been accomplished, I relaxed, collapsed, letting my feet slide off the door the sound of my heels hitting the floor echoed in the small room...

    I should not have gone that far, BUT I did, and in a way, I really needed it. I felt better. I say / lounged there for another 5 or so minutes before I got up and started to straighten myself out. I walked over to the sink and mirror on very shaky legs. I looked at myself, there was a sheen of semen glistening between my breasts, I did up my top, leaving the slick mess where it was. I noticed a couple small wet blotches soak through the material around my belly button, but not a lot (I smell like semen so often, I really doubt anyone notices!). My panties were around my ankle so I pulled them off, I should wear them, but I figured meh... So I left them in the corner. I went back grabbed my phoned and came back to the mirror. LOL, I was still sucking on the condom, I pulled it out of my mouth and set it on the edge of the counter. I reached into my purse, grabbed a sticky note off of a hospital monogrammed pad and a pen. I wrote on it “Guess who sucked the cum out of this!” folded it up, picked up the condom and place the items with my discarded panties!

    All in all, NOT the worst lunch break I have ever had!
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  2. Sooooo.... thanks to Stickywetmom I tried out Kat's Fantasies in Surrey this past Friday night, a "Fuck Me Friday" event! Actually met up with "Stickywetmom" at a pub off of Hwy 10 in Cloverdale for a dink and a snack... OMG, I have to say she really is beautiful! Anyhow. we chatted, this was the second time she and I have met and we are hitting it off... LOL.... well enough that we made out in the parking lot.... She left her car at the pub and we took mine, but not before we played in the back seat for a while, LOL, she is crazy insatiable, maybe even more than me... but meh, hard to tell! LOL, She had promised me a cream pie from one of her young stud lovers and she did not disappoint, She had come straight from a date to meet me! And OMG, her tight little Japanese pussy was still a bit gaped and filled with her lovers young yummy cum!! (he has a thing for skateboarders???!!) We managed to pull off a 69 in the back seat of my Tahoe in the parking lot, she was on top and the cum was running right into my mouth,, OMG! Yummy.
    We needed to get Kat's between 8 and 9 and literally just made it with 15 minutes to spare! We got in, paid and headed to the little locker room. The place was busy, and Kat said she had about 70 guests! She had bought in a live DJ and the music sounded good! I changed into heels, stay up stockings and a black mesh dress.. basically a fishnet. Stickywetmom wore her apparently trademark hot pink panties and bra... which, in case anyone wonders, is a mess of cum stains! LOL, its good luck she said! Stickywetmom dropped out of her dress and was about to put on her panties and I could see the title pearl white drop of cum running down her inner thigh! OMG No play is allowed in the change room, BUT fuck it I said and dropped to my knees in front of her and lapped away at her perfect pussy!! OMG, I was so hot and so in need of attention... I cleaned what cum I could find, she finished putting on her good luck charms and we headed up to the party! I brought pre mixed margarita and she had a sparkling wine from Spain (??? Persecco??) which we dropped off with the bartender. We dance together for a bit making a show of it and giving us a chance to size things up. LOTS of guys, most pretty good looking, and like 4 black guys, looking from about mid 20s up to over 50, but all sexy! I maybe a bit arrogant, but SWM and I looked by far the hottest! After a while we are both wanting attention so we wonder off looking for fun! SWM is a regular and in maybe 30 seconds she has one of the black guys and a white guy chatting with her. I let her get her mojo on and take a look around. I go upstairs... its a weird, almost treehouse set up - so on the third level you can look down into the "orgy room"... cool! There are 3 queen mattresses set at different heights and 2 massage tables!!
    As I am looking over into the empty orgy room, I feel someone come up behind me. I turn to see a nice looking older white guy, pretty OK shape, lime green tight briefs, - not LPSG, but packing enuf heat for fun! We chat for a bot and no lie, he offers to take me down stairs to the orgy room for a massage!!!So...OMG! Totally yes! Word to all men out there... this is an easy way to get your cock in us!!
    So we head down to the orgy room, only one couple there at the time, and not playing just kindof high school groping?? . So we head sown and I oblige, totally hating the idea of a massage... I remove my fishnet outfit but leave the panties on.... and I get on the table... and no lie... he actually and really gives me a massage a GOOD one! OMG.... At some point he is standing in front of me and massaging me, his cock is hard in his shorts and I am feeling very giving so reach up and pull his pretty OK cock out.... awkward and not overly comfortable, I start to give him head as he massages me! Wonderful .
    To be continued,
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  3. Spent most of yesterday in Tacoma! A day of hard driving sex with 2 super sexy young BBC from LPSG that were very eager to have my attention! Their young lean bodies and amazingly hard cocks and their boundless energy has left me sore and so very satisfied. We had a pre arranged meeting at a coffee shop, LOL, I had fingers in me before I even finished my Chai! LOL, an argument in the parking lot as to who was going to ride in the back with me! t was a simple solution, my Tahoe has tinted back windows, so I sat with them both for a while, me in the middle kissing, making out with them both, then stroking their beautiful cocks and tasting their pre-cum... LOL, we played hard for a bet close to a half hour until all three of us were literally vibrating.
