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  1. I had been a little hesitant about finally coming into the office this morning after the relative debauchery of my (somewhat remembered by me) Birthday bash last Wednesday. There were a number of people from work who had never been invited to my place before (and certainly never for a party). But after this last year my feeling has been that everyone really needs a chance to celebrate. I'm sure most adventurous guys my age would agree. I'm just not sure they would necessarily consider stripping down to their underwear (in this case a pair of traditional "tighty whities"), allowing them to get really soaked with water pistols and then having them half-way pulled off by female co-workers using their teeth.

    Things had already gotten a little wild beforehand (mainly involving the pool table) but the striptease (followed later by the "Pin the tail on the double "donkeys" hard muscle butts" definitely took things up about 3 notches. OK----ABOUT THAT WET UNDERWEAR. Fortunately, I have the ability to keep my cock pretty damn well under control and never allowed myself to get more than semi-hard. My male model competitor (James) was not so lucky. And even though he was discovered to be most likely over 8 (very thick) inches he quickly started getting too hard and had to quickly cover himself with a large towel. Even though they've been eyeing my bulge for years, and certainly didn't get to see much of my cock "out of pocket" or hard, I think a lot of my co-worker ladies wound up being very pleasantly surprised when confronted with the real deal so closely. It’s not like that wet white underwear (nice as they were - Marine Serre @$140) left very much to the imagination.

    I think I must have made a good impression though since I walked in to find not one but five small wrapped packages on my desk. I still haven't opened them since I'm almost afraid to at this stage. I got about a dozen packages delivered to my place on my actual Birthday. 2 were bouquets of flowers, which were really beautiful - but I've never understood why those would be sent to me as Birthday gifts? I'm not dead? I didn't just get out of the hospital? Plus, if I'd left them in my place Snorre would likely just have eaten them. And the last thing I would have needed at my party was a very sick Golden retriever to deal with. So, I hand delivered them (half naked so I could be sure they'd open the door) to two older ladies who live in my building. Most of the packages were from my family (which is a good god damn thing!). A couple were from old fraternity buddies (--who are still hoping to find a much better job at my firm than whatever they currently have). But one, which had no visible return address and contained a card marked only -- "a secret admirer", contained what has to be about my all-time favorite wrist watch??!!!! It's Tag Heuer (of course). But it’s a Carrera from their luxury Porsche collection. It's a $6,000 watch. I would gladly wear one but I would seriously need to worry about it getting stolen (or someone trying to get it from me) constantly when I in the city. I'm working out and in some locker room almost every day, and there is no way in hell I'd ever leave that in a locker. But that "secret admirer" question definitely stayed in my mind for the rest of the Birthday.

    Not to mention the fact that my pregnant pussy beast is now driving me CRAZY. She wants to do it again with me -desperate before her pregnancy gets too far. Fortunately for her the exquisite model that James had in mind for me Birthday night ending up having a pussy as tight as a thimble. Before the night was out (after most of the guests had gone home and lots of very serious liquor had been consumed) I certainly remember being on my king-sized bed with her (and James) at about 3:00 a.m. Both James and I had been eating and fingering her out HARD in turn. Keep in mind all 3 of us are now completely naked. Both James and I attempt to impale that gorgeous dripping pussy with no success. She just can't handle either one of us. I'm pretty shocked to hear her ask James to enter in her ass (which is something he apparently loves and is VERY GOOD at). She is unable to handle him that way either. Completely undaunted (to his credit) James hops off the bed and heads toward the hallway.

    I hear James call out some guy’s name and in less than a minute some other male model (I didn't know anyone else was even around) comes in the room (completely nude) holding hands with some female (also completely nude) who looks like she just woke up. James tells her to leave and go back to bed. The new guy is a face I certainly recognize from some modeling ads and shoots. He's frankly even much better looking than James although much trimmer and with a very average sized cock (which is quickly getting hard). He asks the model to fuck our impossible pussy princess, which after crawling on the bed and after just a couple of minutes struggle at the entrance he very much manages to do. After about 10 minutes of this I see James start to touch, grope and play with the guy's rapidly thrusting ass. James then gets off the bed again, grabs a small bottle of lube he had in a nearby bag and ultimately starts working lube into the guy’s ass (as he's fucking) with his finger.

    Getting close to the 20-minute mark this guy (who also been moaning quite a bit due to James’s finger-work) starts breathing heavier and announces that he's about to cum. James then yells "oh no you're not yet" and then grabbing down with his arms reaches around the guy and actually pulls him up and out of the girl! He jerks him a little sideways and thrusts him face down on the bed, then proceeds to shove his guy into the guys "welcoming!" ass faster than I could have though possible. I say it was welcoming due to the way the guy thrust his ass repeatedly back up in the air as James worked himself in. I was frankly in MOTHERFUCKING SHOCK, not sure what to do. But I was also quite pleasantly inebriated and not so likely to be able to do too much of anything else at the time. I can't even tell you how long it lasted. It may have been five minutes. It may have been 25 minutes. All I know is the guy went perfectly ape shit, practically as bad as my pregnant pussy from a week and a half earlier. The guy acted like he was in 9th and was practically yelling and screaming with pleasure the whole time. It was also VERY obvious that James was and is an EXPERT ass fucker. I was also quite surprised that James came in the guy’s ass. And from the nature of his thrusts, I would judge it had to be a pretty good amount.

    After that everyone gladly took showers (or returned to their places just down the hall) and departed. Frankly I was happy to be left alone at the conclusion of my Birthday. With just me, my dog Snorre and lots of leftover party favors! OK- my guys have arrived for our Monday office lunch. Fortunately I didn't have to buy this week.
    I have a feeling the conversation might get a little interesting. The big question: Yeah -so I've still saved my load. Who do I ultimately spend it on? I really hope I can get some more info on the possible identity of this secret admirer though!
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  2. To say I'm getting excited as all hell would be an understatement. Caterers have been in and out of my place most of the day doing lots of stocking and setting up for my B-day party tomorrow night. I was able to take off work about Noon today and don't have to be back until Monday morning. I may need the recuperation time. Even though my model/body builder friend from down the hall is in charge of (most of) the guest list we decided to have the festivities at my place. Partly due to my pool table, cooler furniture, much better sound system and infinitely better permanently stocked bar.

    My almost now permanently swollen cock has been pulsing like crazy for the last several days. I agreed to participate in a relatively serious male "stripper" contest against my neighbor, mostly as entertainment for some of the devastatingly hot female models I know he has invited. It will be a little embarrassing having to do so in front of many of my buddies and female associates from work, but hey -hopefully there will be payoff in the end. It's pretty much understood (its certainly been hinted at enough) that both me and my competitor are going to be naked in bed with a least one female (possibly two) before the entire night is over.

