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  1. I haven't seriously pursued Penis enlargement since the start of the pandemic. Prior to that I was deeply immersed in the subject, even developing a discord bot to track my growth, but between covid, a car accident, and mounting pressure from familial problems I crashed. I crashed hard, and get into a depression that sucked away all drive to continue penis enlargement, and my hobbies.

    A year and a half later I'm getting back on that train. When I quit I had just hit 9 inches of length, though I kept that number to myself in disbelief; now I'm down to 8 1/2 inches. My goal right now is to not only return to that 9 inch figure, but to shoot past it and hopefully reach not just double digits but 11 inches without even having to follow medical-practices for measuring.

    So, with that said I'm starting a Wiki for not just penis enlargement but anything related such as breast enlargement, inducing lactation, etcetera. Whether that be at-home methods of growth, to methods aided by the magic of medical science. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the wiki. I'm currently calling it the BodyMod Wiki but I don't know if I'll keep using that name, it will likely be renamed if I can come up with something better for it.

    I'll link a few pages from the wiki below:
    Penis Enlargement: Penis Enlargement - Body Mod General Wiki
    Improving load size/quality: Ejaculate Enhancement - Body Mod General Wiki
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