    Then it was time to go, and I promised the one that drove would get my ass first! So the 15 minute ride to the hotel I rode in the back grinding my sopping pussy on the others cock.
    The hotel was a blur, I barely got into the room before I was naked. And for 4 hours they used me, bareback hard core sex.. I swallowed them both, and then was mercilessly fucked in every conceivable way by these beautiful boys. Leaving Tacoma yesterday was bitter sweet, they were amazing, youthful BBC that I need to see more of, but I needed to get home, family, and all that had slipped away for me and it was time to get back to reality.
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  4. OMG, he cums so much and so hard its hard to swallow it all... His hands are on my head pulling my mouth onto his erupting cock and I can barely breath, but am loving it! I drink his cum eagerly, hungrily and want him to fuck me again.. his still hard cock slips from my mouth, I let it go almost unwillingly. I want him to fuck me again, take me, bang me use me as his white slut, I want his cock in my swollen pussy and deep in my ass again, BUT I cant, I really can't!! I need to get out of the house.. I have so much to do before the nights fun! we head down stairs, my legs shaking and he gets dressed and leaves, I give him a confirmation for another meeting soon!
    So he leaves and I am still wanting! My pussy and bum are sore and I can taste his cum, and am a mess! I more or less stagger upstairs.. I tidy up my daughters bed... Its got so many wet spots on it, i should wash it.. there is cum all over her pillow and head board.... in my sex drunk haze I leave it...
    I manage to get dressed and head out to do my errands. I should have showered, there is still dried cum in my hair.. I am almost like a zombie.. I have to make it through the next few hours and get to my gangbang, I need it, want it crave it. I want them all to use me, to fuck me... I don't want to have them wear condoms unless they feel they have too.. I want to feel their cum everywhere. I want to drink it, feel it in my pussy and have it all over my body. I need this.
    The day drags on and I am a constant wet mess. 2 hours before the date is to begin I am ready, I have teased myself a lot, coming close to cumming, but holding back.. I get to the hotel.. I check in, and start texting the room number out as I ride the elevator up. I am on the 21st floor overlooking the harbour.. There is a king bed, a chaise lounge and a small sofa.. As I change into my date attire, I wonder if the maids will realize how much cum there is in this room tomorrow morning!
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  5. Sheer sexual frustration and an undeniable hunger for cock and I took a chance. Craigslist add. "MWF seeks gangbang fun Tuesday Night August 30 at the Pan Pacific - send pic with date and I will send my number with details and a call back.

    Posted that on Monday at 9am! By that evening I had over 40 responses! After going through the pics I narrowed it to 28, after text back and forth all night! I confirmed 18! And one morning black cock fuck after my kids and husband were out of the house! Ws so revved up that morning that I almost let him cum inside of me, BUT figured if the GB was to happen some of the guys may not be pleased about the taste of an earlier deposit! So ... my BBC shows up literally within 5 minutes of my family leaving.. we barely get passed the front door before we are shedding clothes... Before we are going upstairs I am sopping wet with his cock in my mouth.. he wanted me in stockings and heels and at this point thats all I have on... his boxers are already damp with his pre cum and I am a cock hungry mess! He is big, solid and buff!! A few minutes of me attempting to swallow his whole cock (which I am actually very good at usually )and a fail! He pulls me up, kisses me and then pick me up! I spread my legs around his hips and he settles me onto his fat cock! OMF!!!!!! He walks up the stairs with me impaled on his cock... and I am bouncing on his cock as we climb the stairs!! We get to the top of the stairs and I start to cum! First room we get to is my daughters, there is girly stuff everywhere, I kind of wanted him to not go in there, but I was too far gone, and in a few moments I was on my back on her bed being fucked crazy hard!! Over the next 2 hours he uses me in every way imaginable. His thick cock stretches me, fills me unbelievably full. I cum countless times and he never stops. I am sure the neighbours hear me screaming and begging him to keep fucking me harder, deeper. The bull is getting close, and I want him to shoot inside of my body to spray his hot cum all over my cervix, but I manage a moment of self control and tell him to cum in my mouth... his pulls his slick cock from my body, and I want his cum in my mouth, i open and am ready to take his load, he starts to cum a moment to soon, his cum spatters my face and into my hair, but I lift my head and engulf him before any more is lost.