    I think he (and a lot of my friends) are in for a real shock when we get to the "wet jockies" part of the strip though. Don't worry. Other than maybe a sliver of Birthday cake I don't plan on eating anything other than Premium Grade A pussy the whole night.
  3. Ok- I'm actually getting pretty anxious, excited and HORNY to say the least. The last week at work has really been friggin hell. And not just because of the usual hell (and pressure) of trying to keep a world still on the edge of a precipice financially solvent. No, I'm talking about my way overfull balls and super sensitive shaft desperately wanting to break loose of my usually too tailored suits and pummel some anxiously awaiting PUSSY like an overcharged jackhammer. I just got in from a pretty damn good run at a perfect 60 degrees, (but almost too much goddamn sunshine). Still about the only thing I remember is my body essentially being on auto-pilot and me catching my mouth involuntarily chanting the word PUSSY time and again. Some of my passer's by seemed amused. Some did not. At this stage of the game I frequently wear 3 pair of underwear (to keep everything under control) always have, so there's nothing unusual about that. Still the numbing agony of fullness has this time really been something. Tonight will make (finally) 49 fucking days without a release. If you've ever gone anywhere close to that long you will know exactly what I'm talking about.

    As soon as I got off the elevator onto my floor, I noticed a medium sized FedEx box in front of my door. Nothing at all unusual about that since my mother (in a Post Covid-19 -as far as she is concerned) shopping frenzy is still buying me clothes AND decor all the time. Once I open the box it’s pretty clear it’s not from my mother. There are some studded leather cock rings I WILL NOT be able to wear (certainly not after I'm even half-hard). There is also a full leather strapped skirt? -I'm not sure what you call it (very expensive and authentic looking) and a black metal gladiator helmet (again very well made and not extremely heavy like some cheaper costume ones I've seen. There are also leather lace up sandals. Fortunately, there is a note inside. They want me to wear this tonight while I'm servicing her (well I get to drop the leather strap skirt at my unveiling). They will also have a full black light leather mask in case the metal becomes to be too much. Hey thanks guys. The husband wants me to be anonymous. I'm not sure entirely why - buy OK -fine- DO I GET TO KEEP THE FUN GLADIATOR STUFF??

    I've already talked to my trainer 3 separate time this week (inquiring about that 5-month pregnant pussy obviously). He said to imagine the best pussy you have ever been in and multiply the sensations by at least four. I told him that would be difficult. "And when she comes her pussy will grip you like the clutch of an angry weight lifter". I usually like to eat a pussy out for a good 20 minutes minimum beforehand, but I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to manage that with the mask. But I will likely have 2 studs nearby that can help with that as needed. She also really wants me to cumm inside her. For the sake of the two guys who follow me that will really be something to consider. They don't know how long I've gone. They'll certainly see the full balls. At this point I'm going to keep my options open. The only thing I do know for sure is that if she starts squirting any milk at all out of those breasts, I'm pulling out of that fuckswollen puss in order to lunge up and pummel the hell out of them for a bit.
  4. I know its been fucking forever, but perhaps you didn't get the memo. THE WORLD HAS BEEN ON HOLD. Cocks and pussies both. I also knew if I'd gone this long since posting I might as well wait until a serious mind blowing, ball draining experience presented itself. Actually I'm still getting offers and opportunities for those most every week. I'm at work and my buddies (like the spoiled assholes they are) will be here soon expecting lunch. It's my week to order the delivery. It's costing me nearly $500 so IT WILL BE SPECIAL! Knut is tasked with setting all this up so I can still type this.

    I actually doubt I'll be able to keep my mind on lunch giving what's likely to take place this weekend. Yeah, its that unbelievable - even for me. Something I've never done before, as far as I can recall. And no, its not stretching some muscle dude guys ass gaping wide and pounding him into the headboard for an hour. Not yet. Although I can't tell you the number of times that gets frequently suggested. Along with plenty of guys just wanting to "look at, play with, snuggle up to" my cock. Seriously, you would think I had a "Smurf" dangling between my legs. What is the going dollar rate for a "10.3-7" fully hard snuggle these days?

    I now frequent 4 different gyms on a more or less regular basis. Some places I only go for a swim, some for serious bodybuilding, and others for personal training. Yes, this last year I decided I really needed that to keep me focused. I go to a well known gym near the park only a couple of blocks from where I live. My personal trainer there has a good buddy around his age (mid 20's) who's super hot wife is 5 months pregnant and nearly killing him as she stays HORNY AS FUCK. She's a raging BIG COCK monger who during sex acts nearly fucking possessed. The guy invited my trainer to have sex with her (while he watched of course) 2 weeks ago and he said it was probably the hottest, horniest sex of his life. The husband then went in after him! She came EXTREMELY LOUDLY well over a dozen times between the two of them. I didn't ask for specifics but I can tell my trainer is pretty well hung. I just don't think he's nearly in my league. I don't know anything about the husband. But get this. The husband wants our trainer to be there on Saturday night and go in after me!!! WTF?!!! I must admit and acknowledge that I still haven't fully committed to this yet. I'm maybe 80%? That pussy will FEEL great, I've no doubt. But the thought of two other athletic horny guys there as well??I CAN go incredibly deep in a pussy given the right circumstances. I think I need to do a little research and proper pussy prep before hand -that's all.

    I just did a repost on my twitter of the classic pose pic I often do (taken Friday)-of you know what. The only really good relief I've had was when I did a special cam session for a Sorority at C____ University (the home of my most famous "Pussy Roulette" adventures) on Sat. March 6th? I think. I have a whole generation (4 years) of Sorority pussies now that have never had the experience. At least they got to see me erupt and shoot several feet into the air. And for the first fucking time ever in my life a huge fucking spurt landed back in my eye. I brayed like a damn rhino or something because it seriously stung like motherfucking HELL. I practically curled up into a little ball from the pain and nearly slid off the chair I was on. How embarrassing. But I'll let you do the math. The amount of cum I'll have at the ready to shoot deep into that pussy (if desired) will be- well lets just hope she enjoys the feeling of some pretty heavy full balls slapping against her ass.

    who forgot the chopsticks again god damn it!! Thankfully I keep a dozen authentic pair or more in my desk.
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  5. I'm calculating that by 4:00 a.m. Santa should be only halfway through his deliveries. I expect to be making my one surprise massive delivery maybe in the hour before then if all goes well. I still have 4 ladies that I will need to pay a "Santa's Elf" visit to tonight. One of my M.I.L.F.'s is now going to be traveling but this just leaves me more time with the others. I'm kind of surprised how horny/anxious I've been all damn day. I even chose to help a buddy out in my area at work by going into the office for about 4 hours this morning. Then I took a quick jog past Time Square and back after I got home. I would have been better served by a good swim but none of the pools I normally train at were open at the time I needed.