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  6. i have been married over 20 years, I did marry for love, but knew I shouldn't because I have never been wired for celibacy or the same cock for the rest of my life. I have tried , gone a couple months here and there being faithful and respecting my vows, BUT, I always succumb to the temptation. I love to flirt and to be flirted with and have a very hard time saying no to any guy I find even a bit attractive. I need to stay married now, we had kids late, and they need to have both parents I believe. I work in healthcare and need to keep my cock and sex addiction separate from my work, and same goes with my friends. I do have a couple friends that know my habits, but most don't. I live for the rush of random sex, I love the power in it, the kink of taking a strangers cock, anywhere anytime. I love to be filled by a big cock, and I know a lot of guys refuse to go bareback and I respect that, BUT the feeling of a thick condomless cock deep inside of me and knowing that eager sperm is seeking an egg inside of me is a HUGE turn on. I love leaving a random stranger, his seed deep inside of me and then feeling it drip from me, soaking into my panties, or better, trickling down my inner thighsAnd I get so excited bringing that home to my family. Being close to them and knowing that inside of me is the seed of a stranger.. Last fall I accompanied my husband to San Diego... love the city, OMG... and more so LOVE the availability of BBC.. My husband spent 8 hours a day for 3 days in a stuffy conference, while I spent about 7.5 of each day playing with Craigslist BBCs... OMG... swallowing cum in a parking lot at Balboa.. a hard DP in a loft overlooking the boardwalk in Pacific Beach... my high heels damaging the upholstery on the ceiling of some flashy big SUV!! And an almost endless parade of guys wanting to meet me in our hotel room, to use me, seed me or feed me their cum.. And each day when my husband came back from his conference i would be laying in bed, napping, and a total mess of cum, stretched, bred and fed... Amazing...
    I never really get enough... from drinking cum in a parking lot with my family close by shopping or playing in the park to meeting guys o line or randomly on the street, I truly crave it all the time.
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  7. This past couple of weekends have been a parade of graduations, so many excited young people getting ready to start life. And best of all so many sexy young men full of testosterone and cum! Saturday I am shopping for a shirt for my husband and in walks this super sexy yummy hunk of a boy! OMG, dirty blond built and sexy!! I swear i am instantly wet and wanting his attention! I am more than old enough to be his mom ... or his moms older sister, .. LOL. Anyhow, he is in a panic about replacing a tuxedo shirt, the clerks are busy so I help. The tease is on instantly! And I know within in seconds he is staring at my hard nipples under my summer dress!! OMG, I want his cock so bad! Sadly he is in a rush BUT I solve his dilemma... still wanting a shot at this young sexy boy I catch him as he is leaving. "Cufflinks?" I ask?? He has no idea what i am talking about (dad has been gone for years) so I told him I could bring him a set, and it turns out his grad ceremony is literally 3 or 4 blocks from our home! I agree to meet him in the parking lot about an hour before his ceremony. We part and I am soaked! True to my promise, I bundle the kids up in the van and take them to the park beside the school.. they go off and play, I am wearing a different summer dress, shorter, thiner, and 3 inch pumps, no bra, no panties..I walk across the parking lot next door and stand where I can be seen from the entrance. Shortly there he is, and I take him over to my van, and help him with the cufflinks I took from my husbands drawer! I ask him about his date and he shyly tells me about her, and I can tell this is not going to be a night of "fun" for him ... In a spur of the moment thing I kiss him... he freezes, looks at me like a deer in headlights! !! kiss him again, this time I cup his swelling crotch, "Its OK" is all I whisper.. I pull his cock out with experienced fingers.. he is thick long and VERY hard.. I press close to him, his cock twitching in my hand and dripping pre cum on my dress, he is so big, and his height has his cock almost between my breasts as we kiss and grind... I want him in me, BUT, just in case his date gives him some fun later, I think I will reduce the chance of evidence.. So, in the parking lot, my kids close and random people coming and going around us, I drop to my knees and take him in my mouth.. I pause "ever cum in someones mouth?" he shakes his head in disbelief, but a confirmed "no" "your going to!!" and I begin to give this boy all of my cock sucking experience at once! I have given a LOT of blowjobs and swallowed a LOT of cum.. and I knew he would be quick, but wanted him to remember.. sucking, stroking, and talking to him.. "Cum in my mouth I want you too"... I take his hands and put them on my head, he clutches, and gently pulls me deeper onto his shaft, I gag... h releases and stutters sorry.. "Its OK, I like that"... and I grab his ass cheeks and pull him forward hard as I drive his cock all the way into my throat, my nose bumps bis tummy! I gag a a bit but continue to face fuck his cock!! He his panting, he grabs my head again.. less gentle, more need this time.. He's close, and I wan to taste his cum, I am OK with it being shot into my throat usually, but his I want in my mouth.. I pull back and look up at him and with my mouth working the fat know I jerk him off ... he cums, almost screams and I feel him kind of buckle and lean agains the van.. So much cum, thick and pent up, his balls are producing more than he can release in a day! And I love it... I stay latched like that until his still hard cock stops convulsing and the cum stops... Yummy!!! I release his cock from my mouth with a wet "plop" and stand up, I know he wont kiss me, I have had so many guys freak out about that! But I smile, "you better get going!" and I step away,, As I walk away, my legs are shaking and I need to get fucked... BUT will likely get home sit the kids in front of the xbox and go play alone... my young buck is stands there with his cock out for a few more seconds, confused, and as I look over my shoulder I blow him a kiss...
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