    I've made it the full distance from Nov. 18th with NO RELEASE yet. Yeah- so you do the math. Obviously, this is what's causing a good deal of my anxiousness and excitability. The dressing up part in the Elf's top jacket, and then parading nude into each of my M.I.L.F.s darkened bedrooms for a Christmas surprise visit will be fun, there's no doubt. I'm also letting two of them record their encounter for their own enjoyment and/or amusement later. I've triple checked their locations, with maps and photos and have been through the logistics of how this will work about 37 times with each of them. Keep in mind there already IS a winner. She gets visited last, but no one knows exactly when to expect me, or what number they are in the lineup. They don't know that the winner necessarily gets visited last. After all most guys with a 40-day buildup would likely wish to visit the pussy he's going to cum in FIRST - I would imagine. And keep in mind as far as any of my ladies know it could have been only 4 days since my last release, not 40. They know what I look like naked, fully hard and soapy wet, but that's about the extent of it.

    My ladies vary in age from 42 to 58. All four are very happily divorced. Most of them either two or three times divorced. So, something tells me they put pretty high standards on their men. Which is fine with me, because once this Elf gets hard tonight, he's going to be seriously in the mood to break some headboards, probably. Once we get going, I plan on being inside each of the first 3 ladies for about 30 minutes each. This is what they've been told to expect. But I also plan on inducing some REAL multi orgasms in each if it can be managed. My Elf's cap actually has stupid bells on it, which may get pretty fucking annoying. But I can always whip that off if required. For the lady who ends up being the "Pussy Roulette" winner I'll go the same 30 minutes like with the others. But then I'll stop and arch back like I'm preparing to pull out. Yet instead of pulling out I'm going to take off the Elf's jacket, and then likely fuck her for at least 30 minutes more before I cum if I can. I think she’ll have a pretty good idea she’s won by that point. I think she’s also going to be pretty fucking stunned by my release at the end. But that’s what always makes this so much fun.

    I’ll try and post a short comment tonight right after that happens. Let’s make this a Christmas to remember for some special GOOD moment’s god dammit.

    Santa’s really bad Elf.
  6. I'm here at the office as I'm having to work just one full day this week before the start of my own Christmas holiday. My buddies and I will likely forgo our traditional "masters of the Universe lunch" today as we went out on Saturday night, ending up with as exclusive a "takeout" dinner as we could possibly manage (which we then ate in our limo). In spite of the office being relatively sparsely occupied, it’s still pretty decked out for the holidays (no thanks to me). I've also made my cherished and vital office assistant Knut don an "Elf's" outfit for today. Which he hates of course but it’s still getting him most definitely noticed. This is most likely due to the fact that the dark green tights are making it jaw droppingly obvious that my boy Knut is apparently quite shockingly well hung. This is something that had never even occurred to me before.

    The reason he is in the Elf outfit though is I wanted to test it out and see how it looks. Its similar (though not identical) to one I'm currently planning on wearing Christmas EVE. Or at least the TOP half. I will be nude below the waist-yeah bitches. I obviously have made some serious plans and will not be delivering "toys for tots". Its more along the lines of "swollen cock cannon for horny M.I.L.F.s". Actually, you could more accurately add a decade to the M.I.L.F. category for some of them. But its Christmas so who really cares. And I do love my occasional mature pussy VERY MUCH thank you. But more about that in a bit.

    This month back has been insane, mainly due to the fact that I had my stupid brother visiting/staying with me for nearly 3 weeks. He arrived the day before Thanksgiving (essentially to bring me my retriever Snorre) but completely fucking up my "special" Thanksgiving plans on many different levels. Still, he is family and its always great to see them even if they are fucked up. He keep's bragging about the "Prince Albert" cock piercing that he decided to get (which I have NO INTENTION of obtaining in some sort of brotherly solidarity). He insists though that its really moved him toward the front of the line in getting the available "lockdown" pussy. I'm like DUDE, you are hanging out in Dad's estate in MIAMI. There is no such thing as LOCKDOWN PUSSY in MIAMI. He also kept wanting to show it to me! I'm like FUCK NO, and need I remind you that this is the reason why I have loaded weapons in this place.

    But to more important matters, like when am I FINALLY GETTING PUSSY. It was the Saturday of my last blog post (Nov. 18th) when I decided to finally host a "shower cam show" for my pretty select group of admirers able to put up with the fact that I do such a thing EXTREMELY rarely. In the past it was mainly Sorority babes from various campuses who either actually knew me, knew of me or had older "sisters" who knew about me. That largely disappeared now which is ok. I still have a bit of legendary status at my Alma Mater and a couple of other campuses. I definitely now have a sizeable group of Manhattan M.I.L.F.s who at least have heard about me one way or another. They all tend to be very rich, very uptight, very well educated but yet very bored, and also very ignored by their husbands (who tend to be very soft cocked regardless of size). They also tend to have large breasts, lots of fake fur, incredibly expensive "personally designed for them" perfumes, and very hot yet very dry pussies (which I've yet to fully figure out). But also, very large hanging meaty pussy lips, which I myself really love eating and devouring with a passion (which also tends to alleviate that dry problem).

    The cam show ended up getting a little more serious than I'd originally intended. It took forever to get started since even though I had no technical difficulties getting my new camera and system to work in my admittedly huge spa-like walk-in shower. Some of my M.I.L.F.s had endless computer problems on their end which I was able to sort out (all but one). I think I probably put on quite a show. Many of the ladies may have seen pics of me and my cock but certainly not live in the flesh and not getting so full hard as it very quickly did. I was quite happy that a few mentioned it looks like I've gotten even more muscular since they saw me last. One bitch had to mention that I might look better with more of a tan, and that my ass and thighs may now be TOO muscular. OK MOM, YOU try getting a TAN in HONG KING, and while you're at it why not show everybody YOUR ASS and THIGHS.

    Most of the ladies seemed pretty shocked by how large the head of my cock gets when fully hard in particular and they really became obsessed with me thrusting in mid-air and watching my semi-hard cock slap back against my abs. Eventually when it gets fully hard it reaches a point where it barely moves. I wasn't touching or stimulating it very much at first. That all came later when I went through some pretty hard core "edging" for them. I do this thing where I will modify my shower head setting to where it’s almost a "firehose" in focused hot, hard intensity. If you walk full hard into that, exposing underneath your cock head "head on" as you go, the sensations of deep intensity and pleasure can be fully fucking out of this world. I also originally hadn't planned to cum at all, still hoping for something interesting over Thanksgiving. But it happened. I think it was pretty clear it was a surprise for me as well. I had suddenly stepped and turned with my back and ass pressed against the side shower wall. One lady said she could see my abdomen visibly spasm for about 20 seconds then I went completely still like I was numb for maybe another 10 seconds. Staring straight ahead I for some reason reached out to the shower head like I was trying to stop the stream. I guess my cock shot off fast and furious. I don't really remember so well. I do know according to the ladies that the spurts went way above past camera range. I slid halfway down the wall for some reason, my legs buckling a little underneath me. But as I did so the spurts also came into view. Of course as I continued sliding half-dazed down the shower wall, looking probably like a cross between a battle weary prize fighter and that lady in the movie "Psycho" I finally disappeared almost completely out of camera range. For about five minutes. Of course when I did finally stand up my ladies got a view of that "slightly red torpedo" I've frequently referred to.

    At least a half dozen of my viewers are now currently on board for a special Christmas eve "M.I.L.F. pussy roulette" that has taken me most of a month to arrange- for many different reasons. I will detail a lot more about this in my next blog which I will post relatively soon. Its actually going to be involving a type of auction for funds for a Christmas charity that my Grandmother has been involved with for years, but since she is still recovering from Covid my dad asked me to take it over. Which I certainly am - IN MY OWN SPECIAL WAY. I'm finding the donations have been quite generous and the deadline still isn't even here yet. Needless to say my shower show on November 18th was the last time I came. As I mentioned before it has literally been MONTHS -since my cock has entered any actual PUSSY. yeah- FUCK ME! This is a crisis. My balls are once again swollen to the max. A quick look at the Calendar and simple math can confirm why. If It make it to Christmas eve, and there is no reason to suspect I won't, that will be 40 DAYS without a release ladies.
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  7. Holy fucking Hell! Yes, I know it’s been a long time, and a god damn nightmarish one at that. But I am now back in NYC (after months in HONG KONG- a place I’ve only worked in once before) and the party is about to start back up for a selected few, I think. I actually arrived back last Saturday night, got COVID-19 tested again on Wednesday morning, and got results back yesterday afternoon. YES- I KNOW that seems IMPOSSIBLY FAST, but you bitches just need to learn how to talk to people (and wear the right faded jeans to the lab, which due to the fact that I haven't been in PUSSY in MONTHS were bound to be visually impressive).

    I ended up having to leave Miami for Hong Kong very abruptly at the end of July, basically switching places with my brother who chose to just take a full year off from grad school, since let’s face it ONLINE COLLEGE SUCKS - even if you can afford it. And for both of us, College isn't really College without College "life". Obviously neither one of us are Medieval monks or scholars. I did however get quite spectacularly laid before I left Miami (thank god), and there were a couple of other sexual encounters that were rather unexpected and surprising I should say which I'm still not sure how I feel about.

    On a much sadder note my parents remain in Chicago. Both of my grandparents there contracted COVID-19 somehow, although amazingly my parents didn't. Both of them were in the hospital by the time I left for Hong Kong, although my parents chose to not tell me (something I'm still a little mad about - although I couldn't of course have seen them anyway). My grandfather died in the middle of August. My grandmother somehow beat it, but she is also 82 and not doing very well, certainly not mentally. There are a myriad of difficult and very complex estate issues my father is trying to sort out and take care of there -which could take several more months.

    For myself I am very much looking forward to returning to work on Monday, where most of my colleagues and buddies are also excited for me to be back. I just need to try and figure out what the fuck has happened to my country since I left, and I thought Hong Kong was a fucking mess (which it truly is at this point and the future looks even worse - in spite of it still being the financial pillar of the whole of South East Asia).

    I really wanted to try and organize a very exclusive Thanksgiving eve Dinner party like I normally do, I'm just not sure what the rules will allow. Fortunately my neighbor and good buddy Hamlin is still here living on our old floor below. I haven't actually seen him yet but have spoken to him most every day. He says that one of the more famous male models he worked with is now living on my floor. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but he might be a great pussy magnet (something this building could use) and a good workout buddy. The guy just moved in about 2 weeks ago -but hasn't even really started living there yet so he's not sure of the Unit.

    Ok, well it is my first day completely free being back in the City so as you can imagine I have a hell of a lot that I want to do. I haven't even had my daily jog or swim yet. I have to find out about all of my workout possibilities (what the gym rules are) and try and remember what god damn garage I parked my Jaguar in before I left so long ago. Life can be such a bitch.
  8. I must say I'm actually a little anxious about plans made for my Birthday tomorrow (May 5th). Of course, I fully understand that with the entire world stricken with plague there might be a lot more out there to be concerned about. Maybe I've been in my cage for too long. That the cage happens to be my parents 7-million-dollar estate in Coral Gables, Fl. means at least my suffering hasn't been too severe. Far from it. In fact, I feel pretty fucking guilty at the moment to have lucked out so well. I'm home alone, practically in paradise with a 6/7-bedroom canal situated/ocean view pad with a very large home gym and home cinema to boot. My mother's staff has been making me friggin CRAZY however as they are constantly wanting to make sure they are keeping things up - the way she would want it. Sometimes I have this gut level fear that my mom might be a real bitch when I'm not around. The reason I get so annoyed is that work has been - well actually fucking WORK for the last month. I'm continually having to get my ass up at 3:00 or 4:00 am to get on the firm's own ridiculous version of Zoom to calm down some client in the Far East.

    Needless to say, I've been working out like a mother just to keep from completely losing it. I've by now met a number of neighbors on my daily jogs (most very nice already retired couples in their 50s, some only in their even 40s). They seem to know who I might be right away, either because I look so much like my dad or because the ladies are all gossiping about my horsecock over bridge. But speaking of which I did notice a gradual increase in frequency of house lights going on and off every time I got out of the pool after my late-night nude swims. That is something I don't do every night thought. And sometimes I would make the swim even later (especially on the weekends). But I'd still note a flurry of activity. In spite of all this no one has tried to contact me in any way that I'm aware of.

    I did however (about 10 days ago) get to me the young couple that owns the house/estate and sailboat almost directly across the canal from us. I was taking a brief tanning session out by the pool (which I almost never do) and they came out and started doing some work on their sailboat: a magnificent 55' black Beneteau. They called out to me asking me which one of the sons I was? They seemed REALLY nice and friendly for the neighborhood, especially given the fact that both are (and I just need to say this right now) pretty stunning physical specimens. You would expect them both to be personal trainers if it wasn't for the fact I know that the guy is basically a trust fund stud (from a Texas father in Natural Gas) according to Dad. Anyway, the guy (Caleb) is 32 and she (Bethany) is 28. They had me over for cocktails and I had them over for dinner (had to show off the personal chef). They may have the sailboat, but in the battle of the jaw dropping cribs I think I won (thanks again dad!) -no contest. In just a week the two have gotten so curious about me it's made me a little nervous. Both are really very cool, pretty god damn dynamic people (and I thought I already knew all there was to know about A gamers) and really eager to get to know me better. Bethany is just so damn beautiful that Caleb (seriously) seems to be popping semi-boners almost constantly. He clearly is packing some major meat, but I don't expect he has anywhere near what I have.

    When I mentioned at some point that my Bday was May 5th they said we absolutely HAD to go out on the sailboat. Fortunately, you can launch boats in Miami if they're tied at your own personal docks. They say they've had the boat out twice already since the lockdown. So, I'll just see what tomorrow brings. My family has already sent some actual presents -just in case it rains tomorrow or something (not likely).

  9. Normally I would be sneaking in a blog entry while hopefully terrorizing my faithful office assistant Knut within the confines of my pretty damn comfy (and spacious) Manhattan office. Essentially bidding time until the traditional Monday power lunch with my buddies. Unless my current boss is giving me hell (fortunately pretty damn rare - as he knows my father) anything that needs to be dealt with can normally wait until Tuesday.

    After all - its only money. But as I'm sure you've likely noticed -THINGS ARE FUCKING OUTER LIMITS at the moment. I'm not even currently in Manhattan. Dad, who decided to travel with mom to Chicago and stay with my grandparents, asked me if I could work remotely from Miami (which I certainly can) while staying in and looking after their second new home in 5 years. Fortunately, I had just made it down before the curfew preventing New Yorkers from traveling to Florida went into effect. My stupid brother who was first coming to see me in NYC from school in Illinois before traveling down to Miami with me ran into a flight delay headed into NYC. Guess what? He got stuck there and is now staying in and likely destroying my condo for the time being.

    Not that I'm too much concerned about that at the moment since my parents’ new home (estate) is pretty fucking spectacular! I would say it’s almost too much of a good thing (and you know that rarely happens) and they're not completely sure they're going to keep it, so they insist I enjoy it while I can at the moment. It sits next to the bay in Coral Gables, has 6 bedrooms, 3 living rooms, a large home gym (which is nice although I've ordered more free weights), a game room (with pool table),and even a home cinema (where I'm spending most of my time when I'm not using dad's office). It’s supposed to have 12 bathrooms but so far, I've only been able to locate 11, unless the large SAUNA (which is pretty fucking sweet) counts as a bathroom? The only thing I'm truly losing my mind over (aside from the cinema) is the decidedly spectacular outdoor pool, which runs nearly the whole length of the house and runs alongside the canal. I've determined that it's an odd length, maybe closer to 60 yards or about 55 meters (which makes no sense at work out a little odd, but I'm certainly not complaining).

    Since I haven't gotten laid since the night before Lent (and that was in a special cam session for my devoted Sorority girls in Connecticut), and haven't actually been IN PUSSY since JANUARY-- I think most everyone would agree that I'm once again way overdue. I had made rather detailed plans to travel to the campus in Connecticut THIS EASTER WEEKEND and give the girls the 40+ day load experience. After all, it’s one of the things I'm know for, and have certainly been through that nice buildup plenty of times before. If you've never experienced it and have no idea how mind blowing it can make the sex when you finally get to release, all I can say is JESUS DUDE- YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO TRY IT at least once in your life!

    Of course, now those plans are pretty much impossible, but it’s not like someone can't manage to get laid in Miami if they really need to. I am working and conferencing online a BIG portion of the day it seems. I was having to work too much at first almost. But I still have plenty of time to go for a long run (that's certainly allowed in THIS neighborhood), spend a couple of hours in the home gym, try and manage the house staff here (mom has 5 separate people including a personal chef that I'm supposed to still manage, pay and supervise).

    My favorite workouts of course are the swims. I will occasionally manage a swim in the afternoon if I can, but the big, serious swim workouts come at night. Those will normally occur sometime after midnight as I like to do them fully nude if I can. I just always get a much better swim when I can feel the water against every inch of my body. Outside it's usually pretty dark by that point as most of my neighbors in the surrounding houses seem to be in bed. I need to keep the pool lights on, but keep all the other lights pretty dim. I've been doing this for nearly two weeks now and certainly haven't gotten any complaints. I have noticed certain single lights in several of the houses (mostly across the canal) now coming on with a steady regularity closer to 1:00 a.m. (about the time I normally get out) but I certainly have no idea at the moment who any of these people might be. But once again nobody's complained that I know of.

    I've certainly gotten lots of contacts from all kinds of people as soon as they learned I was here in Miami, so It’s not like I'm completely Home Alone for the duration. I put 2 pics of the house and POOL up on my twitter -if you're curious. To say I need to get laid at some point in the near future is definitely an understatement. But no need to get involved with something that isn't definitely worth it! I'll keep you posted.
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  10. Ok, so I just got back in from an extra-long (2.5 hour) run/jog in the perfect 35-degree NYC Winter weather for such things (in my opinion). I've enjoyed a FUCKING HOT as HELL shower which should help alleviate any possible future soreness. I'm just going to sit here "au naturale" for a bit, letting my cock just hang in all its semi-swollen glory. It's what it really likes to do best (we'll besides you know what). But I very seldom just sit around nude (letting it proudly hang) during the day, even though I know I probably should. Mainly because it seems to bother Snorre, who's getting really bad about just taking bites out of things here lately.

    I know I haven't reported on the "ending" of my Pussy roulette trip during Sorority rush (that happened 3 weeks ago now). I'd actually been a little wary, plus I was really pressed for time during the day following. Given the extreme lateness of that last fuck itself, waking up way too late afterward, having to drive back to Indy (at about 115 miles per hour) then catch my flight; I really had little time to blog.

    I also have to admit that for once I was almost a little unsure what to say. Even by the standards of everything I've been through-- that was an unexpected, nearly bed breaking "pussy destroyer" of a fuck. I'd already been in 3 girls and it was nearing about 3:00 a.m. from what I can recall. I'd needed to frantically send some texts making sure both remaining girls were available, so that if girl #4 didn't have an X inside her envelope I needed to make sure I could still hook-up with girl #5 early afternoon? Keep in mind it’s also about 12 degrees outside and likely to get a little colder.

    For whatever reason (and I can't even remember now) I hadn't been able to shower at the previous Sorority after girl #3. When I got inside my next stop and was greeted by my "people in the know" it was clear girl #4 was more than ready for my arrival. Translation she was already naked under the covers in the appointed room in the dark and with a quite noisy very STRANGE looking vibrator (as I was to see later) in her pussy. After some quick introductions (she commented that I was even more muscular in person --which I really appreciated) I was off for a quick shower. When I had returned, she'd gotten out of bed, turned on the light and was ripping my towel off of me even before I could properly put my gym bag down.

    I'm not a complete idiot so was already fully hard by the time I'd left the shower anyway, actually to have NOT been fully hard would have been much more of a challenge. I love how many girls will usually freak the hell out if they just see me fully hard all at once. This girl seemed completely unfazed. But she also wanted me in her pussy as soon as possible. Being a gentleman at heart I am always quite happy to oblige on that end. I have to admit her PUSSY FELT AMAZING. After some indeed serious initial struggle with the head she was indeed able to handle me pretty easily. I was to find out the reason for that soon enough. She had already fucked not one but two separate guys earlier in the evening!! And she'd let both of them cum in her as well. YEAH, FUCK ME.

    I thought I felt something when I first got in but didn't say anything. Then by the time I was much deeper I felt a huge "puddle" way in the bottom at least 6 inches in (maybe more). Probably trapped underneath her cervix somehow, but a quite impressive amount nonetheless. From a very tall Senior whom she admitted (she at that point owned up to everything) was nearly as "large" as me. Please also keep in mind that this girl is also just a Freshman. Of course, if you could have seen her body you would probably understand her "appeal". Far from being a turn off, the whole thing just got me even more excited knowing how fucking WILD this damn girl was. And she was clearly enjoying my cock as well given that she actually squirted (for the first time) after only about 10 minutes.

    At the Twenty-minute mark I reached over to grab her envelope, still fully buried inside her and very nearly falling off the bed in the process. When I showed her the "X" I remember her just suddenly gasping saying "oh fuck", reaching down to pat her pussy and then trying to grab my cock for some strange reason. I actually pulled fully out so she could get a look at it if that's what she wanted (I don't really fucking know), but mainly because I needed to just get off the bed, stretch my legs and chug down some water in preparation for what was coming. When I got back on the bed, I took my cock head and slapped it hard against her sweaty, big swollen clit for a minute, noticed the clock and just mentally set my brain for 30 minutes later before I shoved in almost fully to the hilt. She definitely reacted to that. It was also at this point that I got the feeling in my gut that maybe we were being watched? The room was dark, but the door definitely seemed to be closed, although it was also very dark in the hall outside, with no seeming benefit of street lights or moonlight anywhere.

    Whatever! there are certain times when you just don't even care anymore about such things and this was definitely one of those times. In truth I don't know how long I fucked before I came in her. I do know that for some time before I came, she'd had a near perfect blank stare on her face, but was still thrusting her hips up to greet me every so often. Her mouth was continuing to open wide like a guppy's or something. And her pussy would downright visibly SHUDDER every so often, which is about the greatest fucking thing on the planet. She was plainly visibly cumming -although I was certainly able to felt the "squeeze" well enough on my cock anyway. She didn't cum as easily as some girls but when she did -holy fuck! When I got ready to cum though it’s like she already sensed what was about to happen. She seemed to come out of her "fuck stupor". At first her eyes rolled back in her head, then the head itself shook wildly left to right. As I came, she started loudly whining, jerking her body up again and again and grabbing onto her pussy with BOTH hands. Even though I'd finished cumming I continued to pump madly into her for about 10 minutes more (that I'm sure of), which really caused her to lose her shit.

    But true to form I only came once. I have Valentine's Day to consider!
  11. Well there may not be any snow but it sure is cold as FUCK here! And while there is no snow, I must admit there is still plenty of nice pussy on campus to make up for it. For those who might be a bit confused its important to know that the "Pussy R" event will actually be tonight. That's because the girls need to go through the "Preference" round which is this afternoon. And since its a long weekend tonight is almost like a second Saturday night in a row. Given all that's already happened so far, I think I can truly expect tonight to definitely be worth the trip.

    Sorry I'm posting a bit late but I only got home (they've put me up in a very nice house on S. Hawthorne) sometime after 3:00 a.m. I'd stopped off at my old Frat after visiting several more of the Sororities I'll be visiting in a much different capacity (and outfit) later tonight. I say "old" but due to the extensive remodel the house went through just a few years back I find that now I truly can't find fucking anything. Which at least in the case of last night turned out to be a real bonus. I was looking for the bathroom, which certainly wasn't surprising after so many beers and found the smaller one on the first floor (that I knew of) occupied. When I walked up to the second floor and started to wander around, I seriously couldn't find one. The spot that used to be the bathroom in my day turned out to be a very serious, large, locked storage closet. There were certainly plenty of guys still up. But everyone was in their rooms and from what I could plainly hear most of the guys still up were in the middle of some serious fucking.

    So, as I'm making my way up to the smaller THIRD floor I'm thinking, seriously have they now installed like an outhouse in the backyard or something? But fortunately, there is the bathroom on the 3rd flood in the same spot where it’s always been. As I push my way through the door, now pretty desperate to pee, a couple of things jar my head at once. It's pretty dark as the lights are turned off yet there is still some good light from the street lamps outside. A couple is in the middle of the tile floor on what looks like a towel, the guy is a stud and bare-assed naked and he's laying down some serious fucking pipe into her. I find this all pretty interesting and indicative of what I miss the most about college. For a second I'm actually a little stunned (believe it or not) and am unsure what to do. One thing is certain though. I absolutely HAVE to fucking pee, and since the couple hasn't seemed to take any notice of me, I walk forward, stepping OVER them to head to the urinals which are next to the far windows.

    The urinals are in an alcove perpendicular to (and not underneath) the windows. As I have to press down my 2 pair of frigo underwear, pants and belt practically to my knees at this point to get my piss hard semi out - I'm now much more exposed in the light than the couple is. At some point during what seems like a way too long healthy pee I hear "holy, shit", Holy fucking SHIT!". The guy nervously pulls out of the girl and practically leaps up, showing off what seriously looks to be a good thick 8-9 incher. He's obviously hard as fuck as it snaps up against his abdomen several times. "Damn, did you come in through the window or something?" "How did you get in here?" "That's a big dick dude". "Hey, I know---are you that guy?" I'm half way through answering his questions when another guy (nearly naked as well) steps into the bathroom, FLIPS ON THE LIGHT, and quickly says "sorry dude you can use the room now ok?"

    So as far as I know this is what they did, after all staring at my cock as I tried putting it away (difficult as I'd seriously started to get pretty hard). Obviously, you had a situation where 2 roommates had needed to use their room PRIVATELY at exactly the same time. The guy in the bathroom had obviously come down on the bad side of a coin toss. That hadn't stopped him from getting in some damned impressive fucking on the bathroom floor nonetheless. In fact, I'd wager the same thing had occurred quite a few times before, and for other guys as well although I don't remember quite the same thing happening in my day. Before I got out of there the guy asked if I could pull out my cock again so he could take some pics of "it" on his phone! Which was odd, but I finally agreed--since I was after all slightly drunk and felt kind of bad about the slight coitus interruptus and near panic attack I'd caused. I gave him the number as well. As I was to find out when I asked downstairs -the guy is indeed an athlete on one of the top teams on campus. Which would explain the admittedly pretty jaw droppingly great body (which I'm fuck sure I didn't have as shredded at his age) -if not perhaps the 8-9-inch cock. His girl was pretty stunning in the looks department as well (from what I could observe), but a little skimpy up top, which is always a deal breaker for me. College, still as exciting as ever!
  12. OK, I know I've been a little secretive but I actually didn't want to give away my current pussy mining expedition plans too far in advance (for obvious reasons). I'm currently sitting here in La Guardia airport which I think must count as one of my least favorite places on the planet. This will need to be a relatively short blog as well since I will be boarding soon and there are a lot of people around who are frankly just bothering the fuck out of me. Thank Christ for 1st class as well as flight attendants that I can usually charm into keeping eye sores and instant headaches well away from me. If I sound pretty irritable its likely due to the fact that I haven't been inside any pussy or shot off my load in FORTY-NINE DAYS!!!!! But that's obviously about to change real soon and thus part of the reason for my present journey.

    Like so many things I plan or attempt every 4th or 5th one will tend to turn into some type of disaster. Is that maybe because I'm a Taurus? A young Bull in a china shop or something??? Unfortunately, the beautiful young bodybuilder (with the husband body builder who had practically NO COCK) came down with a raging case of the flu which went on for about 2 weeks. This made any planned creampie filled fuckfest involving me pretty much impossible. Which sucked as I'd spent my nights quite enthusiastically dreaming about the upcoming event.

    But thankfully at least (and as I'd mentioned before) My Alma-mater is currently going through its Sorority rush at the moment. I'm still frequently in contact with people on campus who are really great at arranging some plans for me, one guy in particular! Tonight and Tomorrow are the Sisterhood round followed by the preference round on Sunday. Of course, this is all really bullshit since everyone knows (or should know) it’s not about what Sororities you choose its which (if any) Sororities actually choose you.

    I am way the fuck overdue for a pussy roulette, and this time my guy has managed to arrange one across 5 different houses. This adds a bit of a challenge to the proceedings to be sure (especially since it’s expected to be about 12 degrees tomorrow night) but it all means the girls picked are obviously the cream of the crop so to speak.

    The last time I was pounding pussy (and I do mean pounding) was my first night in London. I actually haven't had any kind of release since then. So, you can imagine the situation and state I'm in. Yeah - ready to BULL FUCK- I'm thinking. I know I can't get away with this for too many more trips. But in the meantime -HOLY FUCKING BANGING HEADBOARD! I will try and post again hopefully tomorrow.

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  13. FUCK ME! Just a quick update as I'm spending this New Year's Eve in the Big Apple sitting with a few of my buddies in a pretty damn serious Jazz bar and don't want to appear disengaged (or just fucking confused by the set currently being played). At least I'm wearing one of the six way too expensive tailored suits I got in London (you don't think I had a layover stay there just for the food?). So even if I do look a little bewildered by some of the solo riffs going on -I'm looking pretty fucking impressive I think in my own manly way. We've established by now I think that I can indeed clean up very well when I need to.

    Sorry for the delay in Holiday blogging -but the goddamn near FLU I had (thanks BRO) actually got much worse before it got better. Still I was able to get myself heavily drugged up and well enough to put in an appearance at a very nice Christmas Dinner to which I had been invited. It was at the same quite opulent address overlooking central park owned by one of my early boss/mentors in the company where I have been invited to several Thanksgiving Day dinners in the past. The average age of the men at the table was about 60 with the average age of the women being about 30 (all sporting breast sizes much larger -and most bedecked by pretty dazzling jewelry of some sort - all real no doubt).

    The after-dinner conversations always tend to be a lot more varied and interesting than the ones held at the formal table, which is probably not surprising when considering the pretty jaw dropping display of liquors the host has in his collection. He's usually kept pretty busy showing guests items (many behind lock and key) from his collection of military objects, letters and documents from the campaign of Napoleon. Depending on the shade and material of pants I'm wearing (and also the state of my bulge) I also tend to be pretty busy myself--fending off ALOT of conversations, most of which have absolutely fucking nothing whatsoever to do with Napoleon. But to get right to the MEAT of the matter the most engaging conversation I ultimately ended up having was with a guy who only showed up AFTER dinner. He was really upset at being late but thankful that he at least arrived in time to finally meet ME (which I initially thought was pretty odd).

    He's in his late 40's and quite athletic looking. He actually had been a pretty serious body builder when in his 20's and that was pretty apparent (other than the fact that he is almost as tall as me -and I'm about 6'3). He seemed to know a lot about me and even more about my dad, but it was when he mentioned the name of the couple that I "serviced" right before I left for China that I finally knew where all of his attentions (or intentions) were likely headed. He cautiously showed me a picture of his wife on his phone which nearly caused me to have a pants ripping boner. She is 32 and was practically a body builder herself with pretty damn enormous melons (that he swears are all natural). So of course, I'm wondering -OK -well Merry Fucking Christmas to you too but what does all of this have to do with me?

    He claims that his cock is only about 5 1/2 inches when fully hard (poor fucker). And he also has difficulty (for various medical reasons) producing much if any cumm. He says his wife has one of the most beautiful pussies on the planet, which is quite a claim given that I myself have already seen an astonishing array of quite beautiful pussy. For the last year and a half, he has been filming his wife having sex (about every 3 or 4 months) with an assortment of young muscular studs. But studs with large cocks who were also willing to go natural and creampie his wife's beautiful pussy as full as possible. He has a very expensive camera setup in their bedroom and the footage never leaves them. It's for them to enjoy and no one else ever. I said I’d think about it.

    As far as definite future fuck plans, I will be visiting my Alma Mater for the end of Sorority Rush (the last part of January). I certainly need a serious fuck release before then so to me this guy’s invitation REALLY IS A GIFT. A gift that the doctor ordered; I think. We still haven't pinned down the exact night though. It will likely be this Saturday. Yeah- Happy New Year. I just have to hold off my explosions until then. Creampies are actually much more difficult to manage than one might imagine. Especially if one has a large cock that tends to get pretty deeply "imbedded" (if you know what I mean) when the time comes. And if the girl/woman ends up cumming at the same time (which they oddly frequently tend to do for some reason) it only makes the pullout much harder. Also, if I'm really going at it and still inside her I cannot realize I'm cumming until about the 3rd of 4th spurt. Not that that's an issue or worry. I will likely keep cumming for close to two minutes at this stage.

    It’s just the whole business of being filmed (although he says he blocks the guys faces out in the edit) adds both a certain kind of thrill and danger to the whole enterprise. Its like I end up getting watched twice. Once by the husband and then once more by the camera. But its not like I haven’t done this before. It’s the ultimate selfie. And usually a lot more fucking fun. After all I won’t have this body for fucking ever.

    Yeah OK. FUCK ME - get ready baby.

  14. Well as usual I seem to have both bad news and good news. My stupid brother (as expected) showed up unannounced at my place on Saturday afternoon. This counts as neither good nor bad but rather IRRITATING news. The good news was that he indeed brought my Golden retriever Snorre with him. Of course, Snorre basically had forgotten who I was after 6 months in China but was surprisingly less confused by my new place than I was expecting. Eventually Snorre remembered though that I'm the guy who actually isn't a selfish, frequently stoned twat and who actually gives him a lot of real loving attention. I also understand dogs. My brother understands reptiles. You do the math.

    The bad news is that my brother also had a pretty bad cold which I also got also immediately. I could probably survive an outbreak of bubonic plague in the city, but will always catch something very easily and quickly from a family member. My brother was here until Wednesday. He then flew out for a trip with some of his Frat buddies from his undergraduate school to Park City, Utah where he'll be through New Year’s. I however have not completely gotten over this stupid cold but know that it is certainly not enough to keep me from the much-celebrated office Christmas/Holiday Party which begins in just a few hours (and is being held at one of the more celebrated old Hotels near the Park)

    I'm still planning on wearing my traditional family Kilt. That is non-fucking negotiable. The only problem I have noticed in my two trial runs of putting the thing on is that I'm clearly a lot hornier and shall we say "overfull" than the previous times I've worn this. It seems almost impossible but I can definitely note a big difference. There is just no friggin way I can wear the thing in the completely traditional manner without serious risk of a MAJOR hardon. The sensations of the fabric against my cock (especially the head) send unexpected jolts of itchy yet extreme pleasure all through me. When I first discovered this problem yesterday, I had to make a call to the only buddy I know who also wears these things on a regular basis. He suggested a "cock sock" that I would need to make myself. You simply take a long wool sock, cut it up and then resew two halves together so that it just covers all of your soft shaft as needed. You put some elastic at the top or can use rubber bands in a pinch. This seems really fucking ridiculous but I thing its actually going to work! My balls of course will need to hang free, but that's really a given since they're now rather uncomfortably somewhere in size between a large orange and a small grapefruit. But hey, it’s not like I'm not used to them.

    I only wish I were feeling a little bit better. There are a lot of new people at work that I really want to make a great impression on and need parties like this to do it. Fortunately, I will have my usual buddies keeping my back and watching over me, hopefully keeping the more predatory types at bay. There are definitely some major plans in the works for Christmas! Pussy will be filled - no question. I just don't want to give anything away yet and risk jinxing it. Hey the last fuck I had right before I left the states (and which I didn't even have time to blog about) was with a lady who turned out to be the younger sister of one of the seriously upper echelon executives of our firm. It was her 40th Birthday. So, the "GIFT" agreement (made by her husband) was that I would fuck her in her favorite position for 40 minutes non-stop. She ended up cumming 19 times (her count). Word of that apparently got around a little bit.

    Ok, who's ready for some damn Egg NOG! And does anyone know what the fuck NOG actually is?!!!
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  15. Oh JESUS, I just now realized its Friday the 13th. These 2 weeks back at work have been a fucking whirlwind.
    Actually my whole damn life has seemed like one mostly out of control cluster fuck which is only now beginning to sink back into some degree of normalcy. As much as one can return to normal after 6 months in CHINA!
    In spite of it being Friday the you know what I'm feeling pretty goddamn lucky at the moment. This may be partly due to the fact that one of my buddies scored us lunch reservations at Pastis (ON A FRIDAY!) for 1:30.
    We usually have our "Masters of the Universe" lunch on Mondays. This past Monday however I was taking the morning off as my parents came to visit this past weekend. Yeah- happy, happy, Joy,Joy. But my Mother still hadn't seen the new condo (at least not after all the remodeling) and of course she was in dire need of the kind of Holiday shopping excursions only Manhattan can provide. Fortunately my brother wasn't with them, as he's still in the Midwest taking exams. I expect him to show up unexpectedly most any day now since he needs to bring Snorre back home (my golden retriever who's stayed with him while I was in Shanghai).

    Fortunately my return to the office (and elsewhere) has seemed to cause quite a bit of excitement. Quite a few people have mentioned (even some of my buddies) that they think I look better than ever. Translation: I've finally lost my BABY fat due to the countless hours spent on the indoor tracks, in the Olympic sized indoor pools and fitness centers of Shanghai -mainly because there was almost nothing for me to do otherwise without getting into serious trouble. The admittedly most beautiful women over there still seem to think I'm "Tarzan" and sometimes are relentless in "wanting to get to know me better!". Trust me, at this point I think I've eaten enough Chinese box (and some of it pretty damn ferociously I'll admit) for a lifetime. But when I stand up and they get their first real glimpse of my hard cock I always see that same damn look in their eyes. 2 girls even said the exact same thing "that will break my pussy". Which I found somewhat humorous and at least not as ridiculous as the one who asked me if I was black?

    But to get back to the issue at hand I'm currently probably the horniest I have ever been in my whole life. As I left my extremely expensive love-doll/fuck-babe back in the land of Tea and forbidden cities I'm biding my time for a release with the REAL THING. So I'm essentially a walking sperm cannon at the moment (as one of my gay buds at work calls me). But one who still looks pretty god damn great in a Speedo. Yes they still make them, and guys that truly have the bod still wear them. The office Christmas party isn't for another week. And yes I will be wearing my traditional Kilt (authentically) as always. That always gets things into high gear pretty fast. As my Twitter account manged to get nuked somehow while I was away I started one again yesterday. I'll just see how this one goes. You can find the link in my homepage info. I should go out for a really nice run tomorrow -- no matter WHAT the weather. Maybe I can post some more afterwards, but now by buds are here for L.